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Debunking The Republican Liars – ‘Bill Clinton Shreds Rand Paul and The Benghazi Obsessed Republican Party’

bill on benghazi

The Big Dog does it again.

‘When David Gregory asked Clinton about Rand Paul’s claim that Benghazi disqualifies Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate, he answered :

Well, let’s go back to the first question because it’s serious. That’s not a serious comment. That’s not a serious question. Rand Paul, when ten different instances occurred when President Bush was in office where American diplomatic personnel were killed around the world. How many outraged Republican members of Congress were there? Zero.”
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Debunking The Republican Liars – ‘Republicans Who Are Attacking Obama For Missing IRS Emails Caught In a Web of Hypocrisy’

bush e mails

‘On the federal level emails get lost regularly because most government computer systems are ancient’.

‘For example, the system that the IRS is using is from the 1990s. As CREW Executive Director Melanie Sloan put it, “The loss of Ms. Lerner’s emails is just another example of deficient government record keeping. Emails by former Justice Department official and author of the ‘torture’ memos John Yoo disappeared, SEC records regarding the Madoff investigation vanished, and millions of emails from the George W. Bush White House were lost’.

‘Where was the outrage in those cases’?

‘This issue is bigger than any single government component.”

‘Republicans want to get outraged over an email loss that has no connection to President Obama, but don’t want to discuss the behavior of Bush, Cheney, Romney, Palin, and Walker’.


George W. Bush and Dick Cheney – ‘In order to avoid, public accountability the Bush administration used a private email network on RNC servers’.
‘The Bush administration also lost 22 million emails’.
‘They just so happened to lose the emails from the architects of Bush’s torture policy’.
‘Within those 22 million lost emails were five million emails that were lost relating to the 2007 firing of eight U.S. Attorneys’.
‘The Bush administration denied for years that any emails were lost, but as part of settling a lawsuit, eventually admitted that twenty-two million emails had been lost’.

Mitt Romney – ‘According to The Boston Globe, “Just before Mitt Romney left the Massachusetts governor’s office and first ran for president, 11 of his top aides purchased their state-issued computer hard drives, and the Romney administration’s e-mails were all wiped from a server, according to interviews and records obtained by the Globe’.
Romney administration officials had the remaining computers in the governor’s office replaced just before Governor Deval Patrick’s staff showed up to take power in January 2007, according to Mark Reilly, Patrick’s chief legal counsel’.
‘As a result, Patrick’s office, which has been bombarded with inquiries for records from the Romney era, has no electronic record of any Romney administration e-mails, Reilly said.”
‘This meant that the emails from Romney’s entire time in office (2002-2006) were deleted’.

Scott Walker – ‘Much like the Bush administration, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker used a secret email system to keep his correspondence hidden from the public when he was Milwaukee County executive, “Thousands of documents unsealed Wednesday link Gov. Scott Walker to a secret email system used in his office that would avoid public scrutiny when he was Milwaukee County executive.”
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One Man’s Trash – ‘Guess Who Else Had Mysteriously Missing Emails: Sarah Palin’


palin ugly american

The missing E Mails of an agent who started her career under the Bush Administration and under the orders of a Republican Field Director is the scandal.


‘Lerner began her IRS service in 2001 as Director Rulings and Agreements in the Exempt Organizations function of TEGE. In January 2006, she was selected as Director Exempt Organizations’. (1)
Republican IRS agent says Cincinnati began ‘Tea Party’ inquiries’
‘WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A U.S. Internal Revenue Service manager, who described himself as a conservative Republican, told congressional investigators that he and a local colleague decided to give conservative groups the extra scrutiny that has prompted weeks of political controversy’.(2)
New Documents Show the IRS Targeted ‘Progressive’ and ‘Tea Party’ Groups for Extra Scrutiny’
‘In an apparent contradiction with earlier comments made by House Oversight Committee chair Darrell Issa, new documents obtained through a FOIA request by ThinkProgress show that yes, the IRS targeted both conservative and liberal groups for extra scrutiny. According to ThinkProgress’s analysis of the heavily redacted “be on the lookout” lists, the IRS may have targeted a higher number of progressive groups than conservative groups overall’.(3)
‘All this outrage threatens to obscure an important point: the IRS does need to crack down on political groups masquerading as social-welfare organizations. Many of the nonprofit groups who claim 501(c)(4) status either flout tax law or flirt with the murky line between electioneering and issue advocacy, all while using their tax-exempt status to conceal their donors‘.(4)
‘Senate Republicans block DISCLOSE Act for second straight day’
‘Washington (CNN) — Senate Republicans again Tuesday blocked Democratic legislation that would require greater transparency into who is behind much of the secretive, often negative campaign advertising filling the airwaves this election season’.(5)

And the missing E Mails are the ‘scandal’?


‘Like nearly every other conservative with a public platform, Sarah Palin has been using former IRS official Lois Lerner’s missing emails as a tool to attack the Obama administration’.

