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The Excuses Begin – Mitt Lost Because Of The Weather – ‘Hurricane Sandy helped Obama politically, Karl Rove says’

He lost or will lose because he hid his personal finances from the American people.

He lost or will lose because he lied constantly – on almost every topic.

He lost or will lose because he refused to give details on his budget and tax policies.

He lost or will lose because he really doesn’t care about 47% of Americans – retiries on Social Security, retired Veterans, the Disabled, students, the working poor.

He lost or will lose because instead of talking to the American people, he went to FOX ‘news’ and said he paid all the taxes that were due, everybody else was lying, not him, he had opinions and blogs that supported his budget and tax proposals and he made an ad saying he cared about 100% of the American people so every thing was alright now.

“If you hadn’t had the storm, there would have been more of a chance for the [Mitt] Romney campaign to talk about the deficit, the debt, the economy. There was a stutter in the campaign. When you have attention drawn away to somewhere else, to something else, it is not to his [Romney’s] advantage,” Rove told The Washington Post.
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The Daily 2012 – I’m calling that the President also wins the popular vote

I’ve already called an Electoral College win for President Obama.

Obama – 294
Romney – 244

And even THAT spread may be widening.

But now I also see the trending is going to a popular vote win for the President.

I also see the Democrats picking up 2-3 seats in the Senate but staying even or up 4/down 2 in the House.

The exact same gridlock that we’ve seen for the last two years.

Either the Republicans will want to join in in Governing the United States or they won’t.

My bet is the smart ones will and they will simply step away from the extreme, ‘no compromise’ minority.

So look for fewer filibusters in the Senate and maybe even filibuster reform so that legislation can actually be debated and voted on.

And also look for Speaker John Boehner and President Obama to get very serious on a ‘Grand Bargain’ with lots and lots of Simpson/Bowles in it.

The Romney/Ryan ticket is set to lose all 3 of their ‘home’ States.

Ma, Mi and Wi.

The people that know them the best.

‘Here are the latest polls from the battleground states’:

Colorado: Romney 47%, Obama 45% (Reuters/Ipsos)

Me – If Romney loses Florida – then it’s over for him.
Florida: Romney 51%, Obama 45% (Miami Herald/Mason-Dixon)

Florida: Obama 49%, Romney 47% (NBC/WSJ/Marist)

Florida: Obama 47%, Romney 47% (Reuters/Ipsos)

Me – Iowa is getting stronger for the President. A lot of carry over from the auto States and Mitt Romney’s lie about exxporting jobs.
Iowa: Obama 47%, Romney 42% (Des Moines Register)

Iowa: Obama 47%, Romney 44% (Project New America)

Me – Michigan was never in doubt but again a lot of bad reaction to Mitt Romney lying about the exporting of auto jobs.
Michigan: Obama 52%, Romney 46% (Public Policy Polling)

New Hampshire: Obama 47%, Romney 47% (WMUR)

Me – With luck, the Obama winn will be large enough to avoid a recount or the mess that Secretary of State jon Husted has made of voting in Ohio.
Ohio: Obama 50%, Romney 46% (We Ask America)

Ohio: Obama 51%, Romney 45% (NBC/WSJ/Marist)

Ohio: Obama 46%, Romney 45% (Reuters/Ipsos)

Ohio: Obama 49%, Romney 45% (Project New America)

As with all Republicans, they for some reason think they can win in PA.
Pennsylvania: Obama 52%, Romney 46% (Public Policy Polling)

A bonus for Obama.
Virginia: Obama 49%, Romney 48% (We Ask America)

Virginia: Obama 48%, Romney 45% (Reuters/Ipsos)

And again. Never in doubt.
Wisconsin: Obama 52%, Romney 45% (We Ask America)

Wisconsin: Obama 51%, Romney 48% (Public Policy Polling)

Wisconsin: Obama 48%, Romney 43% (Project New America)
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‘Romney voters interviewed at a rally: “I see a lot of socialism”


“The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.”
Winston Churchill
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It’s really hard to type when you’re laughing so hard…..

Via the Great people over at America Blog :

‘Is The GOP Resorting To Vote Theft In King County, Washington’?

‘The state of Washington switched to a mail-in voting system back in 1993’.

‘It has done wonders for voter participation, with 84.61% of registered voters returning their ballot in the 2008 election’.

‘Even in mid-term elections, the state of Washington had a 71.24% turnout of registered voters in 2010’.

‘In absence of mailing in the ballots, there are numerous drop-boxes placed throughout the state, at libraries, town halls, police stations, etc, and you can turn your ballot in to any of them’.

