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Why America Is Failing – ‘Meet The Press, Face The Nation, and This Week Went Pro-Republican and Now They Are Dying’

death of sunday talk shows

After Tim Russert died, I stopped watching the Sunday Talk Shows.

The Death Of Open, Honest, Informed Debate.

White conservative men dominate the Sunday shows’.

’77% of the guests with 10 or more Sunday show appearances in 2013 were Republicans’.

Say that again……

’77% of the guests with 10 or more Sunday show appearances in 2013 were Republicans’.

Ahh yes.

The ‘liberal media……’

‘It isn’t that liberals, progressives, and Democrats don’t want to be on the Sunday shows. It’s that the Sunday shows appear to have little interest in them. A Sunday program would rather book John McCain for 60th time than have on Sen. Bernie Sanders.

  • Meet The Press, Face The Nation, This Week, State Of The Union, and Fox News Sunday are dying a slow death because they don’t understand that Republican America isn’t real America’.

“Meanwhile, fans complain about the recurrence of familiar guests — Sen. John McCain again? — who simply relay party talking points that often go unchallenged”.

“Political veterans, congressional aides, former administration officials and longtime journalists all attested to the Sunday shows’ decline”.

“The programs are no longer the agenda-setting platforms of days past, they said”.

“Instead, the broadcasts have become a venue for lawmakers to push familiar talking points and for talking heads to exchange conventional wisdom”.

‘If Meet The Press, Face The Nation, This Week, etc. wanted to be relevant to the majority of the country, the shows would feature more women, African-Americans, and Hispanic guests’.

‘The Sunday shows have devolved into white guys interviewing white Republicans and more white inside the Beltway journalists sitting around spouting their often inaccurate groupthink and conventional wisdom’.

‘The Sunday shows represent the small percentage of the country that watches Fox News and votes Republican’.

‘They don’t represent the changing demographics of the country’.

‘As the country goes more left, the Sunday shows are moving to the right’.

‘Meet The Press, Face The Nation, This Week, State Of The Union, and Fox News Sunday are dying a slow death because they don’t understand that Republican America isn’t real America’.

Why America Is Failing – ‘The Surprising Truth Behind Tax Day: Where Your Taxes Go’

tax art

When we spend 2 cents on Education vs. 27 cents on our Military..……

THAT is why America Is Failing.

‘If you groan about Tax Day, you’re certainly not alone’.

‘Across the United States, the average taxpayer paid $11,715 in 2013 federal income taxes’.

‘The military received the largest share of that sum, $3,174′,

‘followed by health care, which received $2,662 for programs like Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program’.

‘Meanwhile, only $238 went to education programs‘,

‘and just $15.84 and $6.56 went to the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program and National Forest System, respectively’.

‘But what if Tax Day was something we could be proud of as members of a democracy? Would you feel differently about paying taxes if you knew they were going to support public services that you, your family, and your community rely on – such as public safety, roads and bridges, schools, health care, social services, and national parks’?

‘Millions of Americans file their federal income tax returns on April 15 each year with no idea what the government actually does with all that money’.
‘This is surprising, considering that individuals are our nation’s primary bill payers’.

  • ‘Income taxes paid by individuals account for 46 percent of all federal tax revenues, which are projected to be $3.34 trillion in 2015′.
  • ‘Other tax revenue comes from payroll taxes paid jointly by workers and employers, accounting for 32 percent’;
  • ‘And corporate income taxes paid by businesses, which make up 13.5 percent‘.


‘NPP has also looked at each state’s average taxpayer and calculated where taxes from every state are going. These state-by-state tax receipts show the state with the highest average taxes paid (Connecticut, $18,988) and lowest (Mississippi, $7,402), and everything in between’.

State By State :

‘Using a customized tax receipt calculator, you can find out exactly how the federal government spent each penny of your 2013 taxes. Look up your tax receipt right now – is your money going where you think it should’?

Tax Receipt Calculator :

Article From :

Why America Is Failing – ‘I guess I am the only one defending CNN on this one …’

greta van susterwen

And there’s a reason you’re the only one defending CNN.

Your network is kicking itself for NOT thinking of the same thing…….

“And yes, I know, you can always find the dopey thing said by any anchor or guest and keep showing it and laughing, but I support CNN on their extensive coverage”.(1)

When a very well known (and often respected) ‘INTERNATIONAL’ news anchor says something SO stupid that it can only be for one of two reasons, he thinks his audience IS that stupid or he’s run out of things to say……..

Yes Gretta, you will be the only one defending CNN.


