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Some for me but not for thee – ‘Ryan sought stimulus funds while decrying program’

I wonder how many times Rep, Ryan has said that the stimulus ‘didn’t create any jobs’.

JANESVILLE, Wis. — ‘In 2009, as Representative Paul Ryan was railing against President Obama’s $787 billion stimulus package as a “wasteful spending spree,” he wrote at least four letters to Obama’s secretary of energy asking that millions of dollars from the program be granted to a pair of Wisconsin conservation groups, according to documents obtained by The Globe’.

‘The advocacy appeared to pay off; both groups were awarded the economic recovery funds — one receiving a $20 million grant to help thousands of local businesses and homes improve their energy efficiency, agency documents show’.

‘Ryan’s letters to the energy secretary praising the energy initiatives as he sought a portion of the funding are in sharp contrast to the House Budget Committee chairman’s image as a Tea Party movement favorite adamantly opposed to federal spending on such programs’.

‘The documents show that Ryan’s attempts to take advantage of the stimulus funds even after he voted against them was more expansive than previously reported. Ryan was criticized by some House Democrats in 2010 after the Wall Street Journal reported that he was among several Republican lawmakers who sought the stimulus money for their constituents by, in his case, writing a letter in 2010 to the Department of Labor’.

‘The additional letters include his praise for the energy program’s aims, and clash with his own budget priorities, which call for curtailing many of the same Department of Energy investments that are designed to spur the growth of green technologies and reduce reliance on fossil fuels’.

“I was pleased that the primary objectives of their project will allow residents and businesses in the partner cities to reduce their energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and stimulate the local economy by creating new jobs,” Ryan wrote to Energy Secretary Steven Chu on Dec. 18, 2009, on behalf of the Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation’.
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A Paul Ryan ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Paul Ryan Featured Alongside ‘Former Terrorist’


Remember, Paul Ryan could be the next Vice President of the United States………………….

Think about THAT as you read and watch THIS.

‘This, in a nutshell, is your modern Religious Right’:

‘The website for the upcoming Values Voter Summit in DC, hosted by the Family Research Council, features Mitt Romney’s running mate side-by-side with “former terrorist” Kamal Saleem, seen here’:

‘Saleem, whose real name is Khodor Shami, claims that he was Muslim Brotherhood operative who “came to the United States of America…to destroy this country,” saying that he crossed the Canadian border and “brought weapon caches right through cities.” Somewhere along the way he converted, got a job at Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network, and became the favorite ex-Muslim of the Religious Right. As a result, he says his life is constantly in danger, and he is being pursued by foreign agents’.

‘If you’re asking yourself why Saleem isn’t in jail as opposed to speaking at a conference with the likes of Paul Ryan, Michele Bachmann, Jerry Boykin, and Tony Perkins, it’s because Saleem is widely considered to be a fraud. But this begs a question’.

‘Does FRC believe Saleem? Do they think he came to America as a Muslim Brotherhood member bent on destroying our nation? They have scheduled him to speak alongside Jerry Boykin in a breakout session on “the strategic nature of Israel, and its role in the Middle East, America, and in the future of Western Civilization.” That suggests they do’.

‘FRC is either knowingly presenting a fraud or someone who plotted to destroy the nation. If it’s the latter, they must also believe that Saleem is being pursued by foreign agents who are threatening his life. Now I’m not an event planner, but I would lean against booking anyone like that at a high-profile conference with governors and members of Congress’.

‘But no matter FRC’s real intentions, Saleem is clearly useful to their anti-Muslim efforts. He is willing to say pretty much anything to confirm the darkest, most paranoid suspicions of his audiences, e.g.’:

•’Kamal Saleem Says U.S. Generals Pledged to ‘Destroy the United States’ and Obama Will ‘Legalize Terrorism’

•’Kamal Saleem Suggests Obama is a Muslim, Imposing Islamic ‘Fascist Religion’

•’Kamal Saleem Uncovers Plot to Use Roe v. Wade to Bring in Sharia Law’

•’Kamal Saleem Says ‘Terrorism Will Be Legal’ if Immigration Reform Passes; ‘We’ll be Wearing Ragheads’
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‘Republicans In Competitive Races Distance Themselves From Ryan’s Medicare Plan’

While some (the smart ones) will ‘Run form Ryan’, the Republicans have put out and are really promoting this video on how to not answer questions on Ryan’s turning Medicare into a voucher program but rather change the subject and attack ‘Obamacare’.

The ‘See here’s a bright, shinny object over here. Look at that.’ (Instead of what we don’t want to talk about but will pass in a nano second while you’re not looking.)

Remember Grover Norquist –

“All we have to do is replace Obama. … We are not auditioning for fearless leader. We don’t need a president to tell us in what direction to go. We know what direction to go. We want the Ryan budget”.
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‘Republicans in tight congressional races are moving to distance themselves from Ryan and the piece of legislation for which he is best known, his extreme “Path to Prosperity” budget, in hopes that they can win over swing voters by criticizing the Medicare-ending plan’.

