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The Most Corrupt Administration In All Of American History – ‘Conway Overheard Leaking to Reporters’

My first though was who let her out again? She, by her own lies, proved she had no credibility.

But all of a sudden – after a couple of months – she’s back in demand.

June 10, 2017 By Taegan Goddard


“Kellyanne Conway was overheard talking about her West Wing co-workers to fellow revelers at a party. Conway was having an off-the-record conversation with a group of reporters and other attendees at the British Embassy at their election-night watch party.”

‘She said President Trump told her to “go out there and say ‘Jim Comey is going to have to wait and see about the tapes.’”

“Conway also mimicked Reince Priebus urging White House aides to stop leaking, and wondered aloud what Marc Short — the legislative director — does all day. She also said she is ‘the one catching the slings and arrows in the West Wing.’ The source who heard Conway created a Twitter account about the evening, naming it @kellyanneleaks and posting photos and tweets from the event. Two other sources confirmed Conway’s remarks.”

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The Donald J. Trump Corruption Of America – ‘Reports: Trump To Announce Top Advisor’s Husband For DOJ Civil Division’

The amount of corruption in this administration is mind boggling.

‘President Donald Trump has picked the husband of top White House advisor Kellyanne Conway to lead the Justice Department’s Civil Division, according to several reports’.

‘Trump will nominate George T. Conway III to lead the office charged with defending Trump’s executive order on immigration, according to reports by the New York Times and Fox News citing unnamed sources familiar with the matter’.

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Building On The Reason For Donald Trump To Resign – ‘Sean Spicer Just Told Reporters Of The ‘Healthy Respect’ Trump Has For The Press’


‘Team Trump wants to censor the press if the network doesn’t give favorable coverage’.

‘Spicer was asked about Trump’s “enemy of the American people” tweet and tried to defend it by talking of the profound respect the amateur president has for the media’.

‘Spicer said he had already “addressed this multiple times in the past.”

“He has deep respect for the First Amendment … and he has a healthy respect for the press,” Spicer told reporters’.

‘President Steve Bannon has referred the news media as the “opposition party” and Trump backed that up saying,“I think the media is the opposition party in many ways.”

‘Bannon has also said that the “media should keep its mouth shut.
‘White House counselor Kellyanne Conway has suggested that networks should fire people who are critical of Donald Trump. After repeatedly lying on appearances on various networks, Conway seems to be banned from any future interviews’.

‘But yeah, it must be the Lyin’ Media’s fault because team Trump has been caught fabricating Inauguration crowd sizes then claiming it was an “alternative fact.”

Fear And Loathing In The Trump White House – ‘NEXT’ – ‘UH OH!: Trump’s Personal And Official Accounts Just Unfollowed Kellyanne Conway’



‘Kellyanne Conway has a scandal of her own after she literally hawked Trump’s daughter’s clothing line on Fox & Friends while she sat in the briefing room. “Go buy Ivanka’s stuff!,” she said’.

‘Ethics director Walter Shaub just recommended that the White House investigate Conway after she committed a “clear violation” of ethics rules’.

‘Suddenly, Trump’s personal account, the @POTUS account and @WhiteHouse account just stopped following Conway on Twitter’.

‘A Twitter user caught it’.


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Building On The Reason For Trump To Resign – ‘Kellyanne Conway Breaks The Law By Using The White House To Sell Ivanka Trump’s Clothes’


And this is just the ones we know of.
What are his kids doing out of sight?
Where are Trump’s tax returns?

What is the whole family hiding form the American public?

‘During an interview on Fox and Friends, White House Senior Adviser Kellyanne Conway broke the law by using her position and the White House briefing room to tell people to buy Ivanka Trump’s clothing line’.

  • ^”Using public office for their own private gain for the private gain of friends, relatives, or persons with whom they are affiliated in a non-government capacity”;

  • ^ “Endorsing any product, service, or company”;

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Building On Trump’s Reason To Resign – ‘Kellyanne Conway Demands That The Press Show More Respect To Trump’


Kellyanne Conway –

“And let me just say it has to go both ways. I mean. I do, Jake. I sincerely don’t see a lot of difference in coverage from when he was a candidate, and when he became the Republican nominee, the president-elect, and indeed, the president. Some outlets, some people are covering him the same way, and it doesn’t have a great deal of respect for the Office of the President, and its current occupant.”(1)

Really? He’s not getting respect?


