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A ‘good guy with a gun’ – ‘NRA Lobbyist Stirs Outrage After Shooting And Killing Elephant For Sport On Television’

good guy with as gun

‘NRA lobbyist Tony Makris, who is close to NRA CEO and mouthpiece Wayne LaPierre, went on a hunting trip in Botswana in Africa’.

‘He wasn’t hunting to survive or feed his family nor was he even picking on an animal that has a strong and quickly replenishing population. Makris, armed with .577 rifle, cruelly gunned down a defenseless African Elephant for sport’.

‘According to Dead Spin, Makris shot the animal twice in the face and then chased it down and shot it again, finally killing it’.

‘Makris and his fellow hunters then posed for pictures with the carcass and drank champagne in celebration of the killing. And the whole thing was recorded on camera and aired by NBC Sports on this week’s episode of Under Wild Skies’.

‘An estimated 470,000-690,000 African Elephants remain in the wild but they are still being killed in droves by ruthless poachers and by trigger-happy hunters like Makris purely for sport’.

‘All so that he can claim it as a trophy’.

‘It’s not like Makris killed a deer. He killed an elephant’.

‘Unlike deer or turkey, elephants cannot and do not reproduce nearly as fast. It takes nearly two years of gestation before a pregnant female elephant delivers a fully developed calf’.

‘In other words, elephants have a hard time replenishing their own numbers. But hunters and poachers are killing elephants faster than they can reproduce’.

‘This “hunt” is also insulting to the American people. Why’?

‘Because such a hunt costs well north of $50,000 to set up’.

‘Americans are struggling to put food on the table, the NRA’s GOP allies are slashing critical food assistance, and this lobbyist has the nerve to drop 50K just to slaughter an endangered animal for the fun of it’?

‘How does that fit the mold of a “good guy with a gun?”
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5 thoughts on “A ‘good guy with a gun’ – ‘NRA Lobbyist Stirs Outrage After Shooting And Killing Elephant For Sport On Television’

  1. Jueseppi B. on said:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.

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  3. Pingback: Good Job to all of us although fundamentally speaking…they should NOT have done this type of a show in the first but anyway, let alone aired it….However, we do have an update regarding NBC Sports: We ‘Should Not Have Aired’ Show In

  4. GrowingUpIsFunNotAHassle on said:

    i actually disagree will people who say they shouldn’t have shown it. the more people who see what really happens in this video will only cause greater chance of stopping this bizarre activity. if they showed this 10,000 times in the next months…this guy would become the most hated person on the planet. everyone all of the world would basically consider him one of the most pathetic people in the news. he’d have a hard time avoiding internet mob and others who would want to let him know what they now think of him. his life could become miserable and it would be a good message to send to future people considering this pathetic thing.

    this dude is evil…or honestly mentally ill sort of sociopath. if you watch the video…it’s just weird. he laughs at the animal when he shoots it. because he’s such a terrible shot, he doesn’t even come close to anything that could at least say “well, at least it didn’t suffer”. oh it suffers…and he REALLY enjoys that part the most. the elephant cries out in terror and pain and tries to run in total fear when it realizes it has been shot. the guy laughs at this. and just shoots like a lunatic until its dead almost. a real hunter never would behave this way. even if you don’t like any hunting of anything and you’re totally against it, you know that most hunters don’t laugh or get bizarre pleasure from the animals suffering as well as obvious pleasure knowing it will upset people. it is very bizarre behavior coming from him. and i force myself to watch these things (many are on the net) so i’ll never forget who did what and also never forget the animals final moment (they are almost always terrified and crying out for help). many many elite people you would be shocked you exactly do this. and almost ALWAYS they are laughing or acting like they just went bungee jumping. it’s remarkable how no honor or compassion for the animal is there. it’s just another elite bucket list thing. next up: seeing a solar eclipse at 50,000. woohoo!

    and another part of his sociopath behavior is he knows this will upset “the hippy liberals”. you can tell part of the pleasure is laughing at those who will find this shocking and upsetting. (this will includes a lot of kids on the net). his pleasure is knowing this will upset you and not just about the elephant. he obviously has absolutely no sense of honor or dignity for the elephant. it lets out a horrible scream when it’s shot and terror just comes over it’s body. it knows it’s about to be murdered but tries anyway to run. it has the exact body language of a puppy knowing it will get attached by another dog but tries in vain to run. it’s showing fear like to say “I’m not a threat…please don’t do this!”. it’s a horrible noise to hear. it’s primal. this guy laughs out loud. and then finally shoots it dead with several shots. he LIKED the cruelty of this. that was his pleasure not the hunt. there is no hunt. he pays a world class scout (who also happens to spend a lot of time with these elephants so he knows where they are at all times) they drive up, step out, hide in safety, and shoot. he enjoyed hearing the elephant suffer. his behavior is much like killers who are studied because killing gives them pleasure/thrill.

    I”m not the kind of person that is vengeful or wants to see people suffer. but if i ever hear this guy is trampled or eaten by a wild animal i will be happy for the animal. they do have right to defend themselves against cold hearted murder.

    i’m not going to far with this. watch the video…as hard as it is to see… because you feel such sadness for the elephant. but watching will burn it in your mind and you won’t just be able to click away, move on, and forget it like you don’t most days when yahoo or other headlines puts it in your sight as news of the day. you’ll feel compelled to do something…anything even if just posting online about it or writing someone in a position to do something in africa.

    when people say many in the elite class are evil i don’t think most people really get that. they are evil. they have the ability to look at suffering of others (animal or human) and just go “oh well. too bad for them”. they couldn’t see the value of doing a lot of good and how much the world would have great feelings about them. the LOVE to be hated. they LOVE to do things to bring on this hate. the ceo of go daddy, trumps, arab shieks, chinese billionaires, african billionaires…they love this stuff. this is feels to them so great. they are evil people with no heart and they’re about money, power, and running the earth while we peons gather with posters once in awhile until we’re tasered and run away scared. in many ways, they blow us away just like this elephant. they get off on that.

    rather than crying about it or going “i can’t watch!!!”. WATCH IT. never forget it. burn it into your brain. maybe it’ll do something rather than just pass along as 1-day headline that you eventually put out of your mind somewhere back there. why are these idiots ruling the world so easily? this is what boggles my mind the most.

    • A couple of people linked my post and on 2, they took the track of it shouldn’t be aired.

      I agree with you. There are ‘trophy hunts’. No way to stop them but exposing them would decrease the #.

      Also most ‘hunts’ arrange beforehand to have the meat donated to a charity org. that usually comes along with them.

      But the NRA hunt?

      Expose it for what it is. People with guns shooting animals for fun.

      ‘Sport’ has nothing to do with it.

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