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Debunking Right Wing Media Lies ‘Exclusive — CLINTON CRASH: Hillary Has Received Hundreds of Thousands Fewer Votes in 2016 vs. 2008’



This from a place called Breitbart (cough) ‘news’.
A staunch supporter of Obama was born in Kenya and Planned Parenthood is selling baby parts.

So…… know consider the source.

But even doing that, a reduction of 273,321 votes over 28 States, 15 decline and 13 increase is not a ‘CRASH’.

“In 2016, Clinton has received 12,437,734 votes so far. In the states that have already voted this cycle, when she ran and lost back in 2008, Clinton received 12,727,221 votes”.(1)

Republicans have to understand that these are the same people that told them 4 years ago Romney was going to win in a landslide………

(1) :

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