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The Music of the Millenniums


A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Taxpayers Pad Military Contractor CEO Pockets’

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‘Would you believe me if I told you that your tax dollars are lining the pockets of some of the highest-paid CEOs’?

‘The Institute for Policy Studies recently released a report examining the performance of the corporate chief executives who have ranked among America’s 25 highest-paid CEOs in one or more of the past 20 years’.

‘CEOs from leading government contractors comprise more than 12 percent of the top-paid chief executives in the Institute’s report’.

‘In the same years that these CEOs received some of corporate America’s fattest paychecks, their firms snagged $255 billion in taxpayer-funded federal contracts’.

‘Five of the companies with the highest-paid CEOs made the top 100 U.S. government contractors list every year over the past 20 years’.

‘These firms include two big military contractors — Lockheed Martin and United Technologies — along with IBM, General Electric, and Honeywell. These five companies have received $671 billion in federal contracts over the past 20 years’.

‘More taxpayer dollars have flowed into the coffers of aerospace giant Lockheed Martin than any other U.S. corporation over the past 20 years’.

‘In 2012, U.S. government contracts accounted for 82 percent of Lockheed’s net sales’.

‘A massive chunk of these public funds has wound up in the pockets of the company’s executives’.

‘Five times over the past 20 years Lockheed CEOs ranked among America’s top 25 highest-paid chief executives, earning sums that dwarf the pay levels of any U.S. military general or, for that matter, the commander in chief’.
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Republican Hate, Fear and Loathing – ‘Health Insurance “Coverage Gap” Coming to a Red State Near You’


‘This week, McClatchy documented the unnecessary pain being inflicted on red state residents by their elected Republican representatives’.

‘The account tells the story of St. Louis museum deputy director Erika Neal, an ovarian cancer survivor forced to endure a substantial pay cut and the loss of her job-based health insurance in 2011’:

“Neal could rest easier if she lived in one of the 23 states where Medicaid eligibility is being expanded for low-income parents and childless adults next year under the Affordable Care Act. Michigan appears close to expanding Medicaid eligibility”.

“But Missouri and 20 other Republican-led states aren’t participating in Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, fearing the cost would require state budget cuts in other areas. The remaining states are still debating the expansion”.

“That leaves Neal and 5.5 million others in those 21 states to fend for themselves in the “coverage gap,” a bureaucratic twilight zone where people with poverty-level incomes don’t qualify for Medicaid and can’t get tax credits to help buy coverage on the new insurance marketplaces. Enrollment for them begins in October and they open in January”.
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Why it’s called the ‘Stupid Party’ – ‘WATCH: Conservative Says Family Guy Is Destroying The GOP’

bill whuilttle

‘Why has the Republican Party lost the popular vote in 5 out of the last 6 presidential elections? Why is it growing smaller every day’?

‘Could it be two failed wars? A lost decade for jobs and wages? An agenda that only involves minorities when it comes to making it harder for them to marry or vote’?

‘No, says conservative blogger Bill Whittle. The answer is much simpler. It’s Family Guy’s fault’.

‘At the Right Online conference this weekend — where conservative activists were treated to a free night at Universal Studios thanks to the Koch brothers — Whittle explained how Hollywood is systematically destroying the Republican Party’:

“Any audience of people that grew up with classical Superman automatically love this country, because Superman is about the best America we can be. When Superman was all over the pop culture, we were a nation that loved this country. Now, twenty years after the peak of Superman‘s popularity, along comes Gilligan’s Island. That’s pretty neutral in terms of politics. Really about the only message you can get from Gilligan’s Island is if you want to get off the island all you have to do is kill Gilligan”.

“But if you’re a young person out there today and you can finish the theme song from Family Guy, then all the anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-Christian, anti-morality messages of Family Guy are in your head as completely and thoroughly as that theme song is”.

“You’re programmed by the pop culture, you’re programed by story. It’s all about stories, and if we’re the villain in all of the stories that are told we’re never going to win another election again”.

‘The best part of the accusation that Family Guy is destroying the GOP is that the network that airs the show, of course, is Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Broadcasting Company’.
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The Day in a Picture and a Message From Your Sponsor

butch (Large)


It’s been a long 5 days but ‘Butch’ the little yellow cat ‘rescue’ I took in finally has bonded with Twerp and also  has eaten wet cat food.

I guessing I guessed wrong about it’s age and think now it’s more likely maybe 8 weeks or even less.

Anyway……resting today and get back to blogging by tomorrow.

UPDATE – Gun Nuts Out Of Control – ‘PA Sheriff Posts Video Targeting Town Council Members By Name; Council Votes For Indefinite Suspension’


I have no sympathy for the town of Gilberton as they brought this on themselves by passing in Jan. a ‘resolution’ making any local, State or National law on guns – in any form – un Constitutional.

‘On August 26th, 2013, just four days prior to the day that Gilberton Pennsylvania Police Chief Mark Kessler was scheduled to complete his suspension, Kessler posted a new video online, which has since led to accusations of threatening public officials’.

‘Gilberton Police Chief Kessler was originally suspended near the end of July for videos posted online which show him firing an assault weapon and calling for the killing of “libtards.”

‘In the new video Kessler shows off his two “new targets.”

‘The first one he names “Eric.”

‘Holding up a target with an evil clown face printed on the front, he states that Eric is a “libtard” who likes to “strong arm” and “threaten” people’.

‘Kessler then says that “Eric” is going to meet a friend of his today. He proceeds to bring out his assault weapon, saying that it has “been all over the world” and “taken many lives.”

‘The Vice-President of Gilberton Borough is a gentleman by the name of Eric Boxer. Kessler has stated on numerous occasions that he blames Boxer for his suspension’.

‘The Gilberton Town Council, which met on August 30th, 2013, did not fire Kessler’.

‘Kessler himself did not show up for the Council meeting and neither did his militia group’.

‘At the meeting, Gilberton Council members unanimously voted to place him on indifinate suspension. However, the PA Patriot News reports that the Council may have concerns about the legalities of firing him outright, because he is under contract with the Borough’.
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