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The Music of the Millenniums – We Shall Be Free – Garth Brooks




Caturday on a Thursday – Cats Teaching People Tricks

Credit Buttersafe via OutSideTheInterZone

Credit Buttersafe via OutSideTheInterZone

Murder – Gun Nuts Out Of Control – ‘Titusville slaying suspect claims he stood his ground’

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This is the ideal in the guns nuts World.

Taking the law into their own hands.

Don’t need a police force.

Don’t need a court system.

Just grab your gun and sneak up on your neighbors in the middle of the night as they relax at their Labor Day BBQ and pop off almost 50 rounds from your assault weapon at your unarmed neighbors – killing two and one survived even after Woodward shot him 11 times.

Shooting someone who is unarmed 11 times is not ‘standing your ground’

That’s premeditated murder.

But gun nuts hold near and dear the romanticized fantasy of wild, wild west vigilante justice.

‘Attorneys for a man who police said shot three people at the culmination of a neighborhood feud have filed a motion demanding a jury determine whether William T. Woodward’s murder charges should be dismissed under Florida’s Stand Your Ground law’.

‘The motion says Woodward had been the target of a variety of threats and “exercised his right under Florida law to defend himself and his family that night.”

“It’s probably best that you don’t make threats against people, they may take you seriously,” said Robert Berry, an attorney representing Woodward’.

‘Officials say Woodward snuck up on a Labor Day barbecue and opened fire at about 12:30 a.m. on Sept. 3, 2012. Police arrived and found Gary Lee Hembree, Roger Picior and Bruce Timothy Blake all had been shot. Hembree and Picior died of their injuries. Blake, who was hit 11 times, survived’.

‘Woodward, 44, is accused of two counts of first-degree felony murder and attempted first-degree felony murder’.

‘Before the incident, police had responded numerous times to the ongoing dispute, according to a release. Woodward and Hembree went to court to discuss the dispute before Judge John D. Moxley. Moxley did not issue an injunction’.

‘Woodward’s attorneys argue that an attack could have been expected based on the words of his neighbors. They go on to mention the “Bush Doctrine,” a concept that justifies a pre-emptive attack based on the need to defend from a threat’.
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One Man’s Trash….. – ‘NRA joins ACLU lawsuit, claims NSA starting ‘gun registry’ and it’s in competition with the NRA’s ‘gun registry’

NRA gun registry

‘In a brief filed in federal court, the NRA argues that the National Security Agency’s database of phone records amounts to a “national gun registry.”

‘In its filing, the gun-rights group claims that the NSA’s database would allow the government to identify and track gun owners based on whether they’ve called gun stores, shooting ranges or the NRA’.
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‘How The NRA Built A Massive Secret Database Of Gun Owners’

‘But in fact, the sort of vast, secret database the NRA often warns of already exists, despite having been assembled largely without the knowledge or consent of gun owners’.

‘It is housed in the Virginia offices of the NRA itself. The country’s largest privately held database of current, former, and prospective gun owners is one of the powerful lobby’s secret weapons, expanding its influence well beyond its estimated 3 million members and bolstering its political supremacy’.

‘That database has been built through years of acquiring

  • gun permit registration lists from state and county offices,
  • gathering names of new owners from the thousands of gun safety classes taught by NRA-certified instructors and by
  • buying lists of attendees of gun shows, subscribers to gun magazines, and more, BuzzFeed has learned’.

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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – Blog Running – ‘On the Edge of Poverty, at the Center of a Debate on Food Stamps’



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blog running

repubs take food straamps

‘Surrounded by corn and soybean farms — including one owned by the local Republican congressman, Representative Stephen Fincher — Dyersburg, about 75 miles north of Memphis, provides an eye-opening view into Washington’s food stamp debate’.

‘Mr. Fincher, who was elected in 2010 on a Tea Party wave and collected nearly $3.5 million in farm subsidies from the government from 1999 to 2012, recently voted for a farm bill that omitted food stamps’.

“The role of citizens, of Christianity, of humanity, is to take care of each other, not for Washington to steal from those in the country and give to others in the country,” Mr. Fincher, “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat,” he said’.

