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Building On Trump’s Reason To Resign – ‘Here are the 78 terrorist attacks the White House says were largely underreported’



‘Donald Trump has told lie after lie after lie since taking over the White House and his attacks against the media are childish’.

‘There is literally thousands of hours of video of news reporters and anchors covering all of the attacks Trump put on the list’.

‘At this point, the media really should take action against Trump. His attacks constitute slander and the media definitely has a strong case’.

Building On Trump’s Reason To Resign – ‘Jake Tapper – Trump Will Call Everything He Dislikes ‘ Not Legitimate ’ or ‘ Fake ’ Except Putin’


Jake Tapper –

“To sum up, if a judge rules against the president he is a so-called judge”.

“If a poll shows the majority of you disagrees with his policies, the poll is fake”.

“If a well-sourced news story reflects something unflattering about him, that story is fake.”

Building On Trump’s Reason To Resign – ‘CNN considers permanent ban for Kellyanne Conway over ‘serious questions’ about credibility: report’


This isn’t politics where politicians do ‘misspeak’.

This is the President of the United States attacking the free press in America by telling lies.



Chris Matthews is in love with (yes I’m serious) Kellyanne Conway. I have yet to see him correct a single lie she spouts.

In fact, watch for Chris to have Kellyanne on his show so she can ‘defend’ herself while he sits there and softly sighs.


“According to the New York Times, CNN executives have“serious questions” about Conway’s credibility, as she has consistently pushed what she herself has called “alternative facts,” such as the nonexistent “Bowling Green massacre” that was roundly mocked last week’.

‘The Times notes that media critics such as New York University professor Jay Rosen have called on networks to bar Conway from their shows due to her repeated use of falsehoods, so it’s possible CNN could be just the first network to decline offers to have Conway on their shows’.

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