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Donald Trump’s ‘mandate’ – ‘Trump HHS Pick Said Medicare Phaseout Would Pass Next Summer’

Rep. Tom Price

National Popular Vote
Clinton – 64,826,234 – +2,332,814 – 48.1%
little Trump 62,493,420 – 46.4%

US House Of Representatives –
Republicans Lost 6 Seats.

US Senate
Republicans Lost 2 maybe 3 Seats.

‘Privatization of Medicare has been a central feature of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s budget proposal for years, and the House GOP has voted in favor of it multiple times’.

‘On November 17th, when TPM asked Price about his timeline for moving Medicare phaseout legislation in the next Congress, Price said he did not believe it would be in the first legislation Trump and the Republican Congress would tackle in the Spring’.

‘He said he expected it would come mid-year in the second phase of the budget reconciliation process’.

“I think that is probably in the second phase of reconciliation, which would have to be in the FY 18 budget resolution in the first 6-8 months,” Price told TPM’.

‘Price also noted that Republicans are eyeing using a tactic known as budget reconciliation to make the change. That process allows Republicans to pass bills with a simple majority in the U.S. Senate’.


“First They Came for the Jews”
By Pastor Niemoller’First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew’.’Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist’.’Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist’.’Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me’.


Rep. Tom Price, Trump’s pick for Department of Health and Human Services

  • ‘In 2011, Price voted to prohibit funding of NPR’,
  • ‘to terminate the Emergency Mortgage Relief Program’,
  • ‘to repeal portions of the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 on multiple occasions’,
  • ‘to reduce non-security discretionary spending to 2008 levels
  • ‘to reduce Federal spending and the deficit by terminating taxpayer financing of presidential election campaigns and party conventions,
  • ‘to cut the Federal Housing Authority’s refinancing program,
  • ‘Tom Price opposes abortion and supported the proposed Protect Life Act, which would have denied Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) funding to health care plans that offered abortion (the PPACA already prevented public funding covering abortions)’
  • ‘and allowed hospitals to decline to provide emergency abortion care’.
  • ‘Tom Price opposes gun control.
  • Tom Price voted against a bill prohibiting job discrimination based on sexual orientation (Nov 2007)’.
  • ‘He voted in favor of constitutionally defining marriage as one-man-one-woman (Jul 2006)’.
    ‘Tom Price does not support federal regulation of farming’.
  • ‘In 2008 Price signed a pledge sponsored by Americans for Prosperity promising to vote against any Global Warming legislation that would raise taxes’.

Republican Age Of Austerity – ‘And Here We Go’



Oh and the next budget will cut all federal funding to Planned Parenthood AND legislation on Trump’s desk to repeal Roe v Wade.

The excitement will be in how long they will ‘grandfater’ it for.

5 years? 15? 25?

‘Paul Ryan just announced that as part of repealing Obamacare he plans to phase out Medicare and replace it with private insurance for retirees’.

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Election 2016 – ‘Big Democratic Gains Likely In the House’


October 25, 2016By Taegan Goddard

‘Stuart Rothenberg: “Nathan Gonzales of the Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report and David Wasserman of the Cook Political Report continue to show Republicans near or over the 218 seats they need to retain House control when they each count safe or solid GOP seats and those likely to be won.”

“Two weeks can be a lifetime in politics, but it remains unlikely that Democrats will win back the House. There simply are too few takeover opportunities for them’.

‘On the other hand, the size of the Republican majority is sure to be cut, making for an obvious headache for House leaders next year. GOP losses of 12 to 20 seats would not be surprising.”

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The Dark Side and Donald Trump – ‘Trump Suggests Ryan Is Part of a ‘Sinister Deal’



October 12, 2016

‘Donald Trump floated the prospect of a “sinister deal” preventing Speaker Paul Ryan from coming to his defense, The Hill reports’.

‘Said Trump’:

“Wouldn’t you think Paul Ryan would call and say, ‘good going.’ You’d think they’d say, ‘Great going, Don. Let’s go, let’s beat this crook. Let’s beat her, we’ve got to stop her.’ No, he doesn’t do that. Theres a whole deal going on, we’re going to figure it out. I always figure things out. There’s a whole sinister deal.”

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But It’s NOT Obstruction – VOTE REPUBLICAN BECAUSE WE NEED TO INVESTIGATE THE CLINTONS EVEN MORE!!!! – ‘Hill Republicans: Clinton investigations won’t stop if she wins’


‘Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon in a statement said “this is exactly what Americans hate about Washington: before the election has even happened, House Republicans are already plotting what political attacks they might wage against a potential Clinton administration.”


“Republicans are offering nothing more than pure, partisan gridlock, and this is why we must work hard to elect as many Democrats as possible this November,” he added’.


