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Credit Bits and Pieces via Out Side The Inter Zone

Credit Bits and Pieces via Out Side The Inter Zone

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teabagger Alert!! – Republican Extremism – ‘Cruz: House should pass military-only funding measure’

ted cruz1


And the American people say :

ted cruz2

So just who is Ted Cruz ‘listening’ to?

The little voices in his head telling him this is how he will become President?

Crippling America while the teabaggers cheer?

Remember when Congress use to govern?

It was only 3 years ago…….

Not anymore.

‘Regular order’ is a thing of the past as teabaggers lead by Ted Cruz want to know pass funding legislation for each department – one – at – a – time.


‘Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said Friday that the House should pass a government funding measure for only the military if the Senate sends back a spending bill that does not defund ObamaCare’.

“I hope they respond to the Senate, if Harry Reid does try to force a government shutdown, by passing one continuing resolution (CR) after another funding each specific piece of government, starting off with funding the military,” Cruz said on Fox News’.
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Blog Running – Saving America – ‘5 Things The House GOP Should Cut Instead Of Food Stamps’

blog running


paul ryan1

‘Republicans are attacking food stamp recipients for one simple reason’:

“They’re an easy target”.

‘Reviled by the conservative base and disengaged from the political process, the poorer Americans who receive these benefits generally exist on the margins of society — even though some are veterans’.

‘The reason the food stamp rolls aren’t shrinking is because for poor Americans, there has basically been no recovery’.

‘Targeting of the vulnerable betrays the GOP’s willingness to afflict the afflicted in the quest to “shrink” government. Or, perhaps, they aren’t aware that there is other bloat in our budget that can be cut without potentially starving our fellow citizens’.

‘Here are five things the House GOP could cut before food stamps, if they actually cared about balancing the budget’.

‘F35 — Joint Strike Fighter’
‘Over the entire course of its development, the Lockheed Martin F-35 will cost taxpayers $1.5 trillion, making it the most expensive weapon system in American history’.

‘And it only flies in good weather’.

‘And here’s the best part: it hasn’t been affected by the sequester cuts’.

‘War On Drugs’
‘Enforcing drug laws costs the United States an estimated $15 billion a year, about $500 a second — or enough to feed some on SNAP benefits for more than 100 days every second’.

‘Nuclear Arsenal’
“The U.S. is on track to spend between $620 billion and $661 billion on nuclear weapons and related programs over the next decade,” according to the Ploughshares Fund’.

‘It’s not cheap to keep up an arsenal of 7,700 weapons we can never use, as they could destroy the Earth hundreds of times over’.

‘We could save billions by slightly shrinking our nuclear submarine fleet and cutting the land-based intercontinental ballistic missile force from 420 to 300’.

‘Those two steps alone would pay for half of the SNAP benefits the GOP just cut’.

‘Crop Insurance’
‘SNAP benefits have historically been included in the Farm Bill. This year, House Republicans voted to separate the two, so they could focus on punishing people who receive food stamps while continuing to keep the benefits that go to wealthy farmers like Rep. Steven Fincher (R-TN)’.

‘The National Review Online’s Henry Olsen explains the waste that Republicans haven’t touched in the Farm Bill’:

“America’s crop-insurance program is obscene”.

“Farmers receive government subsidies averaging 70 percent of their premiums to purchase insurance that protects them against declining crop value”.

“There’s no income limit for this subsidy”:

“The vast majority of this taxpayer money goes to farmers who make in excess of $250,000 a year”.

“The insurance policies are sold by private companies, and the government also pays those firms about 20 percent of the premium cost to cover their expenses”.

“The companies get to keep the profits from the policies, so taxpayer money makes crop insurance a largely risk-free investment for insurance companies”.

“Thus, the government uses taxpayer money to pay rich farmers to buy insurance from wealthy insurance companies, whom the government also pays to sell the policies to the farmers”.

“Talk about a “free” market”.

‘Tax Breaks For The Rich’
‘If we capped the amount the rich can save tax-free in their IRAs at $3 million, we would save $9 billion over 10 years’.

‘You could raise twice the amount that the GOP cut from food stamps by getting rid of one deduction, the tax break for mortgages on second homes’.

‘You could save as much as $100 billion if you taxed hedge fund managers like they were nurses’.
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The Republican ‘War On Women’ – ‘GOP-Controlled House Votes To Defund ‘Obamacare,’ Keep Government Funded But – ‘Congresswoman outs GOP, saying they slash food stamps while dining out’ – ‘Almost 13 Million Women of Reproductive Age Were Uninsured in 2012’

war on women1


war on women3

Republicans to women….”Let them eat cake…If they could afford it RROFLTAO!! (Republicans Rolling On Floor Laughing Their As*es Off!!)

Laughing at the poor and middle income that keep voting Republican because of their ‘values’.


‘Almost 13 million women aged 15–44, accounting for one in five (20.8%) women of reproductive age, were uninsured in 2012, according to a Guttmacher analysis of new U.S. Census Bureau data’.

‘Moreover, in that same year, almost four out of every 10 (39.1%) reproductive-age women living below the poverty line lacked insurance coverage’.
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‘GOP-Controlled House Votes To Defund ‘Obamacare,’ Keep Government Funded’
@ :

‘Meet the two Democrats who voted to defund Obamacare’

dems against obamacare

‘Two Democratic members of the House voted with Republicans Friday to defund Obamacare and fund the government until the end of the year: Utah Rep. Jim Matheson and North Carolina Rep. Mike McIntyre’.

‘Matheson is the sole Democratic member of the Utah delegation, a state that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney won with almost 73 percent of the vote. Matheson, on the other hand, eked out a win in 2012, beating former Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love in 2012 by fewer than 3,000 votes’.

‘Love has said she will challenge Matheson again in 2014’.
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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘GOP Rep. Quotes Bible On Food Stamps: ‘If Anyone Is Not Willing To Work, Let Him Not Eat’

GOP House Debate

What about the children who are hungry?

Just too bad their parents can’t find a job?

Or maybe a second job?

WWJD Representative Cramer?

And taken at face value, what about the elderly? The disabled?

Is that the America you want?

80 year olds force to work……..for food.

Disabled forced to work………for food

Children forced to work………for food.

‘In a Grand Forks Herald op-ed earlier Friday, Cramer explained that the cuts were necessary “to restore the solvency of nutrition assistance while advancing the dignity of work.”

‘Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) on Friday responded to a constituent opposed to drastically cutting food stamps for the young, elderly and poor by citing a Biblical quote: “If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.”

‘After House GOP leaders capitulated to conservative demands, Cramer on Thursday joined 216 other House Republicans in narrowly passing legislation to cut food stamp spending by nearly $40 billion over 10 years’.

‘A constituent, Kevin R Tengesdal, took to Cramer’s Facebook page to express his apparent displeasure by quoting some Biblical passages’

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Stories From The Fringe – ‘GOP congressman: Senators will ‘find Jesus’ and defund Obamacare’

Rep. Jim Jordan, Jason Chaffetz

Yeah ’cause Jesus is so well known for not wanting to help people.

‘Rep. Jim Jordan said he hopes that regular Americans, and more spiritual beings, will influence senators’.

“When the American people get engaged, they have a way of making elected officials see the light, find the Lord, and do the right thing. This bill does the right thing,” Jordan said in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper’.
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Amazing nature landscapes: undeniable beauty at sunset


Dearest odyssians, 


Dozing off to sleep as we write. . So tired.
This stunning photo is by joel olives:
He has stunning work.  Glad to share it 😉

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