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Blog Running – ‘5 Things America Will Lose If Conservatives Win In 2016’


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‘Here are five things we’re going to lose horribly on if we just keep signing useless petitions and being outraged by the latest stupidity from the conservative media’.

5. ‘A woman’s right to choose: Emboldened by the Tea Party wave in 2010, women’s reproductive health has been a huge target for right-wing conservatives across the United States’.
‘If Republicans continue to keep control of state governments, as well as Congress, it’s only going to get worse’.

4. ‘Worker’s rights: In Texas and Oklahoma, companies can opt-out from worker’s compensation programs and determine their own payouts for workers who are injured or even killed while on the job’.
‘ An investigation by NPR and ProPublica found that almost 1.5 million workers in those states are subject to compensation plans that are not regulated by the government, and usually offer less benefits to those who are injured’.
‘Other states are likely to adopt these opt-out programs and it will only benefit corporations, not the working class’.

3. ‘Planned Parenthood: Even though abortion is legal and it is a small fraction of the services Planned Parenthood performs annually, the GOP wants to eliminate funding for the organization altogether’.
‘In Texas, Alabama and other states, conservative lawmakers have cut off Medicaid funding to the organization – in violation of federal law’.

2. ‘Voting rights: As we’ve seen in Alabama, voting rights are under attack across the country’.
‘Conservatives know that their policies are unpopular with a majority of the population, so they have to do whatever it takes to make it hard for people to vote’.

1. ‘Government assistance programs’:
‘Current GOP frontrunner Ben Carson has proposed eliminating Medicare and Medicaid if he is elected’.
‘Other candidates have proposed raising the retirement age and doing away with Social Security in favor of privately-run programs, because to Republicans, privatizing a government program is the answer to everything’.

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The Day in a Piucture


Republicans And Voter Fraud – ‘Kris Kobach files to prosecute three voter fraud cases in Kansas’



Some reference :

  • 1.1 million Kansans voted in 2012.
    1.5 million Kansans voted in 2008.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach presented to the Legislature 18 alleged cases in the two elections.

  • 18…..vs…..2.6 million votes.

‘Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has filed three voter fraud cases he plans to prosecute, his office confirmed Tuesday’.

‘Kobach persuaded the Legislature to grant him prosecutorial power during this past legislative session, making him the only secretary of state in the nation to have such authority’.

During the initial push for the legislation, Kobach presented to the Legislature 18 alleged cases of double voting — in which a person votes in more than one jurisdiction — that he said occurred during the 2010 and 2012 elections’.

I repeat – “18 alleged cases of double voting” in 2, count them 2 elections.

‘The felony complaint against Lincoln L. Wilson in Sherman County alleges that he perjured himself on voting forms and also voted in the past three elections despite not being lawfully registered’.

‘The defendants in the Johnson County cases are Steven Gaedtke, 60, and Betty Gaedtke, 61, according to electronic court records. Each faces misdemeanor charges of “unlawful voting” and “advance voting unlawful act.”

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Republican War On Voting – ‘Alabama To Stop Issuing Driver’s Licenses In Counties With 75 Percent Black Registered Voters’

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‘The state of Alabama announced that it will stop issuing driver’s licenses in every single county in which blacks make up more than 75 percent of registered voters’.

‘In a state which requires photo ID to vote’.

‘Because of budget cuts, driver license examiners will no longer work at 31 part-time satellite offices in those areas’.

‘As Raw Story notes, this would mean that residents will need to travel to other counties to apply for licenses’.

‘This move comes just one year after the state’s voter photo ID law went into effect’.

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Living In A Republican World – ‘No Money, No Vote: Ohio Republicans’ Diabolical Plan For A Poll Tax’

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Twenty-four members of the Ohio House of Representatives — all Republicans — cosponsored a bill introduced last week that would require many Ohio residents to pay an actual poll tax in order to vote’.

‘Under this legislation, many voters would have to pay a fee in order to obtain an ID card that they need to vote, thus effectively imposing a tax on the right to vote’.

‘Though the bill permits voters who lack ID to obtain a special voter ID card issued by the state, this card costs $8.50′.

