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Caturday at the Kanes

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I thought that this was a great quote by Muhammad Ali…

Although I am not 50, I can say that I view the world through a much different lens now than when I was 20.   What about anybody else?  Do you see the world differently now than, say, 10 or 20 years ago?


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Stuff From Hsoi

“The third-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the majority. The second-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the minority. The first-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking.”

-A.A. Milne

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The perfect summary – ‘ ”What did you learn at school today, Timmy?” his mother asks.
Ever the thoughtful and precocious boy, he responds, “Not much. I’ve learned that some people have a horribly anti-progressive, anti-realistic, anti-thinking, and anti-excitement vision for how school should be. And I’m suffering because of it.”
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Paul Barnwell

A narrative vision for schooling in the 21st Century, according to the 2012 Republican Party of Texas Platform:

Every morning, little Timmy and his 4th grade classmates pledge to the Texas flag and American flag.  Mrs. Wilson has arranged the desks in straight rows, and there is a curious dearth of technology in the class–no computer stations for students.  A large, bold-colored poster hangs on the wall above Timmy’s assigned seat.  It reads Only English Spoken Here–We Encourage a Full Transition from Other Languages Within Three Years.  After lessons in the basics–reading, writing, and arithmetic, Timmy is feeling drowsy, but he doesn’t dare put his head down at the desk.  Last week, he saw Mrs. Wilson snap her wooden ruler across Danny’s knuckles when he nodded off in class, leaving a few drops of blood on his desk.  

Timmy enjoys the 10-minute snack break of peanut…

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The line that cut to the heart of the matter for me was-‘But when the Court continues to side with the party that appointed the majority of its members, it ceases to fulfill its function’.
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The recent decision by the Supreme Court regarding “Obamacare” will be dissected and discussed ad nauseam so I hesitate to add fuel to the fire. However, there is an interesting aspect of the decision that was recently picked up in a Yahoo news story that suggests Chief Justice Roberts’ decision to side with the liberal members of the Court may have “saved” the Supreme Court. Quoting Terry Moran, the story begins

Chief Justice John “Roberts rode to the rescue of the Obama health care plan, and maybe rode to the rescue of the Supreme Court, as well,” says Moran, who has been covering the Supreme Court for many years.

Given the blatantly partisan nature of the Court in recent years — since at least Gore vs Bush, the Court was in danger of becoming not only predictable, but positively anti-constitutional. It is clear that the Founders, following Montesquieu and…

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‘Judicial Activism’ was (and still is) the battle cry of the Conservatives.
It is interesting to note that many Conservatives are now claiming that it’s not ‘activism’ but ‘treason’.
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I had a teacher once that told me ‘To really believe something with ALL your heart, prove that it is wrong’.
‘If you can, then you have gained wisdom from truth and can now argue intelligently. If you can’t, then your belief is stronger and you are now able to argue intelligently’.
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How do you think the world functions? I mean politically. A word I use with all its wide-ranging connotations. Are we all separate entities dependant on no others to make or help make our lives easier, better or even possible?

Do you wish that your state, county, country, region etc were independent from all others? Totally self-governing, self-sufficient in all things and able to protect itself from the aggression of peoples who live outside?

Do you believe it would be possible? Is every country and regions within, able to survive and sustain themselves without any help of any kind from any other country or region?

Where do we get our food from, our supplies for making all the things we need or desire to make our lives better? Who pays or helps to pay for these things? Does your country or region function purely from its own internally generated income?…

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This is very much like Governor Perry of Texas last year with the wildfires raging in Texas.
Yelling about the evils of ‘big Government’ while quietly asking for Federal aid.
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This Ruthless World

I have a very misanthropic friend who likes to say: “Calamity is the teacher of fools.” I am beginning to think that perhaps he is overly optimistic. Fools are fundamentally incapable of learning anything, even from disaster.

Wildfires raging in Colorado are now eating away at the city of Colorado Springs. At least one person is dead, 346 homes and 34 streets have been destroyed, and thousands of people have been evacuated – although, this being Colorado Springs(see below), I am not sure what exactly those evacuation efforts entailed, other than people simply running for their lives. Mayor Steve Bach, a conservative who campaigned on the Tea-Party darling issue of “small government”, has told residents that he appreciates the President coming to the city, and that he plans to ask for money. Federal money. Evil money. Socialist-communist-fascist money.

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I’m still trying to decide if Chief Justice Roberts followed the ‘law’ or was hoping for a reaction by the Conservatives that would be seen a intelligent and rational.
As long as the Administration and Democrats EXPLAIN the ACA, this vote and Robert’s ‘leadership’ in writing for the majority, may well decide the election for President Obama.
After all it leaves Romney running against the very legislation he is known for as Governor.
But I love this cartoon!


Another gem from David Horsey at the LA Times.




Word had barely come down that the Supreme Court majority was upholding the Affordable Care Act when incensed conservatives began printing up “Impeach John Roberts” T-shirts and a hacker had altered the chief justice’s title on his Wikipedia page to “Chief Traitor of the United States.”

On a freshly minted “Impeach John Roberts” Facebook page, one tea party “patriot” wrote, “Welcome to fascism. Thanks to this horrible decision from the 4 liberal justices and John Roberts there is zero limit to what the government can force us to do.”

Outside of the perpetually alarmed right wing loony bin, however, Roberts was receiving praise for acting as the fair umpire he promised to be when he was confirmed by theSenate. Of all the major players with much to…

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In a way, we are ‘family’.
It is a problem that I have in that I do not have enough time to get around to reading and commenting on all the blogs that I’d like.
Bill – here is wishing you a speedy recovery if belatedly.

Under The LobsterScope

So many of you have wished me well. I am still in some pain in my ribcage (I’m  calling it “airbag shock”), but, in general I’m feeling much better.

Several have asked what caused the the accident and the best I can say is “I don’t know.” Essentially I had a blackout seizure and when I finally realized where I was I was 30 miles down the road having hit two cars and a power line. When I noticed a police car behind me and I pulled over, I had no idea what was going on, or that the whole front of my car was just about gone.

Somewhere in the course of the accident I lost my Superfocus glasses… I terrible loss for me. We don’t know yet of the insurance covers the loss as part of the accident.

Anyway, they’re not likely to let me drive again unless…

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