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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Pro-Gun Group Floods Public Library With Armed Protesters, Compares Gun Regulation To Jim Crow’

Yes I’m so often threatened at the library…………………

‘Thirty gun-toting activists protested a public library’s concealed carry policy this week, startling the patrons inside by taking the demonstration — and guns — indoors. The protesters had taken offense to a single sentence explaining the rule: “Carrying concealed weapons is prohibited, except as permitted by law.”

‘Philip Van Cleave, the organizer of the protest and President of Virginia Citizens Defense League, compared the library’s gun “discrimination” to racially discriminating against African-Americans’:

“What if they had said “We don’t allow African-Americans, except if allowed by law. Would that be okay? I don’t think so… [The rule] implies that no one is allowed to protect themselves on the property.”
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‘Romney Might Be Ineligible For Washington State Ballot’


Yeah. No Mitt will be on the ballot. He will lose Washington as we are a very ‘blue’ State with a very, very vocal if usually very, very ineffective teabagger/Libertarian group. But it’s fun to do things like this.

‘The Republican Party is under attack lately by its own ineptitude. Not only is the California GOP virtually non-existent as a political force, and the national party is having fundraising issues, but now it turns out that the Republicans might be ineligible to run a candidate for President in the state of Washington this year’.

‘According to Washington State Law, WAC-434-215-165’:

‘Nominations for president and vice-president by major political parties are conducted at each party’s national convention. Immediately following the convention, each party must submit a certificate of nomination and list of electors to the secretary of state in order to place the nominees on the presidential general election ballot.

‘Pretty straight forward. That is, until you check on the laws regarding what a major political party in fact is, as found in RCW 29A.04.086′:

“Major political party” means a political party of which at least one nominee for president, vice president, United States senator, or a statewide office received at least five percent of the total vote cast at the last preceding state general election in an even-numbered year. A political party qualifying as a major political party under this section retains such status until the next even-year election at which a candidate of that party does not achieve at least five percent of the vote for one of the previously specified offices. If none of these offices appear on the ballot in an even-year general election, the major party retains its status as a major party through that election. However, a political party of which no nominee received at least ten percent of the total vote cast may forgo its status as a major political party by filing with the secretary of state an appropriate party rule within sixty days of attaining major party status under this section, or within fifteen days of June 10, 2004, whichever is later’.

‘The last state general election in an even-numbered year was 2010, which had only a single statewide office up for grabs, the US Senate seat. In 2010, the Republicans put no candidates forward for the Senate seat, and did not run a state primary for 2010. While Republican Dino Rossi was on the ballot, he was put there as a result of a non-party run-off, called a winnowing primary, and not through a state party primary or convention’.

‘By not holding a primary for the sole statewide office up in 2010, the Republican Party appears to not meet the qualifications for being a major political party. And if not, the rules for minor parties, including the deadlines, would apply, and the last deadline for the Republicans to file and have Romney on the ballot passed three weeks ago’.

‘This has not gone unnoticed by the Libertarian Party, which filed a lawsuit to enforce the states existing statues. Do note, the Washington Secretary of State did put forth a bill proposal which would have changed the statute to a simpler metric, having at least 5% of the vote in the earlier election, but that measure failed to pass through the state legislature’.

‘The Stranger, a local Seattle newspaper, has been covering this story since the deadline passed at the beginning of the month. They are aiming to keep tabs on the Libertarian Parties lawsuit as well’.

‘This is not the first bit of this election where the Libertarians are flexing their muscle. Their candidate Gary Johnson is polling strong against the Republican candidate Mitt Romney in New Mexico and they seem ready to capitalize on the GOP’s weakness elsewhere. Sadly, as ever, the Libertarians seem to lack any coördination, being unable to even name their own candidates for office on the national website beyond the Presidential. It is not too late for them to get their acts together, of course, but with less than 90 days left to the election, the clock is ticking down’.
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Watched FOX ‘news’ lately? – ‘Geraldo Rivera: Napolitano Has Orchestrated A ‘Same-Sex Takeover’ Of Homeland Security’

‘In an attempt to explain the allegations of sexual harassment at the Department of Homeland Security, Fox News host Geraldo Rivera on Friday resorted to saying that the few women in powerful roles at DHS want to ban all men, and that the department as a whole is undergoing a “same-sex takeover,” and a “lesbian cabal.”

