The Last Of The Millenniums

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“What Do You Have To Lose”? – ‘The Good Old Days (featuring Donald Trump & the Greensboro 4)’

trump good old days

Making America Great Again – ‘Trump Suits Say “Made In The USA” — And Imported. Which Is It’?

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Donald Trump - The Ugly American

Donald Trump – The Ugly American

‘Amazon is the main seller of Trump’s clothes. (Macy’s stopped carrying them last year, after Trump’s controversial comments about Mexican immigrants.)’

‘But the online retailer seems a little confused about where the suits were made’.

‘It lists some of them as both “Imported” and “Made in USA.” Those can’t both be true, right? To get to the bottom of this mystery, we ordered two suits’.

‘Where did they make those “Imported, Made in the USA” suits? The box finally arrived’.


‘Neither Amazon nor the Trump campaign responded to requests for comment’.

From :

‘As Hillary Clinton’s Lead Grows To 12 Points, Media Creates Clinton Foundation Scandal’


If you watched just 10 minutes of CNN or MSNBC this AM, they have bought completely into Steve Bannon’s direct influence.

‘A blowout is bad news for the corporate media, so some are going to try to prop up what looks like a dying Trump campaign by giving Hillary Clinton some bad media coverage’.

‘The motivation for these stories isn’t truth or even political bias. It’s money. The election can’t be allowed to take its natural course because a big Hillary Clinton win will result in lower profits for some media giants’.

Someone….anyone… me just 1, that’s all just 1 acutal, factual proof – that someone donated to the Clinton Foundation and got an actual favor.

Not a meeting.

Not a meeting arranged.

But an actual favor……..

I’ll wait….

The story at :

Making The Trump Family Great (and rich) Again – ‘Trump’s kids are cashing in on his campaign’

trump fraud1

‘If things continue, Trump and his children might make good on their father’s prediction in 2000 that “it’s very possibly that I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it.”

See :

‘Campaign finance laws on the topic are hazy and contradictory, largely because no candidate for federal office has ever had such a sprawling business empire that could be employed for a campaign’.

‘The majority of the spending — $5.6 million of it — was spent on TAG Air, Trump’s private airplanes. That’s likely mostly for fuel costs’.

‘The FEC allows candidates to rent themselves their own office space—as the Trump campaign does at Trump Tower’.

‘One of Trump’s biggest single expenses was paying more than $400,000 to his Mar-A-Lago club in Florida in May for facility rental and catering’.

‘Republican Donald Trump has so far paid $7.7 million in campaign contributions to his own companies and children, according to a filing with the Federal Elections Commission, and as the campaign transitions to the general election those payments are increasing’.

‘In May, they totaled at least $1.1 million—nearly 20 percent of all campaign spending that month—and in July, another $800,000 came into the Trump brood’.

  • ‘In July alone, Trump’s campaign paid $169,758.33 in rent to Trump Tower Corporation LLC’.
  • ‘$48,239.77 for rent and catering at Trump National Golf Club in Weschester’.
  • ‘$1,000 to Trump Restaurants LLC’.
  • ‘And $428.53 worth of Trump’s bottled water Trump Ice’.
  • ‘In May, Trump’s campaign spent $3,938.58 at the vineyard run by his son Eric’.

From :

August 23, 2016 – “Don’t boo…..Vote!”

real clear politics1

Real Clear Politics Average

Clinton – 41.6

Trump – 37.3

Johnson – 8.9

Stein – 3.4

Clinton +4.3

day day day 3

Leftover Trump

leftover trump9


What could go wrong

What could go wrong

A Dog’s Life

dogs life6

Cats Gone Bad

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Just a day at the beach

Just a day at the beach

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