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Donald J. Trump – “I Don’t Stand By Anything I’ve Ever Said” – ‘Trump gets annoyed with questions about Obama, ends CBS interview: ‘That’s enough’

Trump – “I am so spineless that I don’t stand by anything I’ve ever said”.


What’s that process that should have been done during the Republican Primaries?


Instead of questioning Trump, ALL the networks broadcast his WHOLE campaign speeches – AND – NEVER – QUESTIONED – A – SINGLE – WORD.

And now you’re surprised he doesn’t know anything?

The smallness Of Donald J. Trump – ”Trump Administration Just Pressured Argentina Into Not Honoring Jimmy Carter With An Award’

‘The Trump administration explicitly requested that Argentine President Mauricio Macri delay honoring former Democratic President Jimmy Carter with an award’.

‘Marci planned to award Carter the Order of the Liberator General San Martin, the highest distinction in that country to a foreign person, but pressure from the Trump administration caused the honor to be delayed’.

‘The Buenos Aires Herald reports’:

“The Mauricio Macri administration reverted a decision to award former US president Jimmy Carter the Order of the Liberator General San Martín — the maximum distinction that the country can give to a foreign personality —, under the pressure from US President Donald Trump’s administration, CNN web site reported this week”.

“The official tribute, which had already been approved by the foreign ministry and was published in the Official Gazette, was cancelled after receiving a specific request by the US government, which would have suggested it would be better to delay it”.

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The Trump’s…..The Most Corrupt Administration Ever – ‘Factory for Ivanka’s Clothing Line Pays $62 per Week’


Here Ivanka talks about how she ‘cares very much’ about empowering women in the work place…… long as it doesn’t cost her more then $62 a week……

It’s called a spoiled rich kid using a sweat shop to make money.

Aside from padding her resume and making business connections, why is she here?

April 26, 2017 By Taegan Goddard

“Workers at a factory in China used by the company that makes clothing for Ivanka Trump’s fashion line and other brands worked nearly 60 hours a week to earn wages of little more than $62 a week,” the Washington Post reports’.

“The factory’s 80 workers knit clothes for the contractor, G-III Apparel Group, which has held the exclusive license to make the Ivanka Trump brand’s $158 dresses, $79 blouses and other clothes since 2012.”

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The Day in a Picture

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The Day in a Picture

The Day in a Picture

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