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Caturday at the Kanes – ‘**ELECTION** HOLY SHIT!!! Washington State Legalizes Marijuana And Catnip!

Why America is Failing – ‘Hardin GOP official: ‘Maggots’ elected Obama’

Two years ago these are the type of people who were ‘real’ Americans.


Just ask Rick Perry or Sarah Palin.

Two former leading GOP contenders in the Repubnlican primaries.

This is what the Republican Party did to open their party up, expand their ‘base’. Instead of looking around to find policy solutions to the many issues facing ALL of us, they embraced the fringe of ‘hate everybodys who’s different then you’.

The ‘they’ are the problem because ‘they’ don’t think like me people.

And this is why (the major reason) America is failing.

It’s called the United States Of America.

We are all in this together.

And those who think we aren’t (thanks to FOX and the Republican Party) are preventing us from solving our problems.

‘One party official from Southeast Texas calls for — not secession — separation’.

“Why should Vermont and Texas live under the same government?” writes Hardin County Republican treasurer Peter Morrison, a Ron Paul supporter and author of a race-heavy Tea Party newsletter’.

“Let each go her own way,” he writes, demanding an “amicable divorce” from the U.S. and from the “maggots” who re-elected President Obama’.

‘Morrison is particularly angry at Asian-Americans and Hispanics who backed Obama, accusing them of voting on an “ethnic basis.”

“‘They’ re-elected Obama,” Morrison wrote. “He is their president.”

‘Oh, did I mention that Morrison was chosen by former State Board of Education Chairman Don McLeroy to help screen Texas public school textbooks’?

‘I called Kent Batman of Kountze, chairman of the Hardin County Republican Party, to ask if the rest of his county party backs secession’.

‘Batman’s response: “Wow.”

‘He sighed and said, “OK, well — I guess I need to start taking a look at his newsletters.”

‘Morrison is a home- schooler and one of Hardin County’s more libertarian Republicans, Batman said’.
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Blog Running – ‘The GOP Must Choose: Rush Limbaugh or Minority Voters’

“The demographics race we’re losing badly,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told the Washington Post. “We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.”
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Continuing a theme of mine over the last couple of days (and for the next couple of years no doubt), Conor Friedersdorf at the Atlantic has a great read.

I really don’t think the Republican party has the character to distance itself from Rush Limbaugh. If they do, they will also have to distance themselves from FOX.

And FOX gives them millions and millions in free advertising, free media.

Say something stupid?

Go over to FOX and you get to ‘clairify’.

FOX gets a boost because they are fighting the ‘left wing liberal smears’ and whoever said something stupid gets a boost because he was ‘misquoted’.

‘Rush Limbaugh is confused’.

‘He just can’t understand why the Republican Party has so much trouble with blacks, Hispanics and women’.

‘ Here’s how he put it on his nationally syndicated radio show, channeling the way that a lot of conservatives are feeling after looking at the demographic breakdown of Election 2012’:

“We have achieved, brilliant, highly accomplished African-Americans, blacks, Hispanics, you name it, throughout the Republican Party”.
“They serve in office”.

“Many of them are CEOs”.

“It doesn’t count”.

“It doesn’t count in the media. It doesn’t count in the Democrat Party[sic]. It doesn’t count with Obama voters about whom it is said that stuff matters most. It doesn’t count. Why not”?

“Why, putting it somewhat coarsely, why doesn’t the Republican Party get credit for Condoleezza Rice”?
“Why don’t those people, why don’t the Marco Rubios, the Allen Wests — what a great man. What a great American. Allen West, what a great role model. Clarence Thomas. Herman Cain. None of it counts”.

“Don’t tell me the Republican Party doesn’t have outreach. We do. But what are we supposed to do now? In order to get the Hispanic or Latino vote, does that mean open the borders and embrace the illegals”?

” I want you to think about this”.

” Is that what this means? Is that what the Republican establishment means”?

