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The B-E-S-T Donald Trump Impersonation – ‘Josh Gad’s “I Touch Myself”


Donald Trump’s Fraud Continues – ‘Trump’s Veterans Site Features Pretty Models Dressed As Vets’

Donald Trump - The Ugly American

Donald Trump – The Ugly American





You’re a billionaire that ‘just loves the military’ but instead of using actual men and women in the military – you use shutterstock?

‘The problem? The site doesn’t appear to depict any veterans, instead the web page features a bunch of foreign-based models in camouflage’.

‘Buzzfeed News first reported that one photo from the site, a man wearing black war paint, is of a Ukrainian actor and was taken by a Ukrainian-based photographer. Through reverse image searches, Vocativ can confirm that at least two additional photos in the site’s five-picture rotation feature models from abroad’.

‘Another photo on the site shows an African American man in military fatigues. The picture traces all the way across the pond to Kate Stevens, a London-based photographer, who was unaware that her licensed stock photo was featured on Trump’s new site’.

‘A third photo shows a man silhouetted behind a Trump logo but in front of an American flag. This stock image appears to not a soldier, but a German-based actor photographed by Andrey Popov, who owns a small photo studio in Berlin’.


And The Fraud Continues – ‘Trump’s New Pro-Veterans Website Directs All Donations To Trump’s Personal Foundation’

Scum Bag Donald Trump - The Ugly American

Scum Bag Donald Trump – The Ugly American

This is your basic con job on low information voters – read teabagger, hate the guberment Republicans.

So when you see a Trump supporter, go ahead and laugh at them .

They are getting jerked around by a rich guy.


‘After ducking the final Republican presidential debate heading into next week’s Iowa caucuses, GOP front-runner Donald Trump announced that he would hold his own pro-veterans event during the debate to raise money for veterans’.

‘Trump even set up a special website to solicit donations to help veterans’.

“Honor their valor,” the website,, states. “Donate now to help our Veterans.”

‘The website, which is nothing more than a single page with stock photos and a credit card donation form, claims that “100% of your donations will go directly to Veterans needs.”

‘There’s only one problem’:

‘100% of the money raised on the site goes directly to Donald Trump’s personal non-profit foundation, according to a disclosure listed at the bottom of the page’.

‘Trump’s personal non-profit foundation, the Donald J. Trump Foundation, does not have a history of donating much money to veterans or to veterans’ causes’.

“The Donald J. Trump Foundation has donated $5.5 million to 298 charities between 2009 and 2013 (the most recent year available), according to the non-profit’s 990 tax forms from those years”.

“Of that, only $57,000 has been donated to seven organizations that directly benefit military veterans or their families, Forbes found”.

“Wounded Warriors was not among the organizations Trump’s foundation gave to in that time period”.

‘Forbes also found that Trump, who we estimate is worth $4.5 billion, has not made personal contributions to his foundation during the same time period’.

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Donald Trump Tweets

Slime Ball Donald Trump - The Ugly American

Slime Ball Donald Trump – The Ugly American


trump tweets


trump tweets1

Donald Trump – Presidential?

Or just a rich scum bag?

The Day In Trump’s Media Empire

trump rally

‘Tell CNN And MSNBC Not To Televise Donald Trump’s Exploitation Of Veterans’



Slime Ball Donald Trump - The Ugly American

Slime Ball Donald Trump – The Ugly American

How is Trump holding a rally – ‘news’?

By broadcating it, it just makes CNN and MSNBC Trump media.

‘It is unacceptable for CNN and MSNBC to give Trump more free publicity and a platform to exploit the nation’s vets’.

‘The nation’s viewers must stand up and say no to more Trump on cable television’.

‘Sign our petition telling MSNBC and CNN not to televise Trump’s exploitation of vets’.

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Breeding Hate With Lies – ‘You Won’t Believe The Racist Image Trump Just Tweeted About Megyn Kelly’

Original photo of Kelly

Original photo of Kelly

And what photo shop can do.....

And what photo shop can do…..

Slime Ball Donald Trump - The Ugly American

Slime Ball Donald Trump – The Ugly American

From Snopes : ‘A Saudi prince doesn’t really “co-own” Fox News, and Fox political commentator Megyn Kelly didn’t pose with him’.

‘WHAT’S FALSE: The photograph of Megyn Kelly posing is a fabrication, and the Saudi prince is not really a “co-owner” of Fox News’.
‘Trump tweeted an image of Kelly meeting with a Saudi prince and a woman dressed in niqab’.

‘As you can probably guess, the image is a fake and was retweeted by Trump from an unapologetic racist who has also tweeted images of Michelle Obama as a monkey and having sex with an ape’.

‘This time, just like many times before, Islam was used as a vehicle in which to do so’.

‘He has called for banning Muslims from entering the United States, stood by and did nothing while a Muslim woman was kicked out of one of his rallies for simply being a Muslim, and has attacked the religion and its followers to the point where there has been a surge in anti-Muslim hate crimes in the country because of his comments’.

‘Thus, the fake image of Megyn Kelly is designed to associate Kelly with Islam and Muslims, which in Trump’s as well as his racist associates’ warped minds means something terrible and something un-American’.

‘Trump is a disturbing and a disgusting individual who appeals to folks just like him’.

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Debunking Donald Trumps Lies – ‘If You Love Veterans So Much, Trump, Why Did You Try To Sweep Them Into The Gutter’?

Donald Trump - The Ugly American

Donald Trump – The Ugly American

‘According to Donald Trump, he loves veterans. At least that’s what he keeps telling people’.

‘In a letter Trump wrote to the New York state Assembly in 1991, it said’:

“While disabled veterans should be given every opportunity to earn a living, is it fair to do so to the detriment of the city as a whole or its tax paying citizens and businesses”?

“… Do we allow Fifth Avenue, one of the world’s finest and most luxurious shopping districts, to be turned into an outdoor flea market, clogging and seriously downgrading the area?”

‘And then again to NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg in 2004′:
“Whether they are veterans or not, they [the vendors] should not be allowed to sell on this most important and prestigious shopping street…”
“The image of New York City will suffer… I hope you can stop this very deplorable situation before it is too late.”

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Music – Phil Collins – Another Day In Paradise (Official Music Video)



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