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The Big Bang Bucket List Of A Buddhist Blogger


Ferret Bazinga!!

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The Day in a Picture

war on women2

A Republican World – ‘GOP blocks veterans bill’



gop filibusters vets bill

‘Senate Republicans stopped Democrats from advancing a bill that would have expanded healthcare and education programs for veterans’.

‘In a 56-41 vote Thursday, the motion to waive a budget point of order against the bill failed, as Democrats fell short of the 60 votes needed to overcome the Republican roadblock’.

  • ‘Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) refused to allow a GOP substitute amendment to get an up-or-down vote because it included Iran sanctions, which he said were unrelated to veterans’ issues’.

“I hope all the veterans groups have witnessed all the contortions the Republicans have done to defeat this bill,” Reid said Thursday. “Shame on Republicans for bringing base politics into a bill to help veterans.”
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Blog Running -The ‘Job Creators’ Edition – ‘No, really, you didn’t build that: How the rich became dependent on government subsidies’

big business subsidies

‘As the report proves, if we are going to have an honest conversation about dependency and free markets, then the billions of dollars flowing to politically connected companies need to be part of the discussion’.

‘But as the study also shows, a full “three-quarters of all the economic development dollars awarded and disclosed by state and local governments have gone to just 965 large corporations”

‘NOT to the small businesses and start-ups that politicians so often pretend to care about‘.

‘Remember when President Obama was lambasted for saying “you didn’t build that”? Turns out he was right, at least when it comes to lots of stuff built by the world’s wealthiest corporations’.

‘That’s the takeaway from this week’s new study of 25,000 major taxpayer subsidy deals over the last two decades’.

‘Titled “Subsidizing the Corporate One Percent,” the report from the taxpayer watchdog group Good Jobs First shows that the world’s largest companies aren’t models of self-sufficiency and unbridled capitalism’.

‘To the contrary, they’re propped up by billions of dollars in welfare payments from state and local governments’.

Such subsidies might be a bit more defensible if they were being doled out in a way that promoted upstart entrepreneurialism’.

  • In dollar figures, that’s a whopping $110 billion going to big companies. Fortune 500 firms alone receive more than 16,000 subsidies at a total cost of $63 billion’.

‘These kinds of handouts, of course, are the definition of government intervention in the market. Nonetheless, those who receive the subsidies are still portrayed as free-market paragons’.

Consider Charles and David Koch.

  • ‘Their company, Koch Industries, has relied on $88 million worth of government handouts. Yet, as the major financiers of the anti-government right, the Kochs are still billed as libertarian free-market activists’.

Intel leads the tech pack with 58 subsidies worth $3.8 billion.

‘Next up is IBM, which has received more than $1 billion in subsidies. Most of that is from New York – a state proudly promoting its corporate handouts in a new ad campaign’.

Then there’s Google’s $632 million and Yahoo’s $260 million — both sets of subsidies primarily from data center deals’.

‘And not to be forgotten is 38 Studios, the now bankrupt software firm that received $75 million in Rhode Island taxpayer cash’.

  • ‘The company received the handout at the very moment Rhode Island was pleading “poverty” to justify cuts to public workers’ retirement benefits’.

‘All of these handouts, of course, would be derided if they were going to poor people’.

‘But because they are going to extremely wealthy politically connected conglomerates, they are typically promoted with cheery euphemisms like “incentives” or “economic development.” Those euphemisms persist even though many subsidies do not end up actually creating jobs’.

‘In light of that, the Good Jobs First report is a reality check on all the political rhetoric about dependency’.

‘Most of that rhetoric is punitively aimed at the poor. That’s because, unlike the huge corporations receiving all those subsidies, the poor don’t have armies of lobbyists and truckloads of campaign contributions that make sure programs like food stamps are shrouded in the anodyne argot of “incentives” and “development.”

‘As the report proves, if we are going to have an honest conversation about dependency and free markets, then the billions of dollars flowing to politically connected companies need to be part of the discussion’.
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Hillary 2016 – ‘Bill O’Reilly: There MUST Be A Downside To A Woman President’

fox women lkeaders


hillary 2016

‘There has got to be a downside to electing a woman to the presidency, and Fox News host Bill O’Reilly is determined to mansplain just what that could be’.

“There haven’t been that many strong women leaders throughout history,” O’Reilly countered, noting Margaret Thatcher and women in the U.S. Congress as exceptions. “But you know when you’re president of the United States you have to deal with people like Putin. You got to deal with real ornery — the Mullahs in Iran. Look, the Mullahs in Iran, they think women are like subspecies.”
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Really? Not that many ‘strong women leaders throughout history?

