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What’s wrong with the Republican Party – ‘Obama Voters No Longer Allowed at Pinetop Gun Store — “Effective Immediately”

Is this what Conservatives want?

An America where if you don’t like someone’s politics – you don’t want them as a customer?

‘United we stand, divided we fall’ – Now who is doing the actual dividing?

‘We can also see from Reynolds’ social-media accounts that he’s joining the secession talk, and isn’t a big fan of “Libtards.”

‘If you’re one of the 736 people in Pinetop who voted for President Obama last week, let it be known that you are no longer welcome inside one of the town’s gun shops’.

‘At least, that’s according to the Southwest Shooting Authority’s owner, and the advertisement (pictured to the right) that he took out in the local paper, the White Mountain Independent’.

‘We called the store today — at 928-367-AK47 — to try to ask to the owner, Cope Reynolds, how he’s going to identify Obama voters who try to sneak in, but no one picked up the phone. We also sent an e-mail, so we’ll let you know if he gets back to us.’
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Update :
“Obviously, this is nothing more than a political statement. Of course, it would be impossible to enforce. If they don’t say anything, we’ll never know. They could purchase whatever they wanted, and they would probably get a big kick out of thinking that they are rubbing it in our face as they walk out the door. Some folks are easily amused that way”.

“However, if they own up to it, we will not serve them. This goes way beyond gun control, which many think is why we did this. I should have as much right to post a sign on my door as those that post “No Guns” on their doors”.

Cope Reynolds
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Sunday Picks – Week Eleven – Stuff the Bird and pass the Yams

Kane 82 – 62 = 57%

Backwoods 78 – 52 = 60%


Miami(4-5) @ Buffalo(3-6)………….Miama…..Buffalo


Arizona(4-5) @ Atlanta(8-1)………..Atlanta…Atlanta

Tampa Bay(5-4) @ Carolina(2-7)……..Tampa…..Tampa

Cleveland(2-7) @ Dallas(4-5)……….Dallas….Dallas

Green Bay(6-3) @ Detroit(4-5)………GB……..GB

Jacksonville(1-8) @ Houston(8-1)……Houston…Houston

Cinci(4-5) @ KC(1-8)………………Cinci…..Cinci

NYJets(3-6) @ StLouis(3-5-1)……….NYJ…….StL.

Phily(3-6) @ Washington((3-6)………Wash……Wash

New Orleans(4-5) @ Oakland(3-6)…….NO……..NO

Indy(6-3) @ New England(6-3)……….Indy……NE

San Diego(4-5) @ Denver(6-3)……….Denver….Denver

Baltimore(7-2) @ Pittsburgh(6-3)……Balt……Balt


Chicago(7-2) @ San Fran(6-2-1)……..Chicago…San Fran
Dolphins/Bills: Could go either way: Pick: Bills

Arizona(4-5) @ Atlanta(8-1) – Pick – Atlanta

Tampa Bay(5-4) @ Carolina(2-7) Pick – Tampa Bay

Cleveland(2-7) @ Dallas(4-5) – Pick – Dallas
I think Dallas wants the division more than any other NFC East team.

Green Bay(6-3) @ Detroit(4-5) – Pick – Green Bay
Unless it’s close in the 4th quarter, then I’m picking the Lions (how’s that?). The Lions have the most 4th quarter points. Crazy, but GB should take them.

Jacksonville(1-8) @ Houston(8-1) Pick – Houston
Unless Houston doesn’t take them seriously, then the Jaguars might take advantage.

Cinci(4-5) @ KC(1-8) – Pick – Cinci

NYJets(3-6) @ StLouis(3-5-1) – Pick – Rams
Agreed, but I don’t think the’re smart enough to do that.

Phily(3-6) @ Washington((3-6) _ Pick – Washington
Maybe Vick getting his bell rung is a good thing if he’s going to play.

New Orleans(4-5) @ Oakland(3-6) – Pick – New Orleans
I agree, think the Saints have a good shot at a wild card.

Indy(6-3) @ New England(6-3) – Pick – New England
This should be a good game.

San Diego(4-5) @ Denver(6-3) – Pick – Denver
The Chargers are the best and the worst team in the NFL at the same time. They score points but blow big leads and lose games.

Baltimore(7-2) @ Pittsburgh(6-3) – Pick – Baltimore


Chicago(7-2) @ San Fran(6-2-1) – Pick – 49’ers


‘Hostess Blames Union For Bankruptcy After Tripling CEO’s Pay’

I think my favorite Hostess product is their pies. Lemon and chocolate!

