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The HMS Romney

Just had this sent to me.

‘In 1768, the British dispatched a 50-gun warship to New England to enforce Parliament’s right of taxation over the colonies. Her actions involved impressing local sailors, confiscating a vessel belonging to John Hancock, and providing a refuge for the unpopular Boston tax commissioners when rioting broke out’.

‘The name of the warship: the HMS Romney’.

HMS Romney was a 50-gun fourth rate of the Royal Navy. She served during the American War of Independence, and the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars in a career that spanned forty years’.

‘Launched in 1760, Romney spent most of her early career in North American waters, serving on the Newfoundland station, often as the flagship of the commander-in-chief there. She became caught up in the tensions leading up to the outbreak of the American Revolution when she was sent to support the Boston commissioners enforcing the Townshend Acts in 1768. Her actions involved impressing local sailors, confiscating a vessel belonging to John Hancock and providing a refuge for the unpopular commissioners when rioting broke out’.


‘That the King sent to quell the American Revolution after the Boston Tea Party. Romney – where have I heard that name?

Analysis: ‘Tis true, the name of the British warship sent to Boston Harbor to enforce the Townshend Acts of 1767, which imposed indirect taxes on various commodities sold in the American colonies — notably tea — was HMS Romney.

Please note, however, that this was before, not after, the Boston Tea Party notwithstanding erroneous reports to the contrary (see example #3 above).

The presence of the Romney did further exacerbate tensions between the colonists and the British, especially after the ship’s captain began impressing local men to serve in His Majesty’s Navy. The Romney was also instrumental in the confiscation of a ship owned by prominent colonist John Hancock on accusations of smuggling, which led to street riots, which prompted the sending of British troops, which prompted more rioting, and ultimately led to the Boston Massacre in 1770.

None of which has anything really to do with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney or the 2012 election, of course — but you knew that.

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But it’s NOT Republican Obstructionism – ‘Ohio Early Voting Cutbacks Disenfranchise Minority Voters’

‘Now, in heavily Democratic cities like Cleveland, Columbus, Akron and Toledo, early voting hours will be limited to 8 am until 5 pm on weekdays beginning on October 1, with no voting at night or during the weekend, when it’s most convenient for working people to vote’.

‘Republican election commissioners have blocked Democratic efforts to expand early voting hours in these counties, where the board of elections are split equally between Democratic and Republican members’.

‘Ohio Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted has broken the tie by intervening on behalf of his fellow Republicans’.

‘I cannot create unequal access from one county board to another, and I must also keep in mind resources available to each county,” Husted said in explaining his decision to deny expanded early voting hours in heavily Democratic counties’.

‘Yet in solidly Republican counties like Warren and Butler, GOP election commissioners have approved expanded early voting hours on nights and weekends’.

Noted the Cincinnati Enquirer: “The counties where Husted has joined other Republicans to deny expanded early voting strongly backed then-candidate Barack Obama in 2008, while most of those where the extra hours will stand heavily supported GOP nominee John McCain.”
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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Romney Holds Meeting With Supporters Of Bachmann’s Anti-Muslim Witch Hunt’

Witch hunts. Loyalty oaths. Ummm………….

We NEED to get back to the ‘good old day’s’ of ‘American Exceptionalism’ that these good folk want.

McCarthyism was just a warm up to what the New Republican Party wants.

First Amendment : ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof………’

But the New Republican Party KNOWS that the Founding Fathers would want us to question ANYONE who isn’t ‘Christian’.

There’s nothing wrong with ‘questioning’ people is there?

Congressional panels. Loyality oaths. Neighbors watching neighbors. Looking for ‘suspicious behavior’.

And once we have a Republican President (a very weak one), and a Republican House and Senate, they can pass legislation allowing local committees to ‘look into’ those people that, well just might not be ‘real’ Americans.


‘Mitt Romney, the presidential candidate has refused to condemn Bachmann saying, “I’m not going to tell other people what things to talk about.”

‘Mitt Romney held a meeting Thursday with a group of right-wing activists that included several leaders who have been vocal supporters of Rep. Michele Bachmann’s (R-MN) Islamophobic witch hunt, deepening his association with right-wing, anti-Muslim sentiment’.