‘Richard Tisei – In his district outside of Boston, Tisei won’t win on a hardline Republicans budget plan, so Tisei has tried to avoid the issue of the Ryan budget altogether. “I just don’t think it’s going to be an issue in this race,” he told Politico.
(Note to Rich – wanna bet?)

‘George Allen – Virginia’s senate race is Allen’s best hope to get back into politics after his 2006 loss, and he’s hoping to be able to ally himself with the Romney-Ryan ticket without having to embrace Ryan’s proposed Medicare cuts. At a rally on Thursday, when Allen was asked about supporting the Ryan plan, he told reporter, “I think your assertion’s incorrect,” and “I haven’t had a chance to look at their latest permutation from it.”

‘Denny Rehberg – Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-MT) is running a competitive race for the Senate, and while he embraced Romney’s pick of Ryan, he simultaneously tried to signal to voters that Ryan and he had policy disagreements, writing in a release shortly after the announcement, there are “few occasions where” the two disagreed’.

‘Chris Collins – Rep. Kathleen C. Hochul’s (D-NY) competitor refused to even discuss the Ryan budget with reporters over the weekend, fleeing from the quandary of the Ryan budget and its effects on Medicare. “I’m not going to get into a discussion now about a budget that may be passed next year with a new president and new Congress,” Collins told the Buffalo News, “I’m not going to go back and relive any proposal in the past because they are in the past.”

‘Brendan Doherty – The Rhode Island House candidate, Brendan Doherty, told Slate reporter Dave Weigel that he does not support the part of the Ryan budged that is “privatizing Medicare.”

‘Linda McMahon – McMahon’s opponent goaded the Connecticut senatorial candidate into distancing herself from the Ryan budget, releasing a statement asking whether McMahon would support Ryan’s Medicare cuts. In response, a McMahon spokesperson gave National Journal perhaps the most firm statement of opposition from a Republican candidate. “Linda McMahon will never support a budget that cuts Medicare,” he said’.
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‘Mitt Romney’s constitutional amendment would bar Paul Ryan from the presidency’

We already know Mitt won’t be ‘ready’ on day one and now it seems neither will Paul Ryan.

‘Three years ago, Mitt Romney proposed a constitutional amendment that would say “the president has to spend three years working in business before he becomes president of the United States. Then he or she would understand that the policies they are putting into place have to encourage small business to grow.”

‘As Andrew Kaczsynski notes, that provision would disqualify Paul Ryan, who has spent his life working for the government, first as a congressional staffer and then as a congressman’.

‘To be clear about the point here, I think this reflects how dumb Romney’s proposed constitutional amendment is, not Ryan’s fitness for the presidency’.

‘It also reflects Romney’s tendency to take positions strategically without carefully considering their long-term impact. When he made that comment, was it really so difficult for him to imagine naming a vice president without business experience? That would, for instance, disqualify career military men, like Gen. David Petraeus’.

Update: ‘Some have argued that Romney isn’t quite “proposing” this amendment so much as speaking favorably about it as a concept. I think that’s a fair distinction. Either way, the basic point is unchanged’.
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A ‘Conservtive’ vision for America – ‘Six Republicans Who Think Voters Should Not Be Able To Choose Their Own Senators’

‘Prior to the Seventeenth Amendment’s ratification, the Constitution provided for senators to be selected by state legislatures, a system that was abandoned after it led to “rampant and blatant corruption, letting corporations and other moneyed interests effectively buy U.S. Senators.”

‘Flake, however, is not alone in his desire to make America less democratic. Indeed, at least two other GOP senate candidates, one GOP governor, one Republican senator and a Supreme Court justice all have indicated agreement with Flake’s ambition to return the Constitution to the halcyon days of the Nineteenth Century’:

•’Indiana Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock: Mourdock, who defeated incumbent Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN) in a GOP primary after campaigning on a platform of refusing to compromise with Democrats, suggested at a campaign event last February that senate elections should be abolished because “the House of Representatives was there to represent the people. The Senate was there to represent the states.”

•’Missouri Senate Candidate Rep. Todd Akin: Akin, the GOP nominee facing incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO), said during a GOP primary debate last may that “I don’t think the federal government should be doing a whole lot of things that it’s doing and it well may be that a repeal of the 17th Amendment might tend to pull that back.”

•’Texas Gov. Rick Perry: Perry’s star has fallen considerably since his “oops” of a presidential campaign. Nevertheless, he remains the governor of America’s second largest state. He also believes that “The American people mistakenly empowered the federal government during a fit of populist rage in the early twentieth century by giving it an unlimited source of income (the Sixteenth Amendment) and by changing the way senators are elected (the Seventeenth Amendment).”

•’Sen. Mike Lee: Lee believes that federal child labor laws, FEMA, food stamps, the FDA, Medicaid, income assistance for the poor, Medicare and Social Security violate the Constitution, so it is not surprising that he is also a seventeenther. Lee explained his opposition to his own election to the United States Senate in an interview with Fox Business’.

•’Justice Antonin Scalia: Scalia, who was widely criticized for his partisan rhetoric during the Supreme Court’s recent health care and immigration cases, also called for the Constitution to be changed to abolish senate elections — “I would change it back to what [the founders] wrote, in some respects. The 17th Amendment has changed things enormously.”
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