(1) @ :

Why America Is Failing – ‘The less Americans know about Ukraine’s location, the more they want U.S. to intervene’

america failing

How is it possible to have an opinion and not even know the geography?

We are talking global economics, intertests, historical contaxt and possible military action.

‘Our results are clear, but also somewhat disconcerting: The less people know about where Ukraine is located on a map, the more they want the U.S. to intervene militarily’.

‘On March 28-31, 2014, we asked a national sample of 2,066 Americans (fielded via Survey Sampling International Inc. (SSI), what action they wanted the U.S. to take in Ukraine, but with a twist’:

‘In addition to measuring standard demographic characteristics and general foreign policy attitudes, we also asked our survey respondents to locate Ukraine on a map as part of a larger, ongoing project to study foreign policy knowledge’.

‘We wanted to see where Americans think Ukraine is and to learn if this knowledge (or lack thereof) is related to their foreign policy views’.

‘We found that only one out of six Americans can find Ukraine on a map, and that this lack of knowledge is related to preferences’:

‘The farther their guesses were from Ukraine’s actual location, the more they wanted the U.S. to intervene with military force’.
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Why America Is Failing – ‘The heir, the judge and the homeless mom: America’s prison bias for the 1% – A DuPont trust-fund creep gets probation. A black woman looking for a job cries in jail for a week. Something’s wrong here’

(Photo - The eight-year prison sentence of Robert H Richards IV was suspended. Shanesha Taylor languished in prison for more than a week. Photographs: Delaware State Police Department; Scottsdale Police')

(Photo – The eight-year prison sentence of Robert H Richards IV was suspended. Shanesha Taylor languished in prison for more than a week. Photographs: Delaware State Police Department; Scottsdale Police’)

‘In 2009, when Robert H Richard IV, an unemployed heir to the DuPont family fortune, pled guilty to fourth-degree rape of his three-year-old daughter, a judge spared him a justifiable sentence – indeed, only put Richard on probation – because she figured this 1-percenter would “not fare well” in a prison setting’.

‘Details of the case were kept quiet until just the other day, as Richard’s ex-wife filed a new lawsuit accusing him of also sexually abusing their son’.

‘Shanesha Taylor, who has been charged with felony child abuse in Scottsdale, Arizona, because she left her two small children alone in a car for a little over an hour to attend a job interview’.

‘Taylor was taken straight to jail, where she languished for over a week’.

‘Her children were put in the custody of Child Protective Services, where they remain’.

‘Obviously leaving two small children unattended in a car was an ill-advised thing to do, but under the circumstances Taylor may simply have exercised the least bad option available to her’.
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Why America Is Failing – ‘Report: $1 billion in taxpayer money went to anti-science private schools last year’


While the rest of the World teaches it’s children actual science, here in the US, Christians demand we teach Creationism.

‘Taxpayers are helping to pay for courses and textbooks that encourage students to mistrust science, mathematics, and the secular world itself – and those efforts seem likely to expand into other states’.

‘Not all religious schools teach creationism, but science education activists have identified 300 such schools that also receive public subsidies’.

‘Currently, taxpayers in 14 states funnel nearly $1 billion in private school tuition through voucher programs, paying those schools to teach children that Adam and Eve lived alongside dinosaurs less than 10,000 years ago in the Garden of Eden’.

‘Textbooks popular in Christian schools describe evolution as “a wicked and vain philosophy,” while students practice vocabulary lessons that claim “many scientists today are creationists.”

“Our understanding is not complete until we filter it through God’s Word,” one school assures parents’.
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Why America is Failing – This is really stupid – ‘CNN’s Don Lemon: ‘Is It Preposterous’ to Think a Black Hole Caused Flight 370 to Go Missing’?

don lemon1


don lemon

Yes it is.

Don, you need to turn over to FOX where they will explain to you…’s Obama’s fault.

‘CNN’s Don Lemon has been entertaining all sorts of theories about the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, including the chance something “supernatural” happened, but on Wednesday night, he actually asked panelists about the possibility a black hole was involved’.

“is it preposterous” to consider a black hole as a possibility?

Mary Schiavo, a former Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Transportation, said, “A small black hole would suck in our entire universe, so we know it’s not that.”
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Why America Is Failing – ‘Bills Blocked by Republican Filibusters’

republican filibuster1

And remember….it’s NOT Republican obstruction.
Here is a list of bills that would have passed the Senate if it weren’t for Republicans requiring a 60-vote threshold.

And it’s NOT the full list.