” We’ve gotta reach out to Hispanics, is that what they mean”?
‘There’s no single way to make the Republican Party more appealing to blacks and Hispanics’.

‘But talk like this never ceases to amaze me with its incredible lack of self-awareness’.

‘Just what is it that Republicans like Limbaugh have to do? Here are a few useful changes that the most popular conservative entertainer in America could make to stop turning off so many black voters’:

1) ‘Stop saying things like, “Why doesn’t the Republican Party get credit for Condoleezza Rice?”

(He gives a lot more GREAT examples)

‘If I might address conservatives generally now’:

‘I don’t want to argue about whether Rush Limbaugh is a racist. Let’s presume for the sake of argument that he isn’t’.

‘It remains the case that he said everything I’ve listed above’.

‘How could that nonsense be defended’?

‘To be clear, Limbaugh doesn’t speak for all Republicans — not even close’.

‘And he is but a small part of the GOP’s demographic problem’.

‘And among rank-and-file conservatives, Limbaugh is easily the most popular voice in America’.

‘Given all that, how can it possibly surprise anyone that lots of black people perceive the conservative movement as a hostile entity’?

‘There will be plenty of talk in coming weeks about the Republican Party, the conservative movement, racial demographics, and whether they’ll inspire significant changes in policy or philosophy’.

‘That conversation is more important than this one’.

‘It would still be prudent for conservatives to take some advice that seems blindingly obvious, but apparently isn’t’:

‘Stop letting prominent voices of movement conservatism get away with saying things that are’

‘a) actually just racist’;

‘b) demagogic race-baiting’;
‘or c) so obviously tone-deaf that anyone with common sense can see how terrible it would sound’.

‘Why is that so hard’?!

‘This isn’t a call to embrace mindless political correctness, or to implement a full scale amnesty, or to cave on issues like affirmative action’.

‘This is so much easier’!

‘Just stop associating with people who deliberately play on America’s racial anxieties for profit’!
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Boring but more important then starting your day with a good breakfast – ‘Beginning of the end? Half the Senate now supports filibuster reform’


‘It appears that Tuesday’s results have resulted in a bit of a milestone in the push to fix our broken Senate: Half of the 2013 Senate now supports some form of filibuster reform’.

‘It’s unclear what proposals these Senators will coalesce behind’.

‘Senator Jeff Merkley has proposed reforms that, among other things, would force the aforementioned “talking filibuster.”

‘Harry Reid has voiced support for nixing the “motion to proceed”; you’d no longer need 60 votes just to debate a bill. That would force debate into the light of day, rather than allowing Senators to procedurally execute bills in the dark of night’.

‘There’s been some debate over how filibuster reform would get accomplished. It’s possible a bare majority can change the Senate rules at the start of a session’.

‘It’s unclear what this means for Obama’s second term agenda’.

‘Even if the filibuster is reformed, the GOP still controls the House’.

‘But as Steve Benen notes, the immediate problem facing us is that GOP obstructionism has rendered the Senate almost entirely dysfunctional’.

‘It has become a legislative body that simply no longer functions by majority rule’.

‘The filibuster has become a tool that the minority can use to paralyze government at its most basic functional level, purely for partisan ends, in order to render the majority a failure, no matter what the nature of the majority’s legislative aims’.

‘That’s unsustainable. And we’re very close to the point where a majority of the Senators themselves agree’.
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Politics – ‘So It Begins – GOP Civil War’

But who in the Republican Party leadership is going to have the courage to stand up to Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump, Herman Cain, FOX ‘news’, NewsMax, Bryan Fischer, Breitbart……

PLEASE, PLEASE start a third party.

If you do, there will never be a Republican or third party president. The Senate will be a majority of Democrats and two fighting fractions of Republicans and third partys. And the House will be a disaster with Democrats in the majority with two smaller minorities of Republicans and third party.

But go ahead and listen to Herman Cain.

Keep listening to the voices that are slowly destroying the Conservative movement.

‘BREAKING: Guest Herman Cain calls for a third party’

Or you can start listening to reason.

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