‘But of all people, perhaps Palin should not be so quick to highlight a mysterious gap in email communication’.

‘Following her short stint as governor of Alaska, her office released a supposedly comprehensive trove of emails that had its own unexplained one-month gap’.

‘Perhaps Palin forgot what it was like to be the subject of a similar investigation exactly three years earlier after her office released her emails to the press’.

‘On June 13, 2011, the Anchorage Daily News reported that “Nearly a month of former Gov. Sarah Palin’s emails are missing from the documents released to media organizations last week, a gap that raises questions about what other emails might also be missing from what’s being nationally reported as her record as Alaska governor.”

‘According to the documents Palin’s office provided, she sent no official emails from between December 8, 2006 and December 29, 2006, in other words her first full month in office’.

‘As the paper put it, “That means zero emails during a period during which, among other things, Palin put out her proposed state budget, appointed an attorney general, killed the contract for a road out of Juneau and vetoed a bill that sought to block state public employee benefits to same-sex couples.”

‘The Anchorage Daily News that the gap was due to Palin’s preponderance to use a personal Yahoo email account instead of the official state account, thereby allowing her to hide certain communication from public view’.
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Republicans 2016 – ‘Ben Carson Explains How Gay Marriage Is A Marxist Plot To Impose The ‘New World Order’


ben carson

This is waht you get when you don’t want to be a member of a society.

And this is what the teabagger fringe freaks brought to the table.

The ‘right’ to take or have what they want but everyone else is on their own.

The ‘right’ to not have to contribute to a fuctioning, stable society.


Just a month ago, this guy was actually considered a possible 2016 Presidential candidate.


‘Ben Carson Explains How Gay Marriage Is A Plot To Bring About The New World Order’

‘In his keynote speech at the National Organization for Marriage’s March for Marriage gala last week, Dr. Ben Carson explained how Marxists are using LGBT rights to destroy American unity and impose the “New World Order.”


‘Carson said he knows about this plot from reading right-wing conspiracy theorist W. Cleon Skousen’s book “The Naked Communist.”

Ben Carson Says Gay-Rights Opponents Are Victims Of ‘Injustice’

“When we talk about liberty and justice for all, doesn’t that mean that people can be left alone, that no-one else gets to change definitions on them and change life for them?” he asked.

“They have no right to say to me that I must change the way I think in order to accommodate what they believe,” he said.

We don’t have to agree with a law or even like it. But if ewe want to live in a society, then we ALL abide by the laws.

To pass laws saying you don’t have to is to destroy the United in the United States Of America.

“That’s where the injustice comes from, and we have to understand that.”

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A Republican World – ‘Congressional Candidate Warns Wisconsin Marriage Ruling May Lead To Incestuous Marriage’




I wonder what she thinks of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson saying we need to keep marriage ‘between a man and a 15 year old girl’.

’15-year-old-girls: Is Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty a pervert’?

Guess that’s alright in Republican Family Values.

‘A Wisconsin Republican congressional hopeful warned Tuesday that a federal court ruling striking down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage could lead to the legalization of marriage between siblings’.

‘Karen Mueller, an Eau Claire attorney whose practice has focused on opposing abortion and defending those “discriminated against and harassed in the workplace, the school, college and/or the public square because of their faith,” is one of three Republican candidates seeking to challenge Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI)’.

‘At a Republican Party of Monroe County candidate forum, she denounced the ruling and warned that it would create a slippery slope’.

‘According to the Tomah Journal, Mueller said that the ruling might set a precedent that any two people can marry’:

“We’ve got, for instance, two sisters, and these two sisters want to get married. They love each other. They are committed to each other. They want to spend the rest of their life together.”


‘Lawyers, Mueller explained, would be able to argue “‘We can just do away with that state law the same way we did away with sodomy laws,’” noting that “once you do away with that, you reveal what is really going on here.”
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“All it takes is one good guy with a gun….” – ‘Firearms dealer shoots woman while teaching concealed carry safety at PA gun show’

gun nuts2

gun nuts8

It’s impossible for a gun to fire accidentally.

A gun can not reach out a put a bullet into the chamber.

It just can’t do it.

A person does it.

And once a person has put a bullet into the chamber, they are responsible for that weapon.

The gun doesn’t discharge accidentally. Whoever loaded the weapon was criminally irresponsible for handing it to someone else or mishandling it themselves.

And THAT person should never be allowed to have a weapon again.



‘Columbia County police said that Krysta Gearhart was shot by Geoffrey Hawk as he attempted to demonstrate how a concealed carry holster worked’.

‘WNEP reported that there were not supposed to be any loaded weapons at the Eagle Arms Gun Show on Saturday, and that Hawk, the owner of “In Case of Emergency,” should have been using a plastic gun to demonstrate how the holster worked’.

‘Police said that there was no magazine in the weapon Hawk used to shoot Gearhart, but there was a round in the chamber’.
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