113th Congress:

‘Manchin-Toomey Background Checks’
Vote: 54-46

‘Keep Student Loans Affordable Act of 2013′
Vote: 51-49
‘Would keep the interest rate of subsidized federal student loans at 3.4% for another year’

‘Student Loan Affordability Act’
Vote: 51-46
‘Would keep the interest rate of subsidized federal student loans at 3.4% for two years’.

‘Sequestration replacement’
Vote: 51-49
‘Would postpone the sequester until Jan 2, 2014
Required millionaires to pay at least a 30% tax rate’
112th Congress

‘Bring Jobs Home Act’
Vote: 56-42
‘Would grant businesses a tax credit for eliminating a business outside the US and relocating it in the US
Would deny businesses a tax deduction for outsourcing expenses related to outsourcing a business’
‘Small Business Jobs and Tax Relief Act’
Vote: 53-44
‘Gives small businesses a tax credit if their 2012 payrolls were higher than their 2011 payrolls’
‘Paycheck Fairness Act’
Vote: 52-47
‘Requires employers to prove differences in pay are not gender-related
Would allow employees to discuss salaries without retaliation, and allows government to collect data on women workers to better evaluate the wage gap’
Vote: 51-44; reconsidered 53-45
‘Requires corporations, super PACs, labor unions, and other groups to disclose donors who give in excess of $10,000 for political contributions’
‘Paying a Fair Share Act of 2012′
Vote: 51-45
‘Requires millionaires to pay a 30% minimum tax rate
Expresses the Sense of the Senate that tax reform should repeal unfair loopholes and expenditures and make sure the wealthiest taxpayers pay a fair share of taxes’
‘Repeal Big Oil Tax Subsidies Act’
Vote: 51-47
‘Extends tax credits for energy efficient residences, electric vehicles, and other alternative forms of energy including wind facilities’
‘Teachers and First Responders Back to Work Act of 2011′
Vote: 50-50
‘Allocates grants to states to help them rehire teachers and others working in educational support’


110th Congress
‘DREAM Act of 2010′
Vote: 55-43
‘Emergency Senior Citizens Relief Act’
Vote: 53-45
‘Provide senior citizens with a tax credit in lieu of a Social Security COLA’
‘Paycheck Fairness Act (again)’
Vote: 58-41
‘Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act’
Vote: 53-45
‘Giving employers tax breaks for bringing overseas jobs back to America’
‘DISCLOSE Act (again)’
Vote: 59-39
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A Republican World – Why America Is Failing – ‘Texas Education Board Candidates Say: Government Shouldn’t Be Responsible for Educating Kids’!

texas rewjects public educvation

‘You might think that all of the candidates seeking election to the body that oversees the public education system in Texas would actually support public education’.

‘But candidate answers in a religious-right group’s voter guide this month suggest you would be wrong’.

  • ‘At least three Republican candidates — including one incumbent — in this year’s Texas State Board of Education elections say they “strongly disagree” that “it is the government’s responsibility to be sure children are properly educated.”

‘In rejecting government responsibility for ensuring that all children get an education, all of those candidates and board members are at odds with great Americans like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison as well as Article 7, Section 1, of the Texas Constitution’:

“A general diffusion of knowledge being essential to the preservation of the liberties and rights of the people, it shall be the duty of the Legislature of the State to establish and make suitable provision for the support and maintenance of an efficient system of public free schools”.
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Why America Is Failing – The ‘Dumb Democrats’ Edition – ‘Texas District Attorney Candidate: Domestic Violence Is ‘So, So Overrated’

lloyd oliver


lloyd oliver1

There is more then enough of this Neanderthal thinking from Republicans. When Democrats do it?

Call it out and tell him to get out of the Democratic Party.

‘Lloyd Oliver, a Democratic candidate for district attorney in Harris County, Texas, has a problem with domestic violence: He thinks it’s prosecuted too much’.

  • ‘Oliver told the Texas Observer Wednesday that domestic violence is “so, so overrated.” If elected, he indicated he’d redirect resources away from family violence to focus on other issues’.

‘This isn’t the first time Oliver has come under fire for comments on domestic violence’.

  • ‘In a 2012 appearance on “Reasonable Doubts,” a weekly call-in show sponsored by the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association, Oliver said domestic violence victims should “maybe learn how to box a little better.”

‘Later, when asked to clarify, he suggested domestic violence is part of some couple’s sexual routine’.

  • “There are some people — I don’t understand it — but part of their making love is to beat one another up first,” he said. “Why do we want to get involved in people’s bedrooms?”

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