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A ‘Liberal’ vision for America – ‘NBC’s Chuck Todd Commits Act of Journalism’

liberal vision


liberal vision1

So what is the difference between Conservatives and Liberals over say…. a major health care reform program – President Bush’s Medicare Modernization Act of 2003′?

Republicans object to Obamacare and want to shut the Government down.

Democrats object to Medicare D and work to help implement it.

Democrats want a Government….Republicans don’t.

‘Despite last week’s embarrassment, Chuck Todd hasn’t always represented a net subtraction from the sum of human knowledge’.

‘As the GOP’s “Defund Obamacare” campaign ramped up over the summer, Todd used his NBC “First Read” column to actively illuminate rather than passively mislead. As he and his colleagues put it on July 9’:

“Here’s a thought exercise on this summer morning”:

“Imagine that after the controversial Medicare prescription-drug legislation was passed into law in 2003, Democrats did everything they could to thwart one of George W. Bush’s top domestic achievements”.

“They launched Senate filibusters to block essential HHS appointees from administering the law”.

“They warned the sports and entertainment industries from participating in any public service announcements to help seniors understand how the law works”.

“And, after taking control of the House of Representatives in 2007, they used the power of the purse to prohibit any more federal funds from being used to implement the law”.

“As it turns out, none of that happened”.

‘That’s exactly right’.

‘Despite their opposition to the Part D legislation, Democrats didn’t just refuse to obstruct Bush’s wildly unpopular and completely unfunded $400 billion windfall for insurers and pharmaceutical firms’.

‘In Washington and in the states, Democrats helped ensure the successful implementation of a Republican program whose 2006 launch even John Boehner acknowledged was “horrendous.”

‘Todd was right to highlight the polar opposite partisan responses to President Bush’s Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 and President Obama’s Affordable Care Act of 2010’.
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Blog Running – ‘AIG CEO: Anger over AIG bonuses ‘just as bad’ as lynchings’ – ‘House Republicans Vote to Keep Bush Tax Cuts for the Richest 2%’ – ‘House GOP Approves Plan Cutting $40 billion From Food Stamps’

ceo bonuses


Anger over millionaires getting ‘bonuses‘ while the middle class is desperately holding on to jobs is akin to lynchings of blacks in the South.

And we can’t ‘pick’ on just one class – so lets cut food stamps to the poorest Americans.

That’s ‘fair’ isn’t it?


‘AIG’s CEO Robert Benmosche — who came in to rescue the company after the 2008 financial crisis — told the Wall Street Journal that the outrage over the bonuses promised to AIG’s members was just as bad as when white supremacists in the American South used to lynch African Americans’:

“The uproar over bonuses “was intended to stir public anger, to get everybody out there with their pitchforks and their hangman nooses, and all that — sort of like what we did in the Deep South [decades ago]. And I think it was just as bad and just as wrong.”

‘Yes, enduring some public criticism for receiving multimillion-dollar bonuses after helping crash the global economy is a lot like being hanged from a tree by your neck until you die’.

‘These kinds of sentiments don’t emerge in a vacuum. Benmosche is expressing a view that was pretty common back in 2010 and 2011, when it was kind of a thing for members of the besieged 1 percent to compare public anger over their compensation to the way Nazi Germany treated the weak. There was supermarket mogul John Catsimatidis’:

“Taxes are going to go up regardless. What I’m afraid of is, we shouldn’t punish any one group. Whether we’re punishing people who are wealthy,” he said. “New York is for everybody; it’s for the poor, it’s for the middle-class, it’s for the wealthy. We can’t punish any one group and chase them away. We – I mean, Hitler punished the Jews. We can’t have punishing the ‘2 percent group’ right now.”

‘Blackstone’s chairman Steven Schwarzman had this to say’:

“It’s a war,” Schwarzman said of the struggle with the administration over increasing taxes on private-equity firms. “It’s like when Hitler invaded Poland in 1939.”
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‘House Republicans Vote to Keep Bush Tax Cuts for the Richest 2%’
‘In a reverse of last week’s Senate action, the U.S. House of Representatives today approved (256-171) a bill (H.R. 8) to extend the Bush tax cuts for the nation’s wealthiest 2%— about $160,000 a year for the average millionaire’.
‘The House defeated (257-170) a Democratic alternative amendment to maintain the cuts for the middle class but end the tax breaks for the rich’.@ :

‘House GOP Approves Plan Cutting $40 billion From Food Stamps’
‘The House approved a Republican plan on Thursday to cut food stamps by some $40 billion over the next ten years. The measure was approved 217 to 210, without the support of a single Democrat. 15 Republicans also voted against the bill’.

