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Caturday at the Kanes and a word from your sponsor

Still need to take a another day or two so many humble apologies for the lack of posts.

My legs are almost back to the point where I can sit and not scream in pain in a few minutes.

Fight the good fight.

Blog the good blog.

But get involved.

If you don’t…….you are the problem.

‘Tea party groups work to remove names from Ohio voter rolls’

CINCINNATI — ‘Lori Monroe, a 40-year-old Democrat who lives in central Ohio, was startled a few weeks ago to open a letter that said a stranger was challenging her right to vote in the presidential election’.

‘Monroe, who was recovering from cancer surgery, called the local election board to protest. A local tea party leader was trying to strike Monroe from the voter rolls for a reason that made no sense: Her apartment building in Lancaster was listed as a commercial property’.

“I’m like, really? Seriously?” Monroe said. “I’ve lived here seven years, and now I’m getting challenged?”

‘Monroe’s is one of at least 2,100 names that tea party groups have sought to remove from Ohio’s voter rosters’.

‘The groups and their allies describe it as a citizen movement to prevent ballot fraud, although the Republican secretary of state said in an interview that he knew of no evidence that any more than a handful of illegal votes had been cast in Ohio in the last few presidential elections’.

‘The tea party groups, scattered around the state, have joined forces under the banner of the Ohio Voter Integrity Project. It is an offshoot of True the Vote, a Texas organization that has recruited volunteers nationwide to challenge voter rosters and work as poll watchers’.

‘In Ohio, election records show, one of the project’s top priorities has been to remove college students from the voter rolls for failure to specify dorm room numbers. (As a group, college students are strongly in Obama’s camp.’)

‘Voters challenged include 284 students at the Ohio State University campus in Columbus, 110 at Oberlin College, 88 at College of Wooster, 38 at Kent State — and dozens more from the University of Cincinnati, Miami University, Lake Erie College, Walsh University, Hiram College, John Carroll University and Telshe Yeshiva, a rabbinical college near Cleveland’.

‘So far, every county election board that has reviewed the dorm challenges found them invalid’.
From :,0,811761.story



Blog Running – ‘Webb drops the hammer on Romney’

‘Jim Webb’s departures from party orthodoxy are frequent. As recently as last November, the retiring Virginia Democratic senator was reluctant to commit to campaigning for President Barack Obama’.

‘But coming from Webb — a voice for the white working class, a former Navy secretary and decorated Vietnam veteran whose son left college to enlist as an infantry private in the Marine Corps and fought in the Iraq War — his words carry a punch that few other Democratic surrogates can muster.’

‘From Webb’s introductory remarks before Obama’s Virginia Beach appearance’:

“Governor Romney and I are about the same age. Like millions of others in our generation, we came to adulthood facing the harsh realities of the Vietnam War. 2.7 million in our age group went to Vietnam, a war which eventually took the lives of 58,000 young Americans and cost another 300,000 wounded. The Marine Corps lost 100,000 killed or wounded in that war. During the year I was in Vietnam, 1969, our country lost twice as many dead as we have lost in Iraq and Afghanistan combined over the past 10 years of war. 1968 was worse. 1967 was about the same. Not a day goes by when I do not think about the young Marines I was privileged to lead”.

“This was a time of conscription, where every American male was eligible to be drafted. People made choices about how to deal with the draft, and about military service. I have never envied or resented any of the choices that were made as long as they were done within the law. But those among us who stepped forward to face the harsh unknowns and the lifelong changes that can come from combat did so with the belief that their service would be honored, and that our leaders would, in the words of President Abraham Lincoln, care for those who had borne the battle, and for their widows and their children”.

“Those young Marines that I led have grown older now. They’ve lived lives of courage, both in combat and after their return, where many of them were derided by their own peers for having served. That was a long time ago. They are not bitter. They know what they did. But in receiving veterans’ benefits, they are not takers. They were givers, in the ultimate sense of that word. There is a saying among war veterans: “All gave some, some gave all.” This is not a culture of dependency. It is a part of a long tradition that gave this country its freedom and independence. They paid, some with their lives, some through wounds and disabilities, some through their emotional scars, some through the lost opportunities and delayed entry into civilian careers which had already begun for many of their peers who did not serve”.

