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Rand Paul – ‘Red Line’ for Christianity not chemical weapons – ‘Rand Paul’s Syria Bible Thumping’ – ‘Why does he only seem to care about the country’s Christians’?

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We’ve had the ‘Powell Doctrine’, the ‘Bush Doctrine’ (I wonder is Sarah Palin knows what it is yet?), the Obama Doctrine and consider that this would be, if elected President, the Rand Doctrine’.

Military intervention to support ‘christians’.

“I have nothing good to say about Assad,” Kentucky Senator Rand Paul made sure to stipulate on a hurried conference call after the marathon Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing on Syria yesterday’.

“You know, I wish I had a good answer for you,” Paul said. “I’ve talked to a lot Syrian Christians and they’re afraid of Islamists coming to power. I have nothing good to say about Assad, but as bad as Assad is, they’ve somehow been able to have their religion and their own way of life. My concern is what happens over there if Assad falls from power. It’s inevitable that there will be a second war.”

his weekend, Paul did a tour of the Sunday morning shows to talk about Syria, and sounded the clarion call for protecting his brothers in God. On “Meet the Press,” Paul predicted a bleak future: not only did he not foresee American interests winning out in Syria, but envisioned “an Islamic state in which Christians are persecuted.” A possible solution, he said, might be to remove Assad and keep some of his people in power. “That,” he said, “would also be good for the Christians.”

‘Playing on the home field on Fox, he was more blunt’.

“I also can’t see sending my son to fight with Islamic rebels against Christians,” he said on “Hannity.” “But the other question is, what if the other Islamic, the better, the moderate Islamic rebels take over? You will still probably have Sharia law, you’ll have Christians persecuted for blasphemy.”

‘A few days earlier, on Mike Huckabee’s radio show, he had said that Obama needs to realize that “there are two million Christians living in Syria, more than just about any place in the Middle East. And I just don’t want to see my kids or weapons of the United States being used to kill Christians in Syria’.

‘In June, for instance, he banged on this drum at a Faith and Freedom Coalition rally in Washington. “The Senate is attempting to arm the rebel forces in Syria, many of whom are al-Qaida or affiliates,” he said. “They do so out of a misguided attempt to stop the violence in Syria. Instead their actions will bring more violence and more persecution of Christians, who have long been protected in Syria.”

“In Egypt, in Pakistan, they burn our flag—I say not one penny more to countries that burn the American flag,” Paul said. “While they burn the American flag and the mobs chant ‘Death to America,’ more of your money is sent to these haters of Christianity … It is clear that American taxpayer dollars are being used to enable a war on Christianity in the Middle East, and I believe that must end.”

‘Paul’s emphasis on Syrian Christians is more than a simple reminder of a neglected aspect of an already complicated situation’.

‘It sounds distinctly like the garbage about America being a Christian nation, like the unnerving evangelical support of Israel, like the not-too-subtle hum on the right that some lives, Christian lives, are simply more important than other, Muslim ones’.
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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Fox Guest Argues That Letting Children Go Hungry At School Teaches Them A Lesson’

fox and food

‘In response to a New Jersey school’s decision to punish kids for not having enough money to pay for a school meal by making them go hungry, Fox guest and supposed school counselor Thomas Kersting told Gretchen Carlson on Fox & Friends that it’s perfectly acceptable for a school to let a child go hungry as a consequence of the mistakes made by their parents’.

“I agree with the superintendent. I think it’s a little harsh. You know, I don’t think they’re going to throw the food out right in front of the kid and embarrass the kid… I think it is misleading that the kids are going to be punished”.

“We have more food than any other nation. You know, no kid is going to starve”.

“You know, if one day a kid doesn’t have lunch, right, maybe that’s a teaching moment when that kid doesn’t have lunch”.

“That may sound harsh saying that, but we’ve got to get people to start being responsible for themselves”.

“I can tell you from almost 20 years working in a school district, they’re not going to make the kids starve. That’s just kind of like a big warning to the parents. And I have kids come to me, I give kids money all the time. And I’m broke from doing that over the years. No, I’m kidding.”

‘Hunger is not a joke and for a nation that supposedly has “more food than any other nation” there sure are a lot of hungry children in America’.

‘ The idea that “no one is starving” is a big fat red herring. No, people are not starving to death in the streets but they’re hungry and malnourished’.

‘According to Feeding America, 16.7 million children lived in food insecure households in 2011. 31 million low-income children alone received free or reduced-price meals through the National School Lunch Program’.

‘Studies show that children who are hungry have more difficulty concentrating in school and do not perform nearly as well as they could on a full stomach’.

‘Research also shows that brain growth is permanently affected by lack of nutrition. Health care costs also rise because hunger and malnutrition (again, not starving like the imbeciles talking heads of the right keep using as a distraction) causes illnesses’.
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