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‘MSNBC Host Calls Out Iowa Governor For Lying About Obama’s Welfare Waivers’

Kudos to Check Todd at MSNBC but I’ll bet he’s had batter attempts at talking to rocks then he did with Governor Terry (The words that come out of my mouth are the REAL truth) Branstad.

‘Gov. Branstad Lies About Welfare Waivers’

Sunday Picks

Yeah it’s preseason so no real picks but some thoughts……

San Fran ran fro 260 yds? In preseason when you’re trying to save your RB’s?

Redskins and Indy now have QB’s and good ones too.

NO. With all the scandal – still a solid team.

Jets could get ugly with Sanchez and Tebow both there.

Houston and KC will be much better teams and Houston was already good.
NY Giants –
Preseason week one – lost to Jacksonville but in the 4th quart.
Preseason week one – Vick hurt?
Preseason week one – Darren McFadden for Oak. is ready. Everybody else -not so much. 3-0 preseason game?
Preseason week one – RG3 seems ready.

NFC – North
Green Bay
Preseason week one – 18 players out with injury.
Preseason week one – When you lose to Cleveland – evewn in pre season – you’ve got more problems then I have time.
Preseason week one – Cutler was held out so nothing to do but wait.
Preseason week one – Settled for 2 FG’s instead of TD’s. Peterson still rehabbing.

NFC South
New Orleans
Preseason week one – Brees looked good.
“…..” Week two – Denfense looked good.
Preseson week one – Might want to look for a better back up QB.
Preseason week one – Sophmore jinks for Cam?
Tampa Bay
Preseason week one – A whole lot better then last year.

NFC West
San Francisco
Preseason week one – 260 yards rushing?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!
Preseason week one – You shouldn’t use the preseason to pick your QB.
“…..” Week two – Going the wrong way. Defense gave up a big run and is Kolb the QB?
Preseason week one – You gotta like Wilson. Will they trade (dump) Jackson and start Wilson over Flynn? Still a lot of questions on receivers and RB’s. But looked very good.
St. Louis
Preseason week one – Stalled drives.

AFC East
New England
Preseason week one – Defense looked good.
NY Jets
Preseason – Tebow running around a lot.
Preseason week one – I’m guessing Tannehill is the QB.
Preseason week one – 14 penalties?

AFC North
Preseason week one – Impressive win over Atlanta.
Preseason week one – Lost to Phily on a FG. But did show some great ball control.
Preseason week one – Could havew some critical injuries.
Preseason week one – 1-0 in pre season. Life is good until the regular season.

AFC South
Preseason week one – Impressive win over Carolina.
Preseason week one – Locker looked bettewr then Matt. They have a RB! And the defence looked great. Offence not so much.
Preseason week one – Beat NY Giants but in the 4th.
Preseason week one – Luck looked great.

AFC West –
Preseason week one – Stokley said Manning was ‘in control of the offense’.
San Diego
Pre season week one – Lost their starting running back for 6 weeks.
Preseason week one- Darren McFadden is ready.
Kansas City
Preseason week one – Cassel is healthy and back.

‘Harsh words for Obama mark end of Romney bus trip’

Mitt Romney says the President Obama ‘and his surrogates have made wild and reckless accusations that disgrace the office of the presidency’.

Yeah. It’s all Obama’s fault.

“His campaign strategy is to smash America apart and then cobble together 51 percent of the pieces. If an American president wins that way, we all lose,” Romney told a crowd of thousands standing outside the Ross County Court House in southern Ohio’.

“His campaign and his surrogates have made wild and reckless accusations that disgrace the office of the presidency,” Romney said. “This is what an angry and desperate presidency looks like.”
From :

‘Mitt Romney: ‘European socialist policies not right for US’
@ :

‘Romney Surrogate John Sununu Calls Obama an Unamerican Pot Smoker’
@ :

‘Romney Adviser: We Are Part of an Anglo-Saxon Heritage Obama Does Not Understand’
@ :

‘Gingrich: Obama’s ‘Kenyan, anti-colonial’ worldview’
@ :

‘Sarah Palin: Obama’s Policies Are “Un-American”
@ :

‘Darrell Issa: Obama’s Government Most Corrupt In History’
@ :

‘Rush Limbaugh: Obama ‘hates this country’
@ :

‘Glenn Beck says President Obama hates white people and is a racist’
@ :

‘Trump: Grandma Says Obama Was Born in Kenya’
@ :

‘Michele Bachmann Says Obama Administration Infiltrated by Muslim Brotherhood’
@ :



So many Republicans are going to have to have town halls and explain their vote on the Ryan Budget.

The Western Word

Yesterday in Monday Morning Politics I talked a little bit about Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate and U.S. Senate candidate and current Montana Congressman Denny Rehberg (who voted against the Ryan budget in the House).

That selection has also given Democrat House Candidate Kim Gillan an issue to use in the somewhat boring open U.S. House at-large race between Gillan and Republican Steve Daines here in Big Sky Country.

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Regaining the Center

Yes, it is.  No it isn’t.  That’s the refrain we hear when the right mounts its soap box, castigates the left (and vice versa), and gratuitously throws in, “return America to greatness”.

Mitt Romney thinks America is “exceptional” and wants everyone to know it.  So does President Obama if pressed.

Which politician do you know who would contest such a statement?  Lost on most is could you please give me a few examples of exceptionalism?

America is certainly a wealthy country.  This claim is subject to data and facts.  The unasked question is how did America become so wealthy?  Is this the source of “exceptionalism”?

Listening to these cheerleaders I can not help but wonder, do they think that since America is exceptional, “they” are exceptional too?

The US spends today more money (it does not have) on defense than any other country.  It spends almost 10 times the next…

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This is the best soft ball interview Ryan may get………..and he couldn’t get a hit.
Yes your the VP choice Ryan but the reason the Conservatives LOVED you is you actually believed in what you said.
After this interview…….not so much.


This is the guy with a plan to balance the budget? He can’t even give details(straight answers) about his own plan, let alone, the supposed grand plans of Shitt Romney, whose own lack of clarity is appalling. These two don’t have a clue to anything beyond appealing to the incredibly ignorant Tea-Party yahoo’s.


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The ‘Republicans hate Obama more then they love America’ in practice.


No doubt…

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This is going to define Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney and the Republicans.
Americans choosing between the profits for companies or the health of people.


There is an excellent article in the New York Times today regarding HCA, the health care giant and their maximization of profits.  Personally, I find the whole idea of profiting on someone’s pain to be morally and ethically wrong.  Take a few minutes and read this article (yes, Bain Capital is also mentioned) and you can see why health care in the United States is a joke.  We worry about “socialized health care” and criticize the way that the government handles programs, but the people running our healthcare system are absolutely criminal.  When you can pick and choose who  you treat based on a profitability index, there is something terribly wrong.  A few snips from the article…

Among the secrets to HCA’s success: It figured out how to get more revenue from private insurance companies, patients and Medicare by billing much more aggressively for its services than ever before; it…

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