‘In Washington, House Republicans propose cutting $40 billion more in food stamps over the next 10 years by imposing work requirements and eliminating waivers for some able-bodied adults’.

‘The cuts would push four million to six million low-income people, including millions of “very low-income unemployed parents” who want to work but cannot find jobs, off the rolls, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a left-leaning research organization’.

DYERSBURG, Tenn. — ‘As a self-described “true Southern man” — and reluctant recipient of food stamps — Dustin Rigsby, a struggling mechanic, hunts deer, doves and squirrels to help feed his family. He shops for grocery bargains, cooks budget-stretching stews and limits himself to one meal a day’.

‘Tarnisha Adams, who left her job skinning hogs at a slaughterhouse when she became ill with cancer, gets $352 a month in food stamps for herself and three college-age sons. She buys discount meat and canned vegetables, cheaper than fresh. Like Mr. Rigsby, she eats once a day — “if I eat,” she said’.

“People have a lot of misimpressions about hunger in America,” said Maura Daly, a Feeding America spokeswoman. “People think it’s associated with homelessness when, in fact, it is working poor families, it’s kids, it’s the disabled.” Hunger is often invisible, she said, and in rural areas it is even more so.

‘Hunger was easy to see on a recent morning in Dyersburg’.

‘Hundreds of people, many of them food stamp recipients, lined up at the county fairgrounds for boxes of free food — 21,000 pounds of meat, potatoes, grains and produce — that had been trucked in from a food bank in Memphis. About 80 volunteers set up an assembly line in a warehouse to distribute the food’.

‘More than 700 families get help each month from the charitable program, Feed the Need, which was founded in 2009 by Mark Oakes, the chairman of the local Salvation Army, after a string of nearby factories closed’.

‘Among the first in line at the fairgrounds was Kathy Baucom, 61, a former welder disabled by lupus. She lives alone in a trailer, hunts deer — “last year I bagged seven,” she said — and makes burgers, roasts and jerky out of venison. Her food stamp benefits of $125 a month were recently reduced to $117’.

“I don’t buy milk because it’s so expensive,” she said. “I don’t buy cheese.”

‘“We don’t splurge,” Ms. Adams said, “and it doesn’t last.”

‘She shops at Save-A-Lot and cooks frequently with pasta, because it is filling. One recent evening, she baked a tray of mostaccioli, an Italian pasta, with meat and cheese. Hoping it would last for two meals, she had none herself’.

“You hate to tell your child, ‘You can’t eat this, you have to save it for another day,’ ” she said’.

‘For the Rigsbys, both 20, the priority is three meals a day for their son, Drake, who is 1. Some months they run out of milk. Mr. Rigsby, who is out of work with a knee injury, recently sold his truck for cash; his wife, Christina, works part time as a clerk at J. C. Penney. On the refrigerator in their sparsely furnished apartment is a calendar marked with the date — the 6th — that their card is refreshed. “FOOD!” it declares’.

“When we got married, we told each other that we want to be able to sit down at the table and eat as a family,” Mrs. Rigsby said. “But we don’t really get to do that.”
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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – Republican Extremism – ‘North Carolina Senate Votes To Override Veto Of Welfare Drug-Testing Bill’

north carolina

The Republican Party – Taking America Backwards.

‘The North Carolina House of Representatives voted Tuesday to override the veto of the welfare drug-testing bill’.

‘H.B. 392, the welfare drug-testing bill (now North Carolina state law), requires the state to test any Work First welfare recipient whom the agency “reasonably suspects” is involved in illegal drug use’.

‘In his veto message, Governor McCrory argued the drug-testing requirement would cost too much and be ineffective in curbing substance abuse’.

‘He also argued the previous Work First welfare law required substance abuse screening for any Work First welfare applicant. No drug test was required, however’.

‘The North Carolina chapter of the ACLU further rebuked the new law’.

“It’s very disappointing that the legislature put so much effort into passing this cruel and constitutionally suspect bill,” their statement reads. “H.B. 392 does nothing to help those who test positive for drug use get treatment, but it does allow the government to conduct costly, unnecessary, and unreasonably intrusive searches of North Carolinians who seek public assistance to care for their families.”