“And not only did they pay. They will not say this, so I will say it for them. They are owed, if nothing else, at least a mention, some word of thanks and respect, when a presidential candidate who is their generational peer makes a speech accepting his party’s nomination to be commander-in-chief. And they are owed much more than that — a guarantee that we will never betray the commitment that we made to them and to their loved ones”.

‘The attacks on Romney’s lack of military service and his failure to mention Afghanistan or Iraq in his convention speech aren’t new to the campaign, which is the first in 80 years without a military veteran on either major party’s ticket’.
From :



Sunday with the real refs Picks

Backwoods – 23 – 25
Kane – 21 – 27
Thursday ……………………….Kane…….Backwoods
16…………to…..23 – Win
Cleveland(0-4) at Baltimore(3-1)…..Balt…….Balt

Carolina(1-2) at Atlanta(3-0)……..Atl……..Atl

New England(1-2) at Buffalo(2-1)…..NE………NE

Minnesota(2-1) at Detroit(1-2)…….Minn…….Minn

Tennessee(1-2) at Houston(3-0)…….Hou……..Hou

San Diego(2-1) at Kansas City(1-2)…KC………SD

San Francisco(2-1) at NY Jets(2-1)…SF………SF

Seattle(2-1) at St. Louis(1-2)…….Sea……..Sea

Miami(1-2) at Arizona(3-0)………..Ari……..Ari

Oakland(1-2) at Denver(1-2)……….Den……..Den

Cincinnati(2-1) at Jacksonville(1-2).Cin……..Cin

New Orleans(0-3) at Green Bay(1-2)…GB………GB

Washington(1-2) at Tampa Bay(1-2)….Wash…….Wash

NY Giants(2-1) at Philadelphia(2-1)..NYG……..NYG

Monday Night Football
Chicago(2-1) at Dallas(2-1)……….Chi……..Chi





Backwoods –
Cleveland(0-3) at Baltimore(2-1) – Pick – Baltimore
The Ravens better not think this is a gimme game or the Browns
will give them a loss.

Carolina(1-2) at Atlanta(3-0) – Pick – Atlanta
Atlanta’s got a great team.

New England(1-2) at Buffalo(2-1) – Pick New England
Wonder if the Bills fans will be chanting Bull Shit this week.

Minnesota(2-1) at Detroit(1-2) Pick – Minnesota
Great win against San Fran last week.

Tennessee(1-2) at Houston(3-0) – Pick – Houston
Houston’s D isn’t the Lions D. With part of an ear, Houston’s QB
is still good

San Diego(2-1) at Kansas City(1-2) – Pick – San Diego
Depending on which San Diego team shows up.

San Francisco(2-1) at NY Jets(2-1) – Pick – SF

Seattle(2-1) at St. Louis(1-2) – Pick – Seattle
They’re not at home, but it’s the Rams. Seattle’s defense should
hold them, but I’ve heard the Rams have a good running back.

Miami(1-2) at Arizona(3-0) – Pick – Arizona
Although Miami’s a tough team.

Oakland(1-2) at Denver(1-2) Pick – Denver

Cincinnati(2-1) at Jacksonville(1-2) – Pick – Cincinnati

New Orleans(0-3) at Green Bay(1-2) – Pick – Green Bay
Unless the real refs mess this one up

Washington(1-2) at Tampa Bay(1-2) – Pick – Washington

NY Giants(2-1) at Philadelphia(2-1) – Pick – NYGiants
Of course it’s the NFC East.

Monday Night Football
Chicago(2-1) at Dallas(2-1) – Pick – Chicago

The Weekly 2012 – An open letter to Republicans – Don’t blame Mitt Romney

I was raised a Conservative. An Eisenhower Conservative.

I was taught that if we invested in America, that is how you would build, grow and maintain a great Nation.

And build we did. The TVA. Bonneville. Grand Coulee. Hoover. A
power grid to bring that power to all corners of our Nation.

