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The Daily 2012 – Looking Back – A Rant From A Liberal

I am a Liberal. A proud Liberal.

This is just my thinking out loud as it were, doing a little rant, shifting how I got from 2008 to today.

So not important.

President Obama was a disappointment. But the Republican Party?

They have been in insult to my and America’s intelligence.

5 years ago I wouldn’t even consider voting for Obama. I was and
always will be a William Jefferson Clinton Democrat so I was
supporting Hiliary Clinton.

With one – you get the other to paraphrase a line out of a Fraiser

And later in the spring of 2008, I half jokingly but also half
seriously promoted T. Boone Pickens.

Yep. A Conservatives Conservative. Swift Boating Boonie.

But you put politics aside when the Nation is at risk.

We needed jobs. And millions of them.

Pickens was promoting his ‘Pickens Plan’ which was to convert to
natural gas for auto’s/trucks and power plants while building wind
farms to boost a power grid that needed (and still does) boosting.

Boonie would have made millions. And we would have created millions
of jobs AND greatly reduced our dependence on foreign oil.

But Hiliary while winning the primaries was losing the caucuses and
Obama became the Democratic choice.

So I took a good look at McCain.

And I saw G.W. Bush.

Even THAT didn’t make me run and embrace Obama. When Bush called
the economic conference in September 2008, McCain was all in but
Obama wanted to multi task via blackberry.

Obama had started his campaign by being the anti war candidate and
I don’t think he ever really understood the real depth of the
economic crisis.

So that cavilier attitude towards an economic conference really
pissed me off.

And then I wathced McCain sit there and say nothing.

I longed for extened primaries so we as a Nation could find two
better qualified candidates. (As bad as 2008 was – the Republicans
managed to find even worse candidates for 2012 which amazed me and
looking at the election results, most of America too!)

For two and a half years I and many, many Democrats sat and watched
as President Obama seemd uninterested in being President.

Yes a lot legislatively was accomplished but almost entirely by
House and Senate staffers and members.

Not by President Obama.

So we sat and wathced. And waited.

And then on the very brink of default, he finally acted.

Too late.

We as a Nation are no further along in solving our economy and
finances then we were 5 years ago.

But as angry as I was at the Prsdient, what really made me mad was
the the mantra of ‘cut taxes’ and the legislation of defuneding and
obstruction from the Republicans.

Our Nation is on it’s knees and the Republicans want to cut funding
to most of the safety net and social programs and also cut taxes.

And all the while screaming ‘We have a spending problem’.

Even America wasn’t stupid enough to buy that starting two wars and
mandating a unpaid for drug perscription program AND a recession
that was the worst economic failure since the Great Depression is
why we have a spending problem.

And when America didn’t buy the ‘spending problem’ mantra? The
Republicans sent in the clcowns.

Michele Bachmann.

Rick Santorum.

Sarah Palin.

Herman Cain.

Rick Perry.

Newt Gingrich.

Donald Trump.

And Mitt Romney.

Yes Ron Paul was there but he’s really a  Libertarian and the fringe groups that claim to be ‘Libertarians in the Republican Party are just self absorbed crazies not real Libertarian’s.

People like Jeb Bush, Tim Pawlenty, Mitch Daniels, Jon Huntsman and
Chris Christie didn’t stand a chance in the primaries because of
the overwhelming turnout of the teabaggers and other assorted
fringe groups vs the rank and file Republicans.

From 2008 to 2010, the Republican Party opened thier doors to
expand their party.

Instead of looking at America and seeking legislative and policy
solutions to our problems, the Republican Party only wanted those
who hated Democrats.

And FOX ‘news’ with Sarah Palin lead the charge.

And took the House in 2010 and offered only hate in the 2012
Presidential Candidates.

But America didn’t buy that hate was a political ideology.

And that’s where we stand today.

A political party being ‘run’ by a minority that sees ‘no
compromise’ as legislation.

A political party that sees hate as policy.

A political party that wants to stop spending/investing when
America is crumbling.

Politics – What is wrong with the Republican Party – ‘The 6 Best Overreactions To Obama’s Win’

How do you argue with someone who makes crazy claims?

Well you don’t argue with them.

You simply repeat and expose every claim they make, over and over.
Sane, intelligent people will soon see the difference.

Republicans – these are some of the very public faces of YOUR party.

Your silence in NOT calling them out is deafening.

1. Neal Boortz compares Obama to a natural disaster.

‘Neal Boortz’
‘?@Talkmaster Obama a bigger disaster than Sandy. But media didn’t create Sandy as they did Obama, so they feel free to report the destruction’
2. ‘Victoria Jackson cries, says “America died.” The Saturday Night Live star who turned into an anti-gay right winger took Romney’s loss very, very seriously’:

‘Victoria Jackson’
‘@vicjackshow I can’t stop crying. America died’.

3. ‘The Cincinnati Tea Party declares the death of America’.