Donald Trump’s Years Of Birtherism


10 Hours Straight of Donald Trump Insults


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Building On Trump’s Reason To Resign – ”That’s just false’: Jake Tapper corners a flailing Kellyanne Conway on Trump’s ‘offensive’ lies’


Building On Trump’s Reason To Resign – ‘WH Claims CNN Retracted Concerns About Conway’s ‘Credibility’ (It Didn’t)’


‘CNN refuted Spicer’s claims in a statement posted Tuesday afternoon’.

“We have not ‘retracted’ or ‘walked back’ those comments,” the network’s communications team tweeted. “CNN was clear, on the record, about our concerns about Kellyanne Conway’s credibility.”
‘2 Other Times Kellyanne Conway Referred to Bowling Green ‘Massacre’ or ‘Attack’
*****’The story was about two Iraqi refugees who plotted to attack Americans and who later admitted in court to attacking U.S. troops in Iraq. The two refugees lived in Bowling Green, Kentucky, but they never committed a massacre or any attacks in Bowling Green, as Conway said’.
________________________ is reporting that she also made inaccurate comments about attacks in Bowling Green as early as Sunday, Jan. 29, when she said President Barack Obama implemented a similar action in 2011′.

“He did. It’s a fact,” Conway said in remarks not initially published by “Why did he do that? He did that for exactly the same reasons. He did that because two Iraqi nationals came to this country, joined ISIS, traveled back to the Middle East to get trained and refine their terrorism skills and come back here and were the masterminds behind the Bowling Green massacre of taking innocent soldiers’ lives away.”

‘And in a Jan. 29 interview with TMZ, Conway said two Iraqi men were the “masterminds” behind a “Bowling Green attack” on American troops’.

“President Obama suspended the Iraq refugee program for six months in 2011, and no one certainly covered — I think nobody noticed,” she told TMZ. “He did that because, I assume, there were two Iraqis who came here, got radicalized, joined ISIS and then were the masterminds behind the Bowling Green attack on our brave soldiers.”

‘”CNN reportedly declined to interview Kellyanne Conway on Sunday because of questions about her credibility,” Yahoo! reporter Hunter Walker asked at the daily briefing. “Is the White House willing to offer alternative representatives to networks that refuse to work with specific spokespeople?”


“My understanding is they retracted that, they walked that back or denied it, however you want to put it,” Spicer said. “I think Kellyanne is a very trusted aide of the President. I think for any characterization otherwise is insulting.”

Trump’s Dark Ages of Arrogance and Ignorance – ‘Kellyanne Conway: The Media Failed; When Will People Be Fired’?



Why golly gee Kelly….anne. I just don’t know. Maybe the same time FOX network is shut down because of their lies and what you call “incomplete coverage”.


  • Fox News Caught Editing Press Conference to Spread Lies'(1)
  • ‘Fox News Host Embarrassed After Lie About President Obama Gets Fact-Checked'(2)
  • ‘Even Fox News Says Trump Is Lying About Inauguration Crowd Size'(3)
  • ‘The fact-checks behind ‘The Daily Show’s’ 50 Fox news ‘lies'(4)
    ‘Source: Real Clear Politics’
  • ‘Fact-Checking Site Finds Fox News Only Tells the Truth 18 Percent of the Time'(5)


Kellyanne loves ‘freedom of the press‘ but only if they agree with Trump.

‘Trump administration adviser Kellyanne Conway joins FNC’s Chris Wallace to clear the air about Team Trump’s feud with the mainstream media’.

“Not one network person has been let go,” she argued. “Not one silly political analyst and pundit who talked smack all day long about Donald Trump has been let go. They are panels every Sunday, they are on cable news every day.”

‘She added: “I’m too polite to mention their names, but they know who they are, and they are all wondering who will be the first to go. The election was three months ago. None of them have been let go.”

“Biased coverage might be easy to detect, but incomplete coverage, impossible to detect,” she also said. “That is my major grievance. The media are not giving us complete coverage.”


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