And roads. Roads that we now all too often take for granted. Roads
that networked with the train tracks we built in the 19th and 20th
Century to take us and bring our food and products to every home
and business.

We built an education system the envy of the World. The same with medical care.

We built a Nation that then dared dream of going to the Moon.

And from the Moon, from our scientific advances we built a massive
technology boom.

And when the financial bust came, we turned on each other.

So what happened?

We could always agree to disagree because we were Americans

When did it change that some of us weren’t?

1996. GOPAC. Newt Gingrich. ‘Call your opponents ‘traitors’.
See : ‘Language: A Key Mechanism of Control’
‘Often we search hard for words to define our opponents : traitors’.
@ :

That is the line in the sand. The day the seed was planted that
Party is more important the Country.

That it was needed to go beyond disagreement to hatred and even
condemnation for being unAmerican.

So don’t blame Mitt Romney.

The Conservative movement, hesitant at first, embraced Newt
Gingrich and his power of words and from that, they waited.

2008. Sarah Palin the most unqualified vice Presidential candidate
possible. And the beginings of opening the door to the previsously
disenfranchished fringe.
See : ‘Meet Sarah Palin’s radical right-wing pals’
@ :

The disenfranchished had never been welcome because they would not

Sarah Palin gave them leadership.

Fox ‘news’ gave them voice.
See : ‘The Tea Party Movement Doesn’t Exist’
@ :

Fear gave them power.
See : ‘Glenn Beck, the Tea Party, and What’s Behind Government Backlash’
@ :

Fear from Conservatives of being primaried so Conservatives kept
leaning, turning further and further right.
See : ‘Some Republicans won’t compromise for fear of being ‘primaried’
@ :

And the victory of 2010.


Followed by No Compromise and an attempt to shut the Government
down. And an attempt to have the Government default.

No Compromise was embraced as filibuster by the GOP leadership. 100’s of filibusters. Obstruction just as we, once a united Nation, were trying desperately to get out of the biggest economic fall since the Great Depression.

So don’t blame Mitt Romney.

You were silent when The Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich said ‘let’s call Democrats ‘traitors’.

You were silent when Congress repealed the Glass-Segal financial regulations.

You were silent when the newly elected G.W. Bush said ‘we gots us a surplus so we’re a gonna cut your taxes’.

You were silent when we invaded two Countries WITHOUT raising taxes to pay for it.

You were silent when Congress mandated WITHOUT raising taxes, a prescription durg benefit.

You were silent when Republican leaders after starting two wars and not raising taxes, after putting in a massive prescription drug benefit program and not raising taxes, after cutting taxes, now said ‘We have a spending problem in Washington’.

You were silent when the newly elected President Obama while giving his State of the Union, stood there while a Republican US Representative cried out ‘You lie!’

You were silent when FOX ‘news’ purposely misrepresented facts in story after story after story.

You were silent when Sarah Palin used FOX ‘news’ to drive the fear of ‘death panels’ that didn’t exsist.

You were silent when FOX ‘news’ hinted in story after story that President Obama may be a Muslim.

You were silent when Donald Trump, a ‘business leader’ said his investagators had found ‘important’ information regarding President Obama’s birth and then after President Obama showed his birth certificate, Donald Trump went silent.

You were silent when a college student and civil activists was called a ‘slut’ by nationaly known Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh.

So don’t blame Mitt Romney. He is just pretending to be what you as Conservatives have been too afraid to speak out against.

The Republican party run by the minority fringe.


Mitt Romney – THE ‘Job Creator’ – ‘NEW ROMNEY VIDEO: In 1985, He Said Bain Would “Harvest” Companies for Profits’

Please count the number of times Mitt Romney says the word ‘jobs’. For the very few that still don’t get it, Bain was and is about creating wealth for it’s investors.

If ‘wealth’ comes via hiring and adding jobs or having the company go in debt via borrowing and Bain then selling it.

Mitt Romney is describing ‘trickle down’ economics. The investors reap the rewards in 5-8 years.
From David Corn over at Mother Jones :

‘Mother Jones has obtained a video from 1985 in which Romney, describing Bain’s formation, showed how he viewed the firm’s mission. He explained that its goal was to identify potential and hidden value in companies, buy significant stakes in these businesses, and then “harvest them at a significant profit” within five to eight years’.

