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Caturday at the Kane’s

Sunday Picks – Week 9 – The Election Edition

Over all

Backwoods 59 – 44
Kane 63 – 54

13……to…..31 – Win(getting on knees) THANK YOU BUDDHA!!!!
Kansas City(1-6) @ San Diego(3-4)………..San Diego…KC
Considering they BOTH lost last week? I’m guessing SD feels worse and will react better.

Baltimore(5-2) @ Cleveland(2-6)…………..Balt……..Balt
Cleveland ISN’T Houston.

Arizona(4-4) @ Green Bay(5-3)…………….GB……….GB
This might actually be a good game.

Buffalo(3-4) @ Houston(6-1)………………Hou………Hous
Houston – you do NOT have a problem.

Miami(4-3) @ Indy)4-3)…………………..Miami…….Indy
Indy is getting there but Miami is 1 year ahead of them.

Chicago(6-1) @ Tennessee(3-5)…………….Chicago…..Tenn
Sorry Matt gotta go with the odds.

Detroit(3-4) @ Jacksonville(1-6)………….Detroit…..Detroit
It’s not the Detroit is THAT good, it’s that jacksonville is THAT bad.

Carolina(1-6) @ Washington(3-5)…………..Wash……..Wash
A question of which team is worse.

Denver(4-3) @ Cinci)3-4)…………………Denver……Denver
Gotta go with my man Peyton.

Tampa Bay(3-4) @ Oakland(3-4)…………….Tampa Bay…Tampa
Another game of which team is worse.

Minni(5-3) @ Seattle(4-4)………………..Minni…….Sea
Seattle is on a roll- – – – – -downhill.

Pittsburgh(4-3) @ NY Giants(6-2)………….NY Giants…NYG
The Giants are on a roll- – – – the good kind of roll.

Dallas(3-4) @ Atlanta(7-0)……………….Dallas……Atl
Looking at an upset here. A BIG upset.

Phily(3-4) @ New Orleans(2-5)…………….NO……….NO
Still can’t break the NO hold.

Bye : NYJ(3-5), StL(3-5), San Fran(6-2), NE(5-3)

Kansas City(1-6) @ San Diego(3-4) – Pick – KC

Baltimore(5-2) @ Cleveland(2-6) – Pick – Baltimore

Arizona(4-4) @ Green Bay(5-3) -Pick – Green Bay
Arizona is on such a downward spiral.

Buffalo(3-4) @ Houston(6-1) – Pick – Houston
This year, the road to the superbowl is going through Houston

Miami(4-3) @ Indy)4-3) – Pick – Indy

Chicago(6-1) @ Tennessee(3-5) – Pick – Tennesee

Detroit(3-4) @ Jacksonville(1-6) – Pick – Detroit

Carolina(1-6) @ Washington(3-5) – Pick – Washington

Denver(4-3) @ Cinci)3-4) – Pick – Denver

Tampa Bay(3-4) @ Oakland(3-4) – Pick – Tampa Bay

Minni(5-3) @ Seattle(4-4) – Pick Seattle
Seattle at home … tough place.

Pittsburgh(4-3) @ NY Giants(6-2) – Pick – NY Giants

Dallas(3-4) @ Atlanta(7-0) – Pick – Atlanta
Look for Romo to throw … another 2 or 3 picks.

Phily(3-4) @ New Orleans(2-5) – Pick – New Orleans

Blog Running – ‘The Post’s View – Mitt Romney’s campaign insults voters’

‘THROUGH ALL THE flip-flops, there has been one consistency in the campaign of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney: a contempt for the electorate’.

‘How else to explain his refusal to disclose essential information’?

‘There has been his chronic, baldly dishonest defense of mathematically impossible budget proposals’.

‘He promised to cut income tax rates without exploding the deficit or tilting the tax code toward the rich — but he refused to say how he could bring that off.

‘History has shown that it’s a lot easier to cut taxes than to reduce spending’.

