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Being Poor In America – GOP Convention – ‘News Here’s How Trump’s VP Pick…Mike Pence….Lobbied To Screw The Poor’


Donald Trump - The Ugly American

Donald Trump – The Ugly American

‘In 2007, Congress raised the minimum wage from a paltry $5.15 an hour to a slightly less paltry $7.25 an hour. Mike Pence, then a Congressman, and now the Republican governor of Indiana and our potential next Vice President, opposed the raise’.(1)

Donald Trump – “Wages are too high”


(1) :

Why America Is Failing – ‘Twenty Wealthiest Americans Now Own More Than 50 Percent of US Population’


20 people……..20 people hold as wealth as over 160,000,000 middle class and poor Americans.

‘Despite the ongoing scrutiny of income inequality and a plethora of advocacy efforts aimed at reversing the trend, the redistribution of wealth upward continues at a dizzying pace’.

‘That’s the conclusion of an analysis released today of the Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest Americans. Conducted by the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), the report indicates that the net worth of the top 0.1 percent of the US population continues to swell’.

‘Donald Trump is a good example of tremendous wealth, born on third base, inherited advantage, remaking himself into a self-made man’.

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Blog Running – ‘Goodbye Middle Class: 51 Percent Of All American Workers Make Less Than 30,000 Dollars A Year’ – ‘Republican Freedom Caucus Contract With America II….”‘cut corporate tax rates’

raise the wage1

Let’s go to war and NOT raise taxes to pay for it.
Then in a year or two, Republicans can pass legislation cutting food stamps, planned Parenthood, Medicare, Medicaid, low income housing and say these are the cause of our raising debt.

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‘If you worked a full-time job at $10 an hour all year long with two weeks off, you would make approximately $20,000. This should tell you something about the quality of the jobs that our economy is producing at this point’.

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‘We just got more evidence that the middle class in America is dying’.

‘You can find the report that the Social Security Administration just released.

‘The following are some of the numbers that really stood out for me…’

-’38 percent of all American workers made less than $20,000 last year’.

-’51 percent of all American workers made less than $30,000 last year’.

-’62 percent of all American workers made less than $40,000 last year’.

-’71 percent of all American workers made less than $50,000 last year’.

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Business War On The Poor – ‘Portland businesses organize to fight $15 minimum wage’

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It makes sense that business wouldn’t want to pay their employees more.

After all……the owner of the business ‘built that’, not the employees…….

PORTLAND, Maine — ‘A nonpartisan group of business owners has started raising money to defeat a local referendum that would raise the city’s minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2019′.

‘Chris Hall, CEO of the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce, said the group mobilized partly in response to polling in late August showing popular support for Question 1’.

“And most [referenda] stay ahead unless they are opposed,” Hall said after a news conference Wednesday morning outside of Becky’s Diner on Commercial Street’.

‘The poll, by the Maine People’s Resource Center, showed 48.2 percent of likely voters supported the $15 minimum, which would take effect in 2017 for large employers and 2019 for small employers. About 39.7 percent were opposed with a possibly decisive 12.1 percent of voters undecided’.

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America’s Future – Hillary 2016 – ‘Reshuffle the Deck and Rebuild the Middle Class’


Raise The Wage –

Day 16

‘The internet is a mighty tool’.

‘Occasionally, you come across a person’s perspective on an issue that is so spot on you just have to share it’.

‘A paramedic from New York who earns $15/hr. shared his views on New York’s decision to make the minimum wage for fast food workers $15/hr. and it most certainly spot on’.

‘Originally posted to Facebook, Jens Rushing wrote a response to all of those complaining about the raise that fast workers will be receiving’.

‘The post eventually made its way to Imgur. Above is what Rushing said’.



A Liberal Vision For America – ‘Hillary Clinton Just Destroyed Jeb Bush’s Entire Presidential Campaign In 41 Seconds’

hillary 1

Hillary :

“I’m very pleased that many presidential candidates will be here today to address you. It is a signal that the work you’ve been doing – laboring in the vineyards for decades – is getting the political attention it deserves. But the real test of a candidate’s commitment is not whether we come to speak at your national conference, as important as that is. It’s whether we’re still around after the cameras are gone and the votes are counted. It’s whether our positions live up to our rhetoric”.

“And too often we see a mismatch between what some candidates say in venues like this, and what they actually do when they’re elected”.

“I don’t think you can credibly say that everyone has a “right to rise” and then say you’re for phasing out Medicare”

jeb bush wants to phase out

“Or for repealing Obamacare”.

“People can’t rise if they can’t afford health care”.

They can’t rise if the minimum wage is too low to live on”.

jeb bush social security

“They can’t rise if their governor makes it harder for them to get a college education”.

“And you cannot seriously talk about the right to rise and support laws that deny the right to vote”.


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