‘The video was included in a CD-ROM created in 1998 to mark the 25th anniversary of Bain & Company, the consulting firm that gave birth to Bain Capital. Here is the full clip, as it appeared on that CD-ROM (the editing occurred within the original)’:

TRANSCRIPT: “Bain Capital is an investment partnership which was formed to invest in startup companies and ongoing companies, then to take an active hand in managing them and hopefully, five to eight years later, to harvest them at a significant profit…”
From :


Blog Running – ‘Mr. 47% still doesn’t get it’

From Jed Lewison over at the Daily KOS :

‘When you’re running an ad trying to convince people you didn’t mean it when you said you were writing off half the country, you’re in deep trouble’.

‘At some level, Mitt Romney clearly understands the epic disaster of his 47 percent comments—otherwise he wouldn’t be releasing painful videos like this in which he tries to convince voters that he cares about them’:

Or does he :


Sunday Picks – Week 4 (psssst – actual refs this week) and a Word From Your Sponsor

Sorry about the slim Pickens (ROTFLMAO!!! OK you had to be there) on posts yesterday and maybe today. My knee got to the point where I couldn’t even sit without a whole lotta hurt. So I’m back on drugs now (hence the slim Pickens (that really IS funny to me) and you really shouldn’t operate heavy machinery or try to type what you think or think what you type.


Are you ready for some football?

New Orleans winless?

Green Bay 1-2?

Arizona 3-0 (And no Kurt Warner did NOT come back and play)?

Did I wander into some alternative Universe?

Will normalicy along witht the union refs return to NFL Football?
Backwoods – 23 – 25
Kane – 21 – 27

Cleveland(0-3) at Baltimore(2-1) – Pick – Baltimore
And next week it will be Cleveland (0-4) going against another team that will beat them.

Carolina(1-2) at Atlanta(3-0) – Pick – Atlanta
The good news is that Carolina is better then Cleveland. But then so are my East Valley Knights high school football team.

New England(1-2) at Buffalo(2-1) – Pick New England
You’ve had your fun losing games. Now it’s time to get back in the game.

Minnesota(2-1) at Detroit(1-2) Pick – Minnesota
Against a better team I wouldn’t pick Minn but half of Detroit is in jail and the other half might as will be.

Tennessee(1-2) at Houston(3-0) – Pick – Houston
But the win last week with Locker was exciting. Whomp! Now back to reality.

San Diego(2-1) at Kansas City(1-2) – Pick – KC
I already hate myself and the AFC West (almost as much as the NFC East) and maybe I’m just seeing somethings that’s not really there. But KC it is.

San Francisco(2-1) at NY Jets(2-1) – Pick – SF
‘Game of the Week’
How they lost to Minnesota is beyond me (and them) but last year San Fran made 4 trips back east and won all 4. They do it again this year.

Seattle(2-1) at St. Louis(1-2) – Pick – Seattle
But this week you’ll actually have to win the game – not have it handed to you.

Miami(1-2) at Arizona(3-0) – Pick – Arizona
‘There’s something happening here………..’

Oakland(1-2) at Denver(1-2) Pick – Denver
The game film is out on how to harrass Manning but with real refs, Oakland won’t get away with a lot of it.

Cincinnati(2-1) at Jacksonville(1-2) – Pick – Cincinnati
Cinci actually has a team. Not great but good enough.

New Orleans(0-3) at Green Bay(1-2) – Pick – Green Bay
I NEVER thought I’d be typing thoses win-loss numbers fro these two teams. One really PO’D Green Bay team meets ‘which way did they go’ New Orleans. THIS should have been the Game of the Week.

Washington(1-2) at Tampa Bay(1-2) – Pick – Washington
Can Washington get back on track?
It’s the NFC East so no matter who I pick, there is a 1 in 2 chance it’s wrong. (Of course there’s always a 1 in 2 chance I’m wrong) But It’s the NFC East!