4. ‘Rush Limbaugh blames women. “He treats them like vaginas and they say he’s my man,” Limbaugh said on his show’.

5. ‘Donald Trump calls for revolution’.

6. Glenn Beck tells people to buy guns.
“I won’t make a deal with the devil… I will tell you last week we purchased more farmland as a family. May I recommend if you have a chance to buy farmland, you buy farmland. If you live in the east may I recommend get the hell out of the east. Find a place where you are surrounded by like-minded people and the best way to find those people is, you should probably look at the maps on how counties voted… May I highly suggest you get grandfathered in to the second amendment today. Oh and don’t forget the ammunition.”


Blog Running – ‘Romney’s Priority After Losing Election: Cancel Staff Credit Cards’


Mitt Romney – “You ordered the cab. You pay for it”.

I promised myself I wasn’t going to do any Mitt Romney bashing (I think I’d done my fair share).

But I couldn’t resist this from the GREAT people over at Addicting Info :

‘If you just lost the Presidential election, and had to scramble to write a concession speech because you were so cocksure that you’d win that you didn’t bother to write one in advance, you might have a lot on your mind’.

‘Maybe you’d take a minute to thank your tireless campaign workers. Maybe you’d say, “What the heck, let’s eat that Victory Cake; it’ll just go to waste if we don’t!”

‘Maybe you’d call Karl Rove at FOX News and bawl him out for not winning the election for you’.

‘Perhaps you’d call your webmaster and tell him or her to take down your pre-prepared “President-Elect Romney” website, which you’d been proudly showing off to the world even before Election Day’.

‘Maybe you’d console your wife, telling her that moving into the White House would only have been downgrading, and that public housing was really not good enough for you, anyway’.

‘Maybe, after calling the President to congratulate him on his win through gritted teeth, you’d take a minute to phone your sons and break the bad news to them personally’.

‘Maybe you’d loosen your tie, announce that those grapes were probably sour anyway, and go take a nap’.

‘There are any number of things a losing candidate can do to wind down a long and exhausting campaign, and Mitt Romney probably did some of the things above’.

‘Mitt Romney also made sure to cancel all Romney campaign staff business credit cards–in the middle of the night–which meant that some staffers, newly unemployed and straggling home after an emotionally devastating loss, discovered that their taxicab drivers were really pissed off because their Romney campaign credit cards were being declined’.

‘Forbes reports’:

‘No doubt a whole host of Boston taxi drivers found themselves stiffed when it came to tips early Wednesday morning. That’s what happens when the money trickles up, not down’.

‘This is why healthy economies don’t depend on the trickle down whims of overlords. The minute Richie Rich decides he doesn’t need all that staff … well, that’s that’.

‘In case you are wondering, this did not have to happen. The Mitt Romney for President campaign does not end with Romney’s Tuesday night loss. There are bills to be paid, and papers to be filed with various federal commissions. But clearly not those taxi bills’.

‘Making sure that newly jobless campaign aides didn’t mooch a free ride home: that was one of Romney’s top priorities. Screw The Help; that’s the Romney way’.
From :


Policy – What’s wrong with the Republican Party – ‘Rachel Maddow on Obama’s Re-election’

I was looking for words to describe how this blog was going to change.

I set aside some of the reasons for this blog to post on the election.

Mitt Romney and a growing number in the Republican Party were so wrong for this Country, that much as I believe a majority of Conservatives votes were against President Obama, my and a much smaller but growing number of votes were against Mitt ROmney and the Republicans rather then for President Obama and the Democrats.

Rachel Maddow sums it up fairly well.

There is the real World most of us live in (and that I will be posting about) and the romanticized fantasy World (that I will be posting about) that far too many Republicans live in.


Politics – Aside from the teabaggers, What is wrong with the Republican Party – ‘Charles Darwin gets nearly 4,000 write-in votes in Athens against Rep. Broun’

A lesson (pun intended) in dumbing down America.

This IS the Republican Party.

The ‘gentleman from Gerogia was unopposed in this years election and sits (and Chairs) the following Committee’s

Committee assignmentsCommittee on Homeland Security
Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security
Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence (Vice Chair)
Committee on Science and Technology
Subcommittee on Energy and Environment
Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight (Chairman)
Republican Study Committee

‘Georgia congressman warns of Obama dictatorship’
@ :,4675,CongressmanObamaMarxist,00.html

‘Question to GOP congressman: ‘Who is going to shoot Obama?’
@ :

‘Charles Darwin, the 19th-century naturalist who laid the foundations for evolutionary theory, received nearly 4,000 write-in votes in Athens-Clarke County in balloting for the 10th Congressional District seat retained Tuesday by five-year incumbent Republican Rep. Paul Broun’.

‘A campaign asking voters to write-in Darwin’s name in the 10th Congressional District, which includes half of Athens-Clarke County, began after Broun, speaking at a sportsmen’s banquet at a Hartwell church, called evolution and other areas of science “lies straight from the pit of hell.”
From :

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