‘One of the guests at Thursday’s event was Vice President of the Family Research Council Jerry Boykin, who has a long history of Islamophobia, and once said that Islam “should not be protected under the First Amendment.”

‘Most recently, Boykin piled on to Bachmann’s baseless indictment that top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin is part of a Muslim Brotherhood plot. “I believe in some aspects of this situation there is support for the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into our government, that sounds extremist but it is just a fact, it’s a reality,” he said’.

‘Three others in attendance at Thursday’s event — American Values president Gary Bauer, Focus on the Family founder James Dobson, and Family Research Council president Tony Perkins — penned a letter to House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) defending Bachmann’s witch hunt’.

‘In that letter, they argued there is legitimate concern about “senior federal officials or branches of the federal government could be animated or influenced by groups affiliated with, or a philosophy grounded in, radical Islam.”
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‘Gingrich speaks highly of McCarthyism in defending Bachmann’s anti-Muslim witch hunt’

Newt Gingrich DEFENDING McCarthyism.

Just like ‘voter fraud’. Republicans will stop ONE MILLION people from voting rather then MAYBE stopping the POSSIBILITY of 1 peBut it’s NOT rson fraudulantly voting.

McCarthyism. SMEARING 100 people to find 1 spy.

Newt is OK with that.

And that is EXACTLY what this election is becoming.


Newt has none.

Neither does Mitt Romney.


A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Report: Rep. Steve King mulling bill to repeal everything Obama has signed’

‘Rep. King floats theory that President Obama was born in Kenya’

This is what is killing America.

An extreme minority in one political party that hates President Obama more then they love America.

And will do anything – everything – to stop him rather then lift one finger, vote on one piece of legislation that would have even the slighest possibility of helping Americans.

‘Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), an outspoken critic of just about everything President Obama supports, is considering introducing a bill that would repeal everything Obama has signed into law’.

‘King put forward this suggestion to an Iowa audience on Tuesday, when he also reiterated his threat to sue the Obama administration for its June decision not to deport younger illegal immigrants. Under that policy change, illegal immigrants who are in school or have served in the military would get a two-year deferral from deportation’.

“I am bringing him to court, and we’re going to defend the Constitution of the United States and the separation of powers,” King said Tuesday’.
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Blog Running – ‘Debate over dead woman is clarifying moment in prez race’


We can’t see the forest because of the trees.

Or some of us don’t want to look or know.

I posted the ad here and while I disagree with the lying from Priorities USA – I stand with the intent.

This Country is about people. And corporations are NOT people.

Should Government be forced aside so that private industry can ‘grow’? And if you think that private industries ‘mission’ will be ANYTHING other then making a profit – then you haven’t worked in privatre industry and live in a fantasy World.

Or should Government BE the buffer between private industry and people? Private industry CAN grow but NOT at the expense of the ‘general welfare’.

But Steve Sargent says it better…………………..

‘Priorities USA Action has released a widely discussed ad that implies Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital is to blame for the death of a laid off steelworker’s wife’.

‘The ad doesn’t quite say outright that Romney is to blame for her death. It’s meant to dramatize that decisions like the one made by Bain have long term consequences and devastate real people and communities. But the ad could have been a bit more specific in recounting what happened with her illness — and it does imply that she died partly because of Bain, which, again, is unsupportable at best’.

‘Today, however, the Romney camp responded to the ad in a way that makes this whole dust-up an important clarifying moment. Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul suggested today that Soptic’s wife would have had health insurance if she had lived in Massachusetts and had been covered by Romneycare’.

‘The larger story here is this: Even if this ad makes unsupportable charges — and even if you think there’s nothing objectionable about Bain’s conduct — the ad dramatizes a larger story about what has happened to the middle class in this country. There is a straightforward difference of opinion between the two candidates over how to respond to this — over the degree to which the federal government should intervene to protect people like Ms. Soptic. Obama believes in aggressive federal action to cushion the blow of market outcomes like the one that hit families like the Soptics with such force. Romney — even though his campaign has now said universal health care is the right answer in cases like hers — is promising to roll back government protections for families like theirs. Whatever you think of the ad, that’s the more important larger argument to be having here — and it has been clarified this week’.
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