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A Thanks Giving American

A somewhat analytical way of describing me, in a desending order would be I am a human being frist, of caucasian race with American social/political rights.

And how those ‘rights’ have changed since the founding of this land.

But to the Thanks Giving, that was begun in 1621.

Is just short of 400 years the time it takes to forget the lesson of Thanks Giving?

A group of Separatists, pilgrims wishing only to practice their religion in peace and seeing their chidren beginning to pick up some social conventions of the Dutch, traveled to the New World.

During the frist winter, more then half died.

And no doubt desperate and knowing that another winter would mean all their deaths, they met and forged a treaty lasting 50 years with Squanto of the Wampanoag tribe.

The Native Americans showed the settlers what and how to plant and thrive off of the land that was their home.

So before the second winter, with a bountiful harvest, Governor Bradford invited his neighbors and Chief Massasoit who brought 90 braves to a feast.

And that was the first Thanksgiving in America.


Seeking and receiving the help of others to survive and prosper.

Only a short time ago a National candidate for the Presidency of the United States belittled those who sought such help.

Saying that they were ‘entitled’ to food, housing, medical care.


Were the pilgrims ‘entitled’?



Those too old to work, receiving incomes and paid in part medical care, to provide for basics of living, comforts and health. Providing dignity.

Those just starting out in life, receiving Government supported and reduced rates on student loans so that a better education may be had.

Those having served their Country, receiving incomes and medical benefits.

Those working one, two sometimes even three jobs just to make ends meet and maybe provide a little extra for their family.

Single mothers, fathers, the disabled, finding themselves in circumstances through no fault of their own, just needing help.

Adding the insult of describing these varied lifes as those’ not wanting to take personal responsibility for themselves’.

These are not ‘entitlements’ but human caring and compassion.

Something the Mayflower settlers were shown by the Native Americans.

Something that was eventually written into our very lives by our Founding Fathers in ‘We The People’, ‘Life, Liberty and Justice For All’.

I am Thankful.

For being an American.

And I’m hopeful that all of us can begin to see all of us as Americans.

That would and should be American Exceptionalism.


Sunday Picks –

Is Arizona that good or is Atlanta starting to wear down?
Tampa can now sneak into the playoffs. And could surprise in the first round.
Houston’s win over Jacksonville was way too close. Like Atlanta are they wearing down or just thought they’d overlook Jacksonville?
Phily and Dallas are both out of this.
Amazing the Jets won – even if it was just StL.
Is New Orleans starting a run to the playoffs? I actually like them to go pretty far, maybe they could….go….all…the…way.
I should know better then to pick against NE at home.
Baltimore and Pitt was just smash mouth football.

This week
Kane 11-2
Backwoods 12-1

Kane 93 – 64 = 59%

Backwoods 90 – 53 = 62%

14….to….19 – Loss
Miami(4-5) @ Buffalo(3-6)………….Miama…..Buffalo

19……23 – Win
Arizona(4-5) @ Atlanta(8-1)………..Atlanta…Atlanta

27….to….21 – Win
Tampa Bay(5-4) @ Carolina(2-7)……..Tampa…..Tampa

20….to….23 – Win
Cleveland(2-7) @ Dallas(4-5)……….Dallas….Dallas

24….to….20 – Win
Green Bay(6-3) @ Detroit(4-5)………GB……..GB

37….to….43 – Win
Jacksonville(1-8) @ Houston(8-1)……Houston…Houston

28…to…6 – Win
Cinci(4-5) @ KC(1-8)………………Cinci…..Cinci

27….to…13 – Win
NYJets(3-6) @ StLouis(3-5-1)……….NYJ…….StL.

6….to….31 – Win
Phily(3-6) @ Washington((3-6)………Wash……Wash

38….to….17 – Win
New Orleans(4-5) @ Oakland(3-6)…….NO……..NO

24….to….59 – Loss
Indy(6-3) @ New England(6-3)……….Indy……NE

23…….30 – Win
San Diego(4-5) @ Denver(6-3)……….Denver….Denver

13….to…10 – Win
Baltimore(7-2) @ Pittsburgh(6-3)……Balt……Balt


Chicago(7-2) @ San Fran(6-2-1)……..Chicago…San Fran

Very, very interesting information.


Why a Carbon Tax is a Great Idea

Reblog of a good friend of mine and graduate student at Northwestern.  Check out his piece on the benefits of a carbon tax and the way it could simplify and streamline regulation of harmful emissions and waste across many sectors:

Why a Carbon Tax is a Great Idea.

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To paraphrase from an earlier reblog today – ‘haters must hate’ and McCain and Grahma do hate.

Regaining the Center

In the days of GOP hubris, and George W Bush’s “Dick Cheney style” foreign policy, there were three men who rode forth in support.  These “three musketeer-like” figures were John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Joe Lieberman.  There wasn’t a matter involving homeland security, al Qaeda, or the Middle East that didn’t have them as its champion.

Now there are two remaining.  Joe Lieberman wisely did not stand for reelection.

There seems, however, more than enough for McCain and Graham to do.  Allowing the sequestration bill to take effect has been their cause for some time.  They neglect to say that the only reason there is a sequestration bill is that the GOP insisted upon budget cuts in exchange for raising the national debt limit.  McCain and Graham moan about the negative impact of the sequestration’s $500 billion ($50 billion per year) automatic defense spending cut.  For these two, there are…

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I don’t have the answers. I only have a voice. I’ll listen to you if you listen to me.
And then we must agree to disagree and comprosime.


From the beginning of an episode of Sons of Anarchy a few weeks back:

It’s hard not to hate. People, things, institutions. They break your spirit and take pleasure in watching you bleed. Hate is the only thing that makes sense. But I know what hate does to a man: tears him apart, turns him into something he’s not — something he promised himself he’d never become. That’s what I need to tell you: [I want] to let you know how hard I’m trying not to cave under the weight of all the awful things I feel in my heart.  Sometimes my life feels like a deadly balancing act, what I feel slamming up against what I should do. Impulsive reactions, racing to solutions, miles ahead of my brain When I look at my day, I realize that most of it was spent cleaning up the damage of…

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Our Country’s politics are a ‘swing’. We are constantly going from one side to the other. Proving that too much of anything is not good.
Sometimes the best ideas come from the most heated disagreements.

Uncommon Sense

While the debate over the election fallout rages on, a commonly expressed sentiment of many on the liberal side has been that they would like to see the Republicans get their act together as a “strong Republican Party is needed” in our two-party system. At first I merely nodded at this sage advice but as Republican perfidy seems to be almost unabated, I reconsidered.

Do we need a Republican Party . . . at all?

As currently manifested I would answer “no.” Here are my reasons:

1. Do we need the GOP as a source of good candidates for office? Based on the quality of the individuals recently put forward, that is a clear “no.”

2. Do we need the GOP as a source of good ideas? This is clearly a “no. G.W. Bush started his Presidency with rolling back arsenic standards in drinking water. Rolling back good regulations, good…

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Should ethics in medicine override at all times, profit?

This Ruthless World

It’s Luddism Appreciation Week over at Slate, apparently, first with a comically pretentious essay arguing that reading e-books is not real reading (please print out this entry on fine vellum and stroke it sensually, if you want the next ten minutes of your life to count) and now with one that explores the hypothetical existential crisis spawned by hypothetical brain implants designed to improve memory and cognitive function. All our i-goods and Internet addiction notwithstanding, technophobia remains a popular exercise in pseudo-intellectualism.

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