‘The exchange on “Fox and Friends” this morning clearly made the only female host, Gretchen Carlson, uncomfortable. As she tried to steer the conversation toward a different topic, Rivera insisted on indicating that all of the women in top roles at Homeland Security are lesbians, and that such manly items as “old spice,” “smelly sailors,” and “english leather cologne” wouldn’t be allowed under Sec. Janet Napolitan’:

RIVERA: ‘Is the sub-text of the Department of Homeland Security scandal that there is some kind of lesbian kabal, that it’s a same sex takeover. …It seems everyone is talking around it. Is that really what people are saying, that men are disadvantaged because women and specifically lesbians are ruling the roost there’?

CARLSON: ‘I don’t know about that last part.[…]’

KILMEADE: ‘We don’t know for sure. But it’s easy to come to that conclusion that there is some different type of glass ceiling separating the Homeland Security Department in this case’.

RIVERA: ‘No machos need apply’?
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Blog Running – ‘ If it’s David Barton, it might be time to laugh’.

‘By Ed Kilgore’
‘Back in June I wrote about a new book by two conservative evangelical writers who took great issue with the take on Thomas Jefferson’s church-state views offered by the famous controversialist David Barton, who more than any one person is cited by Christian Right folk as “proving” America was intended by its Founders to be a “Christian Nation.” At the end of the post I expressed pessimism about the impact of this debunking given Barton’s enormous political usefulness, particularly to the vast Teavangelical interests who claim the Declaration of Independence set out divinely established permanent edicts protecting everything from fetal rights to absolute limits on taxes and business regulations’.

‘But turns out I underestimated conservative evangelical scholarship, which has turned against Barton with a vengeance, as noted by Thomas Kidd in the latest issue of World magazine’:

‘Jay W. Richards, senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, and author with James Robison of Indivisible: Restoring Faith, Family, and Freedom Before It’s Too Late, spoke alongside Barton at Christian conferences as recently as last month. Richards says in recent months he has grown increasingly troubled about Barton’s writings, so he asked 10 conservative Christian professors to assess Barton’s work’.

‘Their response was negative. Some examples: Glenn Moots of Northwood University wrote that Barton in The Jefferson Lies is so eager to portray Jefferson as sympathetic to Christianity that he misses or omits obvious signs that Jefferson stood outside “orthodox, creedal, confessional Christianity.” A second professor, Glenn Sunshine of Central Connecticut State University, said that Barton’s characterization of Jefferson’s religious views is “unsupportable.” A third, Gregg Frazer of The Master’s College, evaluated Barton’s video America’s Godly Heritage and found many of its factual claims dubious, such as a statement that “52 of the 55 delegates at the Constitutional Convention were ‘orthodox, evangelical Christians.’” Barton told me he found that number in M.E. Bradford’s A Worthy Company’.

‘And on top of that, the biggest blow, per TPM’s Casey Michael’:

‘Thomas Nelson Publishers announced this month that it has ceased publication of The Jefferson Lies, Barton’s latest work’.

‘Casey Francis Harrell, the director of corporate communications at the publishing firm, said that, due to a spate of recent complaints, Thomas Nelson had “lost confidence in the book’s details.” The Jefferson Lies, a New York Times bestseller, has been pulled from Thomas Nelson’s website, and the company has asked online retailers to cease offering the work to the public’.

‘In Kidd’s damning account of the uniformly negative assessment of Barton’s most recent work by conservative evangelical scholars, he adds this afterthough’t:

‘Barton has received support from Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, and other political leaders’.

‘So next time you hear some pol or gabber say confidently that it’s a “well-known fact” this was intended to be a “Christian Nation” with eternal constitutional rules of governance which happen to coincide with the conservative movement’s economic and social prejudices, you might want to ask: “Who Says?” If it’s David Barton, it might be time to laugh’.
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