But of course – it’s all the unions fault!

‘Today, Hostess Brands inc. — the company famed for its sickly sweet desert snacks like Twinkies and Sno Balls — announced they’d be shuttering after more than eighty years of production’.

‘But while headlines have been quick to blame unions for the downfall of the company there’s actually more to the story’:

‘While the company was filing for bankruptcy, for the second time, earlier this year, it actually tripled its CEO’s pay, and increased other executives’ compensation by as much as 80 percent’.

Dusting off my very best Captian Kack Sparrow – WHAT!?!


‘At the time, creditors warned that the decision signaled an attempt to “sidestep” bankruptcy rules, potentially as a means for trying to keep the executive at a failing company’.

‘The Confectionery, Tobacco Workers & Grain Millers International Union pointed this out in their written reaction to the news that the business is closing’:

‘BCTGM members are well aware that as the company was preparing to file for bankruptcy earlier this year, the then CEO of Hostess was awarded a 300 percent raise (from approximately $750,000 to $2,550,000) and at least nine other top executives of the company received massive pay raises’.

‘One such executive received a pay increase from $500,000 to $900,000 and another received one taking his salary from $375,000 to $656,256’.
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What is wrong with the Republican Party – ‘Republican Poll Worker Complains About High Turnout Among ‘People Of Color’

‘The poll worker, identified by Color Lines as Dayton Conway, offers no evidence of any foul play at all other than his gut feeling that there were more minorities at his polling location than he normally sees at the mall.

‘Racial justice news site ColorLines published a video the day after the election of a self-identified Republican poll worker in Colorado who can be heard phoning in his concerns that “a very high concentration of people of color” were turning out in his precinct, and that such turnout was suspicious because he normally sees fewer minorities “at the mall”:

“Yeah, a very high concentration of people of color. It’s not a problem, but, you know, when I go to the mall I see, you know this amount. Well I’m seeing at least double or triple that amount here. So what I’m saying is, it looks to me like this voting location was selected as the place they told everyone to come.”

‘Conway perhaps failed to note that his polling location — the Arapahoe County CentrePoint Plaza in Aurora, Colorado — was one of 32 designated voting centers where voters who are registered anywhere in Arapahoe County could cast their ballots, meaning the turnout there might not be reflective of the precinct’s actual demographics’.
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Blog Running – Fixing America – ‘Gerrymandering’ – ‘Now that’s what I call voter suppression’

The Economist is one of the better places for factual articles and op-eds.

‘But it is a problem for the country that the House has ceased to reflect the immediate popular will’.

‘The current crop of Congressional Republicans have proved themselves willing to go to unprecedented lengths—principally putting the Treasury at risk of default—in order to implement their policy agenda, despite holding only one of the three elected arms of the federal government’.

‘With the fiscal cliff looming, perhaps the biggest changes in decades to the role of government in the economy will be negotiated by a party that was rejected at the polls’.

‘For at least the next two years, America will remain stuck with a gravely unrepresentative House of Representatives’.

‘NO SOONER had Barack Obama been re-elected than John Boehner sought to pre-empt the president’s argument that his agenda had been vindicated’.

“The American people want solutions,” the speaker of the House said, “and tonight, they’ve responded by renewing our House Republican majority. With this vote, the American people have also made clear that there is no mandate for raising tax rates.”

‘Did not’!

‘The Democrats won 50.6% of the votes for president, to 47.8% for the Republicans’;

‘53.6% of the votes for the Senate, to 42.9% for the Republicans’;

‘and…49% of the votes for the House, to 48.2% for the Republicans (some ballots are still being counted)’.

‘That’s not a vote for divided government. It’s a clean sweep’.

‘However, in the first vote following the decennial redistricting process in 2010—when Republicans took advantage of their strong performances in state legislative elections to set a new standard for gerrymandering—the House has completely abandoned the popular will’.

‘Not only is the wrong party in control, but it reigns with a sizable majority: despite receiving just 49.6% of the two-party vote, the Republicans have 54% of the seats’.

‘As Glenn Kessler, the Washington Post’s fact-checker, notes, the fact that Democrats tend to live in cities causes them to be concentrated in fewer Congressional districts’.

‘This means they would probably be under-represented even in the absence of a partisan effort to weaken them. He cites a report showing that the GOP secured 11 seats during the 2010 redistricting—meaning that the Democrats would still be a minority in the House even if the pre-2010 map were still in effect’.
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‘GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham running campaign ads on Benghazi tragedy’

‘For anyone still wondering why Republican Senator Lindsay Graham has taken the lead for the GOP, along with John McCain, on trying to exploit the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya two months ago, we now have our answer’.