NY Giants(2-1) at Philadelphia(2-1) – Pick – NYGiants
Could be a great game. Then again……..

Monday Night Football
Chicago(2-1) at Dallas(2-1) – Pick – Chicago
Dallas has been playing over it’s head. Chicago’s ‘D’ shoves them all over the place.


While everybodys getting all excited by the polls showing President Obama WAY UP, this is happening on the ground.

The ‘new’ Republican Party. If they can’t suppress your vote, they’ll just change it.

‘Firm owned by notorious GOP operative Nathan Sproul, accused of destroying Democratic registration forms in years past, hired ‘at request of RNC’, still operating in several key swing states…’

‘The firm is not only tied to the FL GOP, but also to the Mitt Romney Campaign, which hired Sproul as a political consultant late last year, despite years of fraud allegations against his organizations in multiple states’.

‘The Republican Party of Florida’s top recipient of 2012 expenditures, a firm by the name of Strategic Allied Consulting, was just fired on Tuesday night, after more than 100 apparently fraudulent voter registration forms were discovered to have been turned in by the group to the Palm Beach County, FL Supervisor of Elections’.

‘The firm appears to be another shell company of Nathan Sproul, a longtime, notorious Republican operative, hired year after year by GOP Presidential campaigns, despite being accused of shredding Democratic voter registration forms in a number of states over several past elections’.

‘Palm Beach County Supervisor of Election Susan Bucher confirmed to The BRAD BLOG late this evening that she turned over 106 suspicious voter registration applications to the Florida State Attorney during a meeting yesterday afternoon in Palm Beach, after the “questionable” applications were submitted to her office by a worker for Strategic Allied’.

‘The forms were said to all have similar signatures, changed addresses and party affiliations, and other defects which appear to have all been done by the same hand’.

‘The case emerging in Florida tonight mirrors a similar incident reported earlier this year when more than a thousand fraudulent voter registration forms were discovered to have been turned in to the Sacramento County, CA Registrar of Voters by a group hired by that state’s Republican Party’.
From :


Blog Running – ‘Mitt Romney built that. The Most Damning Line in the Secret Romney Video’

A fantastic piece by David Corn at Mother Jones……..

‘Yet one sentence did stand out to me. When Romney was in mid-rant about the 47 percent—simplistically and erroneously conflating three subsets of Americans: those who voted for Barack Obama, those who receive some form of government assistance, and those who pay no federal income taxes—he said’:

“I’ll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives”.

‘Here was Romney sharing his view that Americans who don’t make enough money to pay income taxes and his fellow citizens who rely on Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, or other government programs are lesser people than he and the millionaires before him’.

‘These people, Romney was saying, are not adults; they do not, and will not, fend for themselves or do what they must to feed, clothe, shelter, educate, and care for themselves and their family members’.

‘My view of this one line was reinforced this morning. I walked into a store to buy some cleaning products. The 40-something woman at the counter rang up the purchases and kept looking at me’.

‘Once I had paid, she said in a low voice, “I really don’t want to bother you, but…”

‘Go ahead, I said’.

“But I know who you are, and I just want to say that Mitt Romney doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Not at all. I am college-educated, but look where I’m working now. I can’t find a better job now. And, and…”.

‘She paused and lowered her voice more’:

“I’m on food stamps. I didn’t have a choice. I’m making about $12,000 a year now. And I need them. I work hard. And I’m looking for other work. But just because I’m on food stamps doesn’t mean I’m not taking care of myself. Doesn’t he know that? Doesn’t he get it”?

‘Apparently not’.

‘Many people on food stamps, Medicaid, and the like do strive to provide for themselves and their families’.

‘The working poor…work’.

‘They may even park cars at fancy fundraisers for minimum wage’.

‘Romney all-too glibly characterized anyone receiving any public assistance as a parasitic freeloader, and he revealed an us-versus-them attitude that was tremendously ungracious, mean-spirited, and predicated on ignorance of the real world’.

“Thank you, thank you,” the woman said. “You showed us what he really thinks of us, what he thinks of me.”

‘Mitt Romney built that’.
From :



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