‘Republican presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush promised to do both, managed to do only the first and (with plenty of help from Congress) greatly increased the national debt’.

‘Now Mr. Romney promises to reduce income tax rates by one-fifth — for the rich, that means from 35 percent to 28 percent — and to raise defense spending while balancing the budget’.

‘To do so, he would reduce other spending — unspecified — and take away deductions — unspecified’.

‘How, other than an assumption that voters are too dim to remember what Mr. Romney has said across the years and months, to account for his breathtaking ideological shifts’?

‘He was a friend of immigrants, then a scourge of immigrants, then again a friend’.

‘He was a Kissingerian foreign policy realist, then a McCain-like hawk, then a purveyor of peace’.

‘He pioneered Obamacare, he detested Obamacare, then he found elements in it to cherish’.

‘Assault weapons were bad, then good’.

‘Abortion was okay, then bad’.

‘Climate change was an urgent problem; then, not so much’.

‘Hurricane cleanup was a job for the states, until it was once again a job for the feds’.

‘Mr. Romney, by contrast, seems to be betting that voters have no memories, poor arithmetic skills and a general inability to look behind the curtain. We hope the results Tuesday prove him wrong’.
From :


A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Department of Justice Investigating Alleged Ballot Fraud At Clackamas County Elections’

Dear Voters – Please just send in your ballots blank.
We’ll fill it out for you.
The Republican Party

‘A Clackamas County elections worker is under criminal investigation for tampering with ballots, WW has learned’.

‘The underlying allegation is that the woman, whose name has not been released, filled in blanks on ballots turned into the county for the Nov. 6 general election’.

‘Sources familiar with the incident say their understanding is that the woman filled in a straight Republican ticket on the ballots where preferences had been left blank by voters’.
From :



‘Volunteers For Voter Suppression Group Installed As Election Officials In Ohio’

There are going to be so many eyes of Ohio that I really can’t imagine any thing untword happening but then again……

‘Conservative poll observers are gearing up for Election Day, when they will watch for possible instances of voter fraud and challenge voters they find suspicious’.

‘As ThinkProgress reported, many of these volunteers have been fed false or misleading information about voting rights by the Romney campaign and independent Tea Party groups’.

‘But one True the Vote affiliate, the Ohio Voter Integrity Project, is taking their election interference one step further’.

‘Ohio VIP has recruited and dispatched poll workers who will not be merely observing, but directly involved in the voting process in a crucial swing state’.

‘Hamilton County elections director Tim Burke told the Columbus Dispatch that VIP poll workers will represent the Republican Party:

“We know that the Voter Integrity Project has recruited and through the (Hamilton) County Republican Party has placed some poll workers. I have discussed this with my Republican counterpart”.

“I accept the fact that he understands that the VIP pollworkers are working for the Board of Elections on Election Day and are subject to the board’s instructions, not the VIP instruction. Obviously both sides are going to have observers as well as poll workers. I, and others will spend the day responding to trouble calls”.

‘While in-person voter fraud is exceedingly rare, overzealous poll workers could jeopardize legitimate votes by forcing them to use provisional ballots, which cannot be counted until November 17’.

‘Ohio’s provisional ballot mess is already threatening to disenfranchise thousands of legitimate voters — the bulk of whom live in urban, minority-heavy areas like Hamilton County, which contains Cincinnati’.

‘In 2004, Ohio tossed out thousands of provisional ballots, concentrated in Hamilton and the state’s four other urban counties. Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) lost Ohio by a narrow margin in 2004, allowing George W. Bush to win a second term’.
From :



‘Chart: Almost Every Obama Conspiracy Theory Ever’

From Who Else?

The Great People over at Mother Jones!

As I am want to say to the teabaggers – ‘Are your scews that lose or did you tighten them too tight’?

‘Barack Obama’s presidency has been an inspiration to many Americans—especially nutjobs’.