‘One provision of the bill does permit voters to be exempted from this fee if their income “does not exceed one hundred per cent of the federal poverty guidelines,” but that’s an annual income of only $11,770 a year for a single person in 2015’.
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Republican Voter Suppression – ‘Ohio Republicans Are Trying To Sneak A Voter Suppression Measure Into The Transportation Budget’

ohio block the vote

ohio block the vote1

‘Under a last-minute addition to Ohio’s transportation budget, close to 116,000 college students will have to pay what a Democratic lawmaker is calling a “poll tax” in order to vote’.

A provision which would require people who move to the state and register to vote to re-register their cars with Ohio within 30 days. Otherwise, they would be required to surrender their driver’s licenses from their home state’.

  • ‘If the provision is not removed, out-of-state college students will have to pay close to $100 to re-register their vehicles in Ohio in order to cast a ballot in their new home state’.

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Republican Block The Vote – ‘High court case threatens independent electoral map drawers’

republican gerrynmandering

republican gerrymandering

republican gerrymandering1


‘Mar. 1, 2015 8:08 AM EST’

WASHINGTON (AP) — ‘In a reversal of the usual worries about political influence on electoral map-making, the Supreme Court is being asked to let raw politics play an even bigger role in the drawing of congressional district boundaries’.

‘The court hears argument Monday in an appeal by Republican lawmakers in Arizona against the state’s voter-approved independent redistricting commission for creating the districts of U.S. House members’.

So much for the ‘Will Of The People’.

‘A decision striking down the commission probably would doom a similar system in neighboring California, and could affect districting commissions in 11 other states’.

How Republicans Will Govern – ‘Glenn Reynolds Asks If Voters Should Pass A Patriotism Test’

patriotic to vote

patriotic to vote1

‘You would think that would be that and the circle would be closed (Rudy The Ass saying President Obama isn’t like ‘us’) for the time being, but Professor Glenn Reynolds has found a new angle to approach this with and this time he’s targeting the voters’.

‘Most of his USA Today article is about anything but testing the electorate to see how patriotic they are’.

‘It veered off into a discussion of passions mixing with reason and the virtues of rational emotions and irrational virtues or something like that. Reynolds really went off into a weird tangent until he finally made his point’.

“Perhaps we need to pay closer attention to these questions where presidents are concerned, but perhaps we should go a step farther”:

  • “In a country like ours, where voters reign supreme, it seems as if concern about the patriotism of rulers ought to also apply to voters”.

“Science fiction writer Robert Heinlein, in his famous novel Starship Troopers, envisioned a society where voters, too, had to demonstrate their patriotism before being allowed to vote”.

  • “In his fictional society, the right to vote came only after some kind of dangerous public service — in the military, as a volunteer in dangerous medical experiments, or in other ways that demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice personally for the common good”.

“The thought was that such voters would be more careful, and less selfish, in their voting”.

“So when the five-day wonder of questioning Barack Obama’s patriotism is over, perhaps we should address another question”:

“How patriotic is the electorate? And how long can we survive as a nation if the answer is “not very”? And we should proceed from there”.
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Voter Fraud By Republicans – ‘Ohio Elections Chief Tries To Tie Immigration To Voter Fraud’

voter fraud 20

ohio voter fraud

‘Efforts in several states to catch non-citizens voting illegally ahead of the 2012 election turned up virtually no offenders. In Ohio, Husted reported 17 cases of non-citizens who voted in the 2012 election — .0003 percent of total ballots cast in the state’.

‘Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted (R) has made undocumented immigrants the latest target in his ongoing effort to suppress votes’.

‘In a letter sent last week, Husted argues that President Obama’s recent executive actions on immigration will lead to non-citizens registering to vote, which would have “lasting implications for the integrity of our elections.”

‘According to Husted, Obama’s order granting deportation reprieve to millions of undocumented immigrants will allow them to obtain Social Security numbers or driver’s licenses and opens the possibility that they could register to vote’.

“In spite of our diligence maintaining accurate voter registration rolls, however, the recent executive actions could jeopardize their integrity by making it much easier for people who are not U.S. citizens to illegally register and cast ballots,” Husted wrote’.

‘Even as he has dismissed the idea that voter fraud is an epidemic in Ohio, Husted has repeatedly fought to restrict voting’.

‘He became an infamous figure in the 2012 election for his efforts to cut early voting, going so far as to defy a court order requiring early voting hours to be restored in 2012’.
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