‘Similar welfare drug-testing laws introduced in states like Utah have shown just how ineffective and costly they are’.

‘In Utah, the state spent over $25,000 to test 466 welfare applicants; only 12 of the 466 applicants (.0025 percent) tested positive for illegal drugs’.
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  • ‘No Savings Are Found From Welfare Drug Tests’

MIAMI — ‘Ushered in amid promises that it would save taxpayers money and deter drug users, a Florida law requiring drug tests for people who seek welfare benefits resulted in no direct savings, snared few drug users and had no effect on the number of applications, according to recently released state data’.

‘From July through October in Florida — the four months when testing took place before Judge Scriven’s order — 2.6 percent of the state’s cash assistance applicants failed the drug test, or 108 of 4,086, according to the figures from the state obtained by the group. The most common reason was marijuana use. An additional 40 people canceled the tests without taking them’.

‘Because the Florida law requires that applicants who pass the test be reimbursed for the cost, an average of $30, the cost to the state was $118,140. This is more than would have been paid out in benefits to the people who failed the test, Mr. Newton said’.

‘As a result, the testing cost the government an extra $45,780, he said’.
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But it’s NOT Republican Obstructionism – Or the Boo Hoo “You’re Not Doing It the Way Republicans Want It Done” Edition – ‘UPDATED: Siskiyou County supervisors vote to pursue seceding from state’

repub whinners

See this is a Republican majority County so the State is suppose to do everything their way.

And if you don’t?

Then Republicans don’t want to belong.

What is so hard for people to understand.

Even if Republicans aren’t in the majority – everybody is suppose to do it their way.

YREKA — ‘The Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 this afternoon to pursue seceding from California’.

‘More than 100 people packed the supervisors’ chambers late this morning for a discussion on whether the county should issue a declaration that it wants to secede from the state. Nearly all those in attendance appeared to be for the move’.

‘In August, county residents lobbied the board to consider separating from the state over a laundry list of complaints including a lack of representation in Sacramento for the Republican-majority county, issues pertaining to water rights and the rural fire prevention fee’.

‘The U.S. Constitution allows for the formation of new states, though land can’t be taken from existing states without the consent of state and federal governments’.
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But it’s NOT Republican Obstructionism – ‘Paul Threatens Filibuster of Syria Resolution’



rand paul1

Eventually America will come to understand.

Even though Republicans

  • don’t hold the White House,
  • lost 3 seats in the Senate and are in the minority and
  • lost 9 seats in the House and this is the only place they are in the majority –
  • America will do what Republicans say or Republicans will obstruct – in every way possible – until they get their way.

‘Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) will filibuster any effort to bring an authorization to use military force in Syria to a quick vote in the Senate, the New York Times reports’.
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‘Moira Bagley, a spokeswoman for Mr. Paul, said he would demand a 60-vote threshold to move forward’.
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The ‘But Wait! The Republians Aren’t Done Defunding It Yet’ edition – ‘Kaiser study finds ‘lower than expected’ ObamaCare premiums

defund obamacare11


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But that’s Republicans…..Doing the ‘people’s work’.

Just not the American people.

‘A leading health policy research organization reported “lower than expected” premiums for ObamaCare’s new insurance exchanges in a major study released Thursday’.

‘The nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation compiled premium data from the new marketplaces in the 17 states where it is fully available and released a variety of figures showing how much consumers will pay if they choose to purchase coverage individually’.

‘Researchers with Kaiser wrote that “while premiums will vary significantly across the country, they are generally lower than expected.”

‘The study did not seek to compare expected premium prices under ObamaCare to current prices on the individual market, but stated that 15 of the 18 areas examined had premiums below the level most recently projected by the Congressional Budget Office’.

“We estimate that the latest projections from the Congressional Budget Office imply that the premium for a 40-year-old in the second lowest cost silver plan would average $320 per month nationally,” researchers wrote’.

“Fifteen of the eighteen rating areas we examined have premiums below this level, suggesting that the cost of coverage for consumers and the federal budgetary cost for tax credits will be lower than anticipated.”
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