‘Lindsey Graham is using our dead ambassador for his re-election campaign’.

‘Even Mitt Romney wasn’t this morbidly brazen’.

‘But the evidence is incontrovertible. Lindsey Graham is running campaign ads about Benghazi’.

‘And when you click on the ad, it takes you to a petition on, the Republican Senator’s campaign site that asks you to “sign the petition if you want answers”:

‘Oh we’d like answers all right’.

‘Starting with why the Republicans keep treating the deaths of four Americans as if they’ve won the lottery. Who does Lindsey Graham think he is, Mitt Romney’?

‘I’m sure Ambassador Stevens’ family is happy their son could help the Graham campaign out’.

‘And PS, doofus. It wasn’t “our American embassy in Libya.” (Nice sentence construction, by the way.) It was our “consulate” and a CIA office. If you’re going to use the deaths of four brave Americans for your own personal gain, at least get the facts straight’.
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But it’s NOT Republican Obstructionism – ‘GOP Rep Admits CIA Approved U.N. Ambassador’s Talking Points On Libya’


This is what the Republicans have done to our Government and our ability to govern.

For a month and a half, spear headed by Senators McCain and Graham, the Republicans have focused on UN Ambassador Susan Rice as having lied to the American people.

And now finally getting testimony form General Petraeus, we find UN Ambassador Susan Rice DIDN’T lie to us.

In fact the Republicans have been lying to us.

Now were they, Senators McCain and Graham lying to us because they thought they knew something we didn’t – but now won’t tell us?

Or were Senators McCain and Graham lying because it got them free time and attention on FOX so called news and other right wing freak media?

Are they ‘serving the public interest’?

Or they own self serving interests?

‘Rep. Peter King (R-NY) has admitted that the CIA and intelligence community approved U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice’s talking points before she made her much-derided Sept. 16 appearance on several Sunday news shows to discuss the attacks in Benghazi’.

Q: “Did he say why it was taken out of the talking points that [the attack] was Al Qaeda affiliated”?

KING: “He didn’t know”.

Q: “He didn’t know? What do you mean he didn’t know”?

KING: “They were not involved — it was done, the process was completed and they said, “Ok go with those talking points.” Again it’s interagency — I got the impression that 7, 8, 9 different agencies”.

Q: “Did he give you the impression that he was upset it was taken out”?

KING: “No”.

Q: “You said the CIA said “OK” to the revised report” –

KING: “No, well, they said in that, after it goes through the process, they OK’d it to go. Yeah, they said “Okay for it to go.”
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What Congress Does – ‘Filibuster Reform Now Official – Reid Presents New Filibuster Rule’

This is the most important piece of legislation the Senate will debate all year.

If they don’t pass filibuster reform, we will simply have girdlock.

And the American people want governing.
‘To understand what is happening, you first need to understand the issue at hand’.

‘Right now, to pass a cloture measure, that is to close a bill to debate and then vote on it, you need 60 votes’.

‘In the past Senators wishing to block bills had to by debating endlessly. To address this, a rule was put into place in 1975 which allowed a 3/5 majority of senators sworn in to end debate’.

‘It rarely caused issues, until recently when the GOP began invoking the rule of cloture on every single piece of legislation, but then did not stand up to debate’.

‘In other words, they abused the rule intended to stop endless debate without actually debating’.

‘They would force a cloture vote, but there would be no debate for which to invoke cloture at all.

‘In 2011, when the new Senate was convened, Senator Reid met with the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and made a deal to limit the abuse of the filibuster in the new session’.

‘The handshake deal lasted for 40 days, with Senator Hutchinson of Texas invoking the rule on February 15’.

‘After that, 108 more cloture motions were filed, and of those 109, 70 had the majority vote. In the end, only 38 passed cloture and the bills voted’.

‘So much for the handshake deal’.

‘After Mitch McConnell lied to Harry Reid’s face, violating the agreement, the Senate Majority Leader will use the transition in January to the next congress as an opportunity to fix the rules so blatantly abused by the Republicans’.

‘The new rule would change this simple bit. When the rule of cloture is invoked, a vote is taken on the measure and should it not pass a simple majority, the bill is killed. If, however, a Senator invokes the rule of cloture, and when the vote is taken it does not pass on the 3/5’s majority, but does on simple majority, the floor is immediately opened up for debate. Four calls for debate will go out, and if nobody steps up to debate, the cloture would be voted on again, this time only needing a simple majority to pass’.
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