See :

And :

And….well the list is as long as male leaders.

A Republican World – ‘Fox News poll: 83 percent think government spending is out of control’ – ‘Federal Budget Deficit Falls to Smallest Level Since 2008’

shrinking deficit

But if spenmding is ‘out of control’, then how can our deficit be the smallest since 2008?

WASHINGTON — ‘Closing the books on a fiscal year in which the federal budget deficit fell more sharply than in any year since the end of World War II, the Treasury Department reported on Thursday that the deficit for 2013 dropped to $680 billion, from about $1.1 trillion the previous year’.

‘In nominal terms, that is the smallest deficit since 2008, and signals the end of a five-year stretch beginning with the onset of the recession when the country’s fiscal gap came in at more than $1 trillion each year’.
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Turn Texas Blue – ‘Wendy Davis Obliterates Ted Nugent and Greg Abbott With Blistering New Ad’

turn texas blue2

My personal belief is that we won’t be able to but it does lay the ground work for the coming yhears when we can finally get Texas back into the Liberal side.

‘The Wendy Davis campaign is slamming both Ted Nugent and Greg Abbott with a powerful new ad that features rape survivor Nicole Anderson’.

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Blinded By Science – ‘Is The Solution To Climate Change In Vancouver’?

vancouver climate

A Republican World – The ‘Some For Me But None For Thee’ Edition – ‘Rep. Josh Miller, recipient of significant government assistance, opposes Medicaid expansion in Arkansas’

rep josh miller

How were YOUR medical bills paid for Josh?

“My problem is two things,” Miller said. “One, we are giving it to able-bodied folks who can work … and two, how do we pay for it?”

‘Lucky for Josh Miller, such thinking didn’t prevail when Congress — over Republican opposition — created the programs that sustain him’.

‘I was drawn to Rep. Josh Miller, a Republican legislator from Heber Springs, who orated against the private option Medicaid expansion last week’.

‘He invoked FDR’s New Deal — a “hand up,” he said, not a “handout.”

‘Miller is of interest because he’s a well-known beneficiary of federal government support himself’.

‘Miller, 33, was on an alcohol-fueled drive with a friend about 11 years ago (he can’t remember who was driving) when their pickup plunged off a ravine near Choctaw. He was rescued, but suffered a broken neck and was paralyzed’.

  • ‘Miller was uninsured’.

‘What young, fit man needs health insurance, he thought then. (He had some reason to know better. Not long before, he’d broken his hand in a fight and had to refuse the recommended surgery to fix the injuries properly because he was uninsured’.)

  • ‘Months of hospitalization and rehabilitation followed, including a long stretch in intensive care at St. Vincent Infirmary’.
  • ‘There was a $1 million bill. Medicaid paid most of it’.
  • ‘Miller was placed on disability and checks began’.

‘In time, between Medicaid and Medicare, all his health costs were covered by the federal government’.

‘Health insurance isn’t Miller’s only government benefit. Another federal Medicaid program for which he qualifies provides daily personal care assistance’.

  • ‘Between the government-paid trauma care, ongoing Medicare and Medicaid coverage, government-provided personal assistant and his own grit, Miller has made a full life. He manages a rental property business (some government-subsidized renters are among his tenants) and serves as a legislator’.

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But it’s NOT Republican Obstructionism – ‘Brutal Attack Ad Hits GOP Senator On Unemployment Benefits’

mark kirk1

The Senator got what he wanted from Harry Reid and then still voted against extending the long term unemployment benefits.

Republicans – political party over people.

‘On Wednesday, the liberal 501(c)(4) “dark money” group released a brutal television ad urging Illinoisans to hold Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) “personally responsible” for the program’s expiration’.

“If you are one of the tens of thousands of people in Illinois who recently lost long-term unemployment benefits, you should know that one man is personally responsible, and can get them restored,” the ad’s narrator says’.

“Mark Kirk promised he would vote for an extension if his conditions were met, and when he got what he wanted, Kirk still voted against continuing unemployment benefits,” the voiceover continues’.

“He is the deciding vote when the Senate votes again in the coming days,” it concludes. “Call Senator Kirk. Tell him you will remember who cost your family this critical economic lifeline when you were laid off and searching for work, but still couldn’t find a job.”

‘The “promise” mentioned in the ad refers to Senator Kirk’s declaration that he would vote to extend unemployment benefits if Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) agreed to offset the cost with spending cuts elsewhere’.

  • Although Reid acquiesced to Kirk’s demand, the Illinois Republican still declined to vote for the extension — which fell one vote short of overcoming a Republican filibuster’.

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