‘The Congressional Budget Office estimates that nearly four million people would be removed from the food stamp program under the House bill. A Census Bureau report released on Tuesday found that food stamp’s had kept about four million people above the poverty level while preventing millions more from sinking deeper into poverty, the New York Times reports’.
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But it’s NOT Republican Obstructionism – ‘House GOP may attach Obamacare delay to CR’

no budget no pay

You remember Speaker Boehner and the Republican’s ‘crusade’ – ‘No Budget – No Pay’?

The House passed a budget. The Senate passed a budget.

Senate Republican selected people to go to conference.
Senate Democrats selected people to go to Conference.
House Democrats selected people to go to conference.

House Republicans refused to select people to go to conference.

So instead of funding our Government with a budget – we have to use a ‘CR’.

Oh and if (when) the Government shuts down?

Congress – yes House Republicans – continue to get paid.


‘No Budget – No Pay’.

That’s the Republican commitment to governing.


‘The House Republican leadership is seriously considering attaching a one-year delay of Obamacare’s individual mandate to the Senate bill to avert a government shutdown, according to senior GOP aides’.

‘If House Republicans decide to go this route, it would all but provoke a government shutdown, since Senate Democrats might not even schedule a vote on a bill that includes that provision, Senate leadership staffers say’.

‘Even if the Senate schedules a vote, there might not be time to move the legislation through the slow-moving chamber’.
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‘Shutdown: Here Is What Will Happen If Congress Doesn’t Get Its Act Together By Monday’



‘Air traffic controllers will keep the planes in the sky, seniors will receive their Medicare and Social Security checks and the unemployed will continue to see benefits, other services will begin to dry up the longer the shutdown continues’.

‘Services that are not subject to yearly appropriations — so-called mandatory spending — will continue functioning and self-funding agencies like the Postal Services could still deliver mail’.

‘But close to a million federal workers performing tasks that are deemed non-essential could be furloughed, leading to delays and shutdowns in the following services’:

‘FINANCIAL SERVICES. The Small Business Administration will stop making loans, federal home loan guarantees will likely go on hold, and students applying for financial aid could also see delays and backlogs in applications’.

‘ARMED FORCES. U.S. troops serving at home and abroad could stop receiving paychecks if the shutdown continues for an extended period and changes of station would also be delayed and facility and weapons maintenance would be suspended. Families back home would also be impacted’.

‘HEALTH CARE. The National Institutes of Health will stop accepting new patients and delay or stop clinical trials. Medicare and the Veterans administration will continue paying out benefits, but new filers could face delays and doctors and hospitals may also have to wait for reimbursements’.

‘PUBLIC SAFETY. The Environmental Protection Agency would stop reviewing environmental impact statements and food inspectors would stop conducting workplace inspections unless there is an imminent danger. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms could stop processing applications for permits’.

‘SECURITY AND TRAVEL. The Department of Homeland Security would suspend the E-Verify program, which helps businesses determine the eligibility of employees, creating hiring delays. The State Department will also likely halt new passport and visa applications’.

‘PARKS AND RECREATION. The National Park Service sites and the Smithsonian Institution will be shutdown. During the 1990s, 368 sites closed down and approximately 7 million visitors denied entry’.
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Stories From The Fringe Freaks – The Birtherism Edition – ‘Obama’s reckoning to come on November 19’!


Betcha you didn’t know President Obama was convicted in a ‘citizens court’ and faces prison time after he resigns from office no later then November 19th.

These people are very serious and what you’d call ‘true believers’.

Or you can also call them frickin nut cakes.

There is not enough tin foil……

‘Last Wednesday, the great usurper, Barack Hussein Obama, after having been indicted by an Ocala, Florida citizens’ grand jury, was convicted by a people’s court of defrauding the American people and Floridians by proffering them with a fake birth certificate. See’

‘As readers of this column and know too well, Obama is not a natural born citizen eligible to be president of the United States, as he was not born in this country to two American citizen parents’.

‘The problem is however, according to forensic experts, the birth certificate is altered and forged’.

‘The day of reckoning has come’.

