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The Daily 2012 – ‘Another Great GOP Myth: No, Polls Did NOT Show Carter Beating Reagan in 1980’

Remember the old political saying – ‘If you are explaining or defending –
you are losing’.

I know of a half dozen ‘Conservatives’ that started spouting this on
Monday, the day of the ‘Super Storm’.

The campaigns are over because of the storm so all that’s left is the
election and Romney will have the same late surge that ‘Ronald The Great’
had in 1980.

This election will be just like 1980.

(cough) No it won’t.

‘Hey, all the polls gave Carter a win over Reagan in 1980! And look what
happened there! So Romney is in okay shape and if not will surge at the
end, like St. Ronald’.

‘Well, there are several possible responses to this’:
** ‘By all accounts, voters today are much more partisan and locked-in
(partly because of their media choices) than they were in 1980, and less
likely to bolt a candidate’.

** ‘Reagan had a unique opportunity that Mitt will miss this year. There
was only one presidential debate that year—and, believe it or not, it look
place on October 28, little more than a week before Election Day’.

‘(One has to wonder which White House genius scheduled that one.) Reagan
did very well in the debate, promoting a late surge. Not to mention:
American hostages still held in Tehran’.

** ‘Carter’s approval rating was about 30 percent while Obama’s is close to
50 percent’.
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