‘Ever since the first-black-president-to-be appeared on the national political stage, a cottage industry of conservative conspiracy theorists has churned out bizarro, paranoid, and just plain racist effluvia—some of which has trickled into the political mainstream. Below, we’ve charted some of the Obama-baiters best (i.e., worst) work’.

Just a ‘few’ –

Obama is a secret Muslim:

Obama’s bringing 100 million Muslims to America:

Obama once aided the mujahideen:

Obama is in the pocket of the Muslim Brotherhood:

Obama redecorated the Oval Office in Middle Eastern style:

Obama married a Pakistani guy:

Obama’s ring has a Koranic verse on it:

Obama was funded by a Saudi prince:

Obama was born in Kenya:

Obama lost his US citizenship:

Michelle’s “whitey” tape:

Obama was a Black Panther:

Obama is the son of Malcolm X:

Obama is the son of Frank Marshall Davis:

Obama’s mom and dad were communists:

Obama’s ghostwriter was Bill Ayers: .

Obama trained to overthrow the government:

Obama wouldn’t say the Pledge of Allegiance:

Obama removed the flag from Air Force One: …and replaced it with his campaign logo.

Obama ordered soldiers to swear allegiance to him:

Obama secretly gave away American islands to Russia:

Obama’s youth reeducation camps: Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) warned that “young people will be put into mandatory service” at politically correct, billion-dollar camps run by the Democrats.

Obama’s coming for your guns:

Obama’s coming for your gold:

Obama is planning FEMA concentration camps:

Obama wants to confiscate your IRA:

Obama caused the BP oil spill:

Obama was behind the Aurora massacre:

Obama personally caused Hurricane Sandy:

Obama had Andrew Breitbart killed:

Obama spiked the jobs report:

Obama faked bin Laden’s death:

Obama the brainwashing hypnotist:

Obama’s exiled lover:

Obama is gay:

Obama’s crack cocaine/gay sex/murder orgy cover-up:

From :


The Daily 2012 – And I (and a LOT of others) make it Ten – ‘Nine 2012 Electoral College predictions have Obama ahead’

I’m still standing on Obama 294 – Romney 244.

The popular vote is very slowly starting to lean towards the President also but way to early to see if that will hold.

Several have Obama winning Florida thus giving Obama a large Electoral vote.

I’m thinking Florida will be called for Romney even before the voting closes here in the West. And so do most others.

‘The nine predictions below agree on a few swing states: Romney will win North Carolina; Obama will win Nevada, Ohio, Iowa and New Hampshire. They differ on Colorado, Virginia and Florida, however’.

A sampling :





From :

‘Latest Swing State Polls’

Whenever you see one candidate with 50% or better – THE WEEKEND BEFORE THE ELECTION – the one who DOESN’T have 50% has a problem.

‘Here are the latest polls from the battleground states’:

Colorado: Obama 46%, Romney 46% (Reuters/Ipsos)

Colorado: Obama 50%, Romney 46% (Public Policy Polling)

Colorado: Obama 47%, Romney 45% (Denver Post/SurveyUSA)

Florida: Obama 48%, Romney 46% (Reuters/Ipsos)

Iowa: Obama 49%, Romney 45% (Gravis)

Michigan: Obama 52%, Romney 47% (Rasmussen)

Michigan: Obama 52%, Romney 46% (Public Policy Polling)

Nevada: Obama 50%, Romney 44% (Mellman)

New Hampshire: Obama 50%, Romney 44% (New England College)

New Hampshire: Obama 50%, Romney 49% (Gravis)

Ohio: Obama 50%, Romney 47% (CNN/ORC)

Ohio: Obama 49%, Romney 49% (Rasmussen)

Ohio: Obama 47%, Romney 45% (Reuters/Ipsos)

Ohio: Obama 50%, Romney 46% (We Ask America)

Virginia: Obama 48%, Romney 45% (Reuters/Ipsos)

Virginia: Obama 49%, Romney 48% (We Ask America)
From :

Wisconsin: Obama 52%, Romney 45% (We Ask America)

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