‘Needless to say, it was very disturbing when this message appeared on the King County Elections website’:
_ _ _ _
“King County GOP is collecting ballots at multiple van drop locations in King County”.

“King County Elections strongly discourages giving possession or responsibility of your ballot to anyone other than USPS or official King County Elections drop locations”.

“The activity of collecting ballots for delivery is not prohibited by law”.
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_ _ _ _

‘It appears that the King County Republican Party is collecting peoples ballots, or at least attempting to. Why would they collect peoples ballots’?

‘Due to the mail-in ballot, traditional GOP tactics such as poll challengers are ineffective. So they have to turn to other tricks’.

‘While the practice is not illegal, it does raise alarms’.

‘With the rise of tactics such as miseducating poll watchers already uncovered, it is not impossible to stretch this idea to cover other, less savory options. An immoral ballot collector takes note of which yards have democratic yard signs. Suddenly, those ballots… vanish’.

‘There is no clear evidence of such tactics………… of yet’.
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Republican Voter Obstructionism – ‘Ohio’s Provisional Ballot Order: The Biggest Legal Story of the Weekend’

Basicly – In Ohio – Jon Husted the REPUBLICAN Secretary of State has been for MONTHS – trying to make it so that if you are NOT voting Republican – he doesn’t want you to vote.

So excuse me people of Ohio – do you have the ability to recall him?

You’d better. Because if YOU think he is just going to go away after the election – you are very much mistaken.

Jon Husted is a loyal believer.

So if you DON’T recall him – enjoy this election.

You might not be able to vote in the next.

See also……..

Ohio’s Jon Husted, the New Bad Boy on the Voting Rights Block ……/ohios-jon-husted-new-bad-boy-voting-rights-block?In a state already plagued by voting problems, the secretary of state is working hard to close, rather than open access to the polls.

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted rescinds order blocking … Blocks: Cavaliers: PD Sports Insider: Ohio State: … Ohio’s Secretary of State Jon Husted must … early voting hours in Ohio ; Jon Husted doesn …

Jon Husted continues to block setting hours for early voting in Ohio — Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted continued to block county boards from setting hours for early in-person voting in the final days before the …

All Ohioans’ votes will count, Husted says – Toledo Blade…/All-Ohioans-votes-will-count-Husted-says.htmlOhio Secretary of State Jon Husted said … the Republican secretary of state addressed voting … The U.S. Supreme Court this month declined to block the …

Cuyahoga County Council OKs absentee ballot mailing; Husted ……CLEVELAND, Ohio — Secretary of State Jon Husted dropped a controversial proposal to block absentee voting by people using ballot applications sent at taxpayer …

Ohio’s Jon Husted loses early voting bid in U.S. Supreme Court ……/US/…wont-block-early-Ohio-voting/UPI-91501350408956WASHINGTON, Oct. 16 (UPI) — In a victory for Democrats, the U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday refused to block early voting in Ohio. Republican Secretary of State Jon …

BREAKING: Ohio Secretary Of State Backs Down, Allows Local … previously trying to restrict early voting, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted (R) today reversed course on his decision to block county
‘It’s a reminder that anyone rooting for a resolution Tuesday night (or early Wednesday) ought to hope that it doesn’t all come down to Ohio. If it does, it will be weeks — and one judicial hearing after another — before we have an answer’.

‘Leaving aside the provisional ballot court fight for a moment, Saturday’s early voting period was hectic, largely because Husted and his fellow Republicans succeeded this cycle in reducing the number of early-voting weekends from five to one’.

‘Indeed, they tried to eliminate all such early voting, which traditionally helps wage earners who can’t vote during regular business hours on weekdays, but were rejected in this effort by the federal courts’.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — ‘Voter advocates are criticizing an order by Ohio’s elections chief dealing with the casting of provisional ballots. Advocates are saying on Saturday that the order by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted late Friday wrongly puts the burden of recording the form of ID used on a provisional ballot on voters, not pollworkers ….’

‘The bottom line is that (Secretary of State Jon Husted) designed a form that violates Ohio law by improperly shifting to voters the poll workers’ information-recording responsibilities regarding ID to voters, and then he wants to trash votes where there is a problem with the form on the section he misassigned to voters,” said Cleveland attorney Subodh Chandra, who filed the motion ….’

‘This new Directive makes an affirmative change to the previous provisional ballot counting standard, beyond what was required to comply with this Court’s and the Sixth Circuit’s recent orders. Instead, contrary to this Court’s October 26, 2012 decision, the Secretary’s representations to this Court on October 24, 2012, and the Constitution, the Secretary is now ordering that county boards of election must reject provisional ballots when the identification information contained in Step 2 of the ballot affirmation form 12-B is incomplete’.
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