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Back Where We Started – What Did Donald Trump Know And When Did He Know It? – ‘Mike Flynn Offers to Testify in Exchange for Immunity’

Clinton – 65,853,516
Trump – 62,984,824

WASHINGTON— ‘Mike Flynn, President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, has told the Federal Bureau of Investigation and congressional officials investigating the Trump campaign’s potential ties to Russia that he is willing to be interviewed in exchange for a grant of immunity from prosecution’.


The vast majority of immunity is given only after information is given and verified and can be rescinded if at any time it found that the subject lied.

Under those conditions, I’d give Flynn immunity.

He has a long history of lying so there would be a very good chance that any immunity given would be taken away and he could be charged.

Now Flynn will lie about what Trump knew and when he knew it.
But while Flynn is protecting Trump, he may have to sacrifice others and they could be flipped.

The only question history will ask is were these people that stupid or that corrupt?

Donald Trump will resign ‘for health reasons’ before the end of the year.

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