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‘Romney Says He Paid at Least 13% in Income Taxes and 63% of Americans are ‘small minded’

And here we were worried. Mitt went back HIMSELF and checked and he did indeed pay taxes every year. Problem solved.

Lets see. John McCain can see Mitt Romney’s taxes.

Mitt Romney can see Mitt Romney’s taxes.

Mitt Romney wants to be the President of the American people.

The American people can’t see Mitt Romney’s taxes.

Got it!

‘Ann Romney Says No More Tax Returns ‘We Have Given All You People Need To Know’
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And the 63% of us who DO want to see Mitt Romney’s taxes?

He says we’re ‘small minded’.

Come On America! Lets get behind this guy!

‘63% of Americans Demand That Mitt Romney Release His Tax Returns’
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WASHINGTON — ‘Mitt Romney said Thursday that he paid at least 13 percent of his income in taxes each year during the past decade, again confronting a vexing issue that Democrats have used to portray him as out of touch with middle-class values’.

‘Calling the interest in his personal tax returns “small-minded” in light of the nation’s problems, Mr. Romney said that he had nonetheless examined the last 10 years of his personal tax returns’.
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2 thoughts on “‘Romney Says He Paid at Least 13% in Income Taxes and 63% of Americans are ‘small minded’

  1. Now if we could get the corprate media to report more of this Romney would be sunk.

    • We are not going to know until after the election or maybe never but the prevailing theory is that the media (which makes money off of ratings) DOESN’T want to push the various Mitt Romney lies, contradictions and plain out hiding information because they WANT a close election.
      Better for ratings.
      Better for profit.
      The same downturn in readership that has befallen the print news media is also beginning to affect the broadcast news media.

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