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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – GOP teabagger Shea’s picture backed by GOP’

This is the type of scumbag, and there is no other word that best describes Matt Shea’s actions, that the Spokane GOP teabaggers approve of.

The teabagger Matt Shea posts a picture of himself in front of his opponents house AND gives the cross streets.  And THEN says she’s only complaining because she trailed him by 20 points in the primary.

Even the County Sheriff, a Republican, asked Shea to take it down and he won’t.

But let’s vote these Republicans in.

And if we dare to disagree with them?

Who knows what information about us they will post.

‘The chairman of the Spokane County Republican Party is standing behind state Rep. Matt Shea’s decision to post a picture of himself on the Internet standing on his Democratic challenger’s property despite public outcry that cuts across partisan lines’.

“This looks like a fabricated issue following a poor primary performance,” county GOP Chair Matthew Pederson said of complaints by state House hopeful Amy Biviano and others that Shea went too far with the photo, which was posted to the incumbent lawmaker’s Facebook page along with the location of a nearby intersection. Shea explained in the Facebook post that he had been door-belling the neighborhood, which was just added to the 4th Legislative District this year’.

‘There is disagreement, even among Republicans, over Shea’s refusal to remove the picture as Biviano has requested’.

‘Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, for example, said Thursday that Shea should remove the photo’.

“Personally, I wish Matt would have taken it down,” said Knezovich, who has praised Biviano’s stands on domestic violence issues but insists he is remaining neutral in the race. “Matt has called law enforcement multiple times with concerns about his residence and his wife’s safety. Matt knows what it’s like to be in that public realm.”

‘Shea did not return calls seeking comment about the picture, but he did respond on his Facebook page to a posting about the photo on The Spokesman-Review’s Spin Control blog. Shea noted that in the primary, he beat Biviano by about 20 percentage points and accused the newspaper of “trying to rehabilitate a radical pro-choice socialist who just got trounced in the primary.”

‘Biviano said that she didn’t want her home well-advertised, in part, because her husband is a former federal prosecutor. Shea’s post included the closest intersection with an arterial to her home, which is a few blocks from where she lives in the southwest part of the city of Spokane Valley’.

“Given his pattern of violent and threatening behavior, I’m not surprised to see Mr. Shea attempt to intimidate me in this way,” Biviano said. Accusations that Shea had a problem controlling his anger emerged last year when Spokane County commissioners debated if he should be appointed to an open state Senate seat’.

‘Both Shea and Biviano have taken steps to make it more difficult for the public to determine where they live. Although a candidate’s address is public information, the county elections office only posts candidates’ campaign office addresses on its website. Shea listed a post office box for his campaign. Biviano listed her campaign treasurer’s address for hers’.

‘Biviano texted the sheriff and a few others about Shea’s appearance at her door. When the picture showed up on Shea’s Facebook page, Knezovich said he let her know it was posted because he knew it “caused her some heartburn.”

‘Pederson said Biviano’s call for Shea to remove the photo is proof that she does “not want to debate the issues.”
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