‘Obama, having failed to plead in response to the indictment that was served upon him, waived his right to a jury trial’.

‘Thumbing his nose at We the People, as the citizens’ prosecutor, I appeared before a citizens’ court judge and presented evidence from Cold Case Posse investigator Michael Zullo showing that Obama tricked voters into electing him in 2008 and 2012′.

‘As a result, the citizens’ judge found him guilty on two counts of falsifying information to federal and state election officials’.

‘He was thus sentenced to the maximum prison term for these offenses of 10 years, and ordered to immediately surrender himself into the custody of the citizens of the United States and Florida’.

‘Of course, Obama will not willingly obey the law of the people. He will attempt to hide behind the iron fences of the White House, perhaps cowering under his desk for fear that the people will rise up and demand his ouster’.

‘On November 19, 2013, a day that will hopefully live on in the history of our once great republic, I call upon millions of Americans who have been appalled and disgusted by Obama’s criminality – his Muslim, socialist, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-white, pro-illegal immigrant, pro-radical gay and lesbian agenda – among other outrages, to descend on Washington, D.C., en masse, and demand that he leave town and resign from office if he does not want to face prison time’.
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teaabagger Alert!! – A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Cruz Likens Obamacare Defunding Skeptics To Nazi Appeasers’

ted cruz


cruz and nazis

If you disagree with a ‘real’ Republican like Ted Cruz – you are a Nazi!

‘During a floor speech Tuesday aimed at reviving the already-dim prospects for his effort to defund Obamacare, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) likened his doubters to Nazi appeasers’.

“If you go to the 1940s, Nazi Germany,” Cruz said. “Look, we saw in Britain, Neville Chamberlain, who told the British people, ‘Accept the Nazis. Yes, they’ll dominate the continent of Europe but that’s not our problem. Let’s appease them. Why? Because it can’t be done. We can’t possibly stand against them.'”

“And in America there were voices that listened to that,” he continued. “I suspect those same pundits who say it can’t be done, if it had been in the 1940s we would have been listening to them. Then they would have made television. They would have gotten beyond carrier pigeons and beyond letters and they would have been on tv and they would have been saying, ‘You cannot defeat the Germans.'”
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What is wrong with the Republican Party -From a Republican – ‘Steve Schmidt rants against GOP ‘asininity’

sarah palin


ted cruz1


ted cruz2

‘John McCain’s former senior adviser Steve Schmidt says he has “deep regret” for helping to create a “freak show” wing of the Republican Party when he had a hand in bringing former McCain running mate Sarah Palin to the national stage’.

‘Schmidt said Monday on MSNBC’s “Hardball” that it’s time for the GOP to stand up to the “asininity” embodied by Palin and others’.

“For the last couple of years, we’ve had this wing of the party running roughshod over the rest of the party. Tossing out terms like RINO, saying we’re going to purge, you know, the moderates out of the party,” Schmidt said’.

“We’ve lost five U.S. Senate seats over the last two election cycles. And fundamentally we need Republicans, whether they’re running for president, whether they’re in the leadership of the Congress, to stand up against a lot of this asininity.”

“Hardball” host Chris Matthews asked Schmidt what he thought of the “Frankenstein monster” he created in Palin and Cruz.

“You finally you saw it with Ted Cruz. Maybe he was the one that who’s got a bridge too far,” Schmidt said. “Maybe we’ll start seeing our elected leaders stop being intimidated by this nonsense, have the nerve, have the guts to stand up and … to fight to take conservatism’s good name back from the freak show that’s been running wild for four years and that I have deep regret in my part, certainly, in initiating.”
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teabagger Alert!! – The ‘Some For Me…But None For Thee’ Edition – ‘Congressman Who Voted For Food Stamp Cuts Ate Over $1,000 In Taxpayer-Funded Meals’

steve pearce

‘Congressman Pearce — who is worth between $7,483,015 and $33,245,000 according to his most recent financial disclosure’ :

‘U.S. Representative Steve Pearce is facing charges of hypocrisy after it was revealed that he voted for $39 billion in cuts from the federal food stamp program, while spending over $1,000 in taxpayer money on meals for himself’.

‘Based on records from the Chief Administrative Office of the House, Progress Now New Mexico — charges that Rep. Pearce has used taxpayer-funded office accounts more than 30 times to pay for over $1,000 in meals in the past year’.
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