‘That view is shared by top leaders. A source familiar with House Speaker Paul Ryan’s thinking said he considers Congress’ oversight role — including potentially overseeing a President Hillary Clinton — to be an important priority’.


“Rigorous oversight of the executive branch is important no matter who is in the White House,” the source said. “[Ryan is] not known for partisan witch hunts, but his members will conduct robust oversight if needed.”


  • ‘House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) wants answers on the deletion of Clinton emails he says may constitute “destruction of evidence” — and he’s willing to use subpoenas to get them’.


  • ‘Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) is working on a bill to pull the security clearance of anyone who broke rules governing confidential information, a jab aimed squarely at Clinton and her top aides’.
  • ‘And there’s percolating interest among congressional Republicans in sniffing out any connections between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department — a potential new Clinton probe inspired by reports showing foundation donors securing access to Clinton as secretary of state’.
  • ‘Republicans have also signaled interest in diving deeper into questions of whether Clinton or her aides perjured themselves on the email matter’.

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The Lies Of Paul Ryan Continued – ‘Reeling from Falling Polls, Paul Ryan Floods District with Mailers on Border Security After Funding Every Obama Open Borders Initiative’

paul ryan4

Eric Cantor lost his re-election bid while serving as House Majority Leader.

John Boehner quit as he was tired of dealing with the Republican ‘Freedom Caucus’ obstruction to even basic governing legislation.

And now Paul Ryan may be in trouble.

Wonderful ‘leadership’ Republicans……

‘Ryan’s primary challenger, Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen, slammed Ryan for the deceptive mailers’.

“The only thing more disturbing than Paul Ryan’s refusal to secure the border is the extent to which he is comfortable lying about it,” Nehlen said’.

‘Following a new primary election poll showing that House Speaker Paul Ryan has plummeted to well below 50 percent in his home district, Ryan is out with new mailers assuring Wisconsin voters of his desire to secure the border, and urging them to support him in his contentious August 9th primary election’.

paul ryan election

‘Interestingly, Ryan’s mailer does not list a single action Ryan has actually taken—in his seventeen years in Congress— to “secure our border” or stop the threat of radical Islam from “reaching our shores.”

‘While Ryan is now sending out mailers on border security, he has spent two decades pushing for policies that would effectively open America’s borders—including actions he has taken from his powerful position as House Speaker’.

‘As House Speaker, Ryan ushered through Congress an omnibus spending bill that completely funded President Obama’s open borders agenda’.

‘Ryan voted to fund Obama’s still-running 2012 executive amnesty for illegal aliens who allegedly entered the country as minors. Ryan’s bill also rewarded sanctuary cities with federal grants. He also provided funding for the resettlement of illegal aliens within the United States, the release of criminal aliens, and tax credits for illegal aliens’.

‘Ryan’s spending bill also funded an expansion of Muslim migration, bringing the total number of visas for Muslim migrants this year (temporary and permanent) to nearly 300,000’.

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How Republicans Govern – ‘House GOP To Waste MORE Time And Money With Silly Investigation Into House Democrats’


August, 2008 –

‘WASHINGTON (CNN) — ‘The microphones were off and the lights were dim, but more than a dozen House Republicans refused to go home Friday after the body adjourned for August recess’.

‘The protesting conservatives gave about six hours’ worth of impromptu speeches and nearly filled the seats of the chamber with staffers, Boy Scouts and tourists in an attempt to pressure Democrats to hold a vote on offshore oil drilling and other GOP energy ideas. Republicans say about 45 congressmen took part’.(2)

‘After the humiliation of the latest fruitless Benghazi panel, you’d think that they’d be a little more skittish about launching more investigations that are politically motivated. You’d be wrong. They’re about to do it again’.

‘House GOP leaders are looking at launching a frivolous investigation, this time into the House Democrats who were involved in last month’s sit-in, to determine whether they should be punished for it’.

‘Republicans just can’t get past the idea that something is only American, is only patriotic, if they agree with it’.

‘Very little is more patriotic than civil disobedience, and that’s what the sit-in was’.

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(2) :

Which Republican Is Lying? – ‘Paul Ryan: Trump Told Me His Deportation Plan Isn’t On His Agenda’

paul ryan12

Donald Trump - The Ugly American

Donald Trump – The Ugly American

Paul Ryan? –

‘House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) said Sunday that presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump told him that his plan to deport millions of undocumented immigrants was not part of his “agenda.”

“Look, I’ve spoken to him about the Muslim ban and how I disagree with it. About-about the deportation, I don’t support that and he said, ‘Well, that’s not part of our agenda,'” Ryan said’.(1)

Or Donald Trump


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