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In My Bask Yard – The Winter That Won’t Stop


It’s snowing right now.

February 21 and it’s snowing. We were up to 13″ on the ground. Extremely compact as it snowed, melted, frooze, snowed, melted, frooze for 3 months and then around the first of the month, a slow melt.

Just a few patches on the ground except where it had been piled up by plows.

Brown grass. Bulbs coming up. My Tulips are 4″. Hundreds of them!

And it’s snowing. And look. Oh goody, oh goody. 3 days to temps at night going into the low to mid teens.

All that growth coming to a screeching halt.


Feel The Love


If looks could kill Trump should be very thankful he has Secret Service protection…..

Melania Trump definitely loves her husband and is very happy to be here— Jezebel (@Jezebel) January 23, 2017 Variations of this clip are all over the internet, but …

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Our Stupid Fake President – Trump’s Tweets’


The Fake President is so proud of this that he is going to hang it in the upper/lower press hall.

Maybe some one can tell the Fake President that on the bottom, the script says –

Swearing in Ceremony of President Donald J. Trump – January 21st, 2017.

Dear Dumb Ass Fake President – you were sworn in on the 20th.

The 21st was the Woman’s March.



Goodbye Free Press, Hello Pravda!



THIS: This should scare the crap out of all of us, this is exactly what Fascist Governments do: he’s telling us that he is going to limit the press’ access, and you can bet it will be l…

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Cats Gone Bad


Trump’s latest US corporate Twitter target: General Motors — WBAY

Leadership by threat……..

DETROIT (AP) – In another tweet targeting a U.S. company, President-elect Donald Trump is threatening to slap a tax on General Motors for importing compact cars to the U.S. from Mexico. But GM makes the vast majority of compact Chevrolet Cruzes in Lordstown, Ohio, near Cleveland. Trump tweeted early Tuesday that GM is sending Mexican-made…

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Industrial-Strength Stupid


Famous My Little Pony fact-checker and Hair Führer’s press secretary Sean Spicer on the Sunday Talkies trying to deflect the Russian hack of the 2016 Goat Rodeo: “Why aren’t we talking about …

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Donald Trump’s Corruption Of America – A New Swamp


Something to think about …. “Remembering the past …. lessons learned? …. Wondering …. “!! — It Is What It Is

~~November 18, 2016~~ NEED I EXPLAIN WHAT THIS NUMBERS ARE? I want to think that even the younger generations know what these numbers are. Sure hope that this nation isn’t headed down that road. These are scary and uncertain times. HortyRex© TATTOOS AND NUMBERS THE SYSTEM OF IDENTIFYING PRISONERS AT AUSCHWITZ During the Holocaust, concentration […]

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Midday Palate Cleanser

Anyone know where this club is? Asking for a friend.

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