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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Missouri’s GOP Senate Candidate Says Federal Govt Should Stop Funding School Lunches’







The ‘turn it back to the States’ mantra.

Here’s the problem.

All those States in red? Call them ‘welfare States’. They ‘receive more than a dollar back for every dollar they pay in taxes’.

So if you stop funding school lunches at the Federal level and turn it back to the States, those States that ALREADY receive more back in taxes then they pay in, CAN’T AFFORD an additional program.

And kids go hungry.

But that’s ok.

We have ‘States rights’.

‘Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) — ‘who is running for Sen. Claire McCaskill’s (D-MO) Senate seat — told reporters on Thursday that the federal government should “end its support for school lunch programs,” suggesting that states should fund the effort’:

“There’s another good question of who should be doing that,” Akin said during the discussion with reporters. “Is that something the federal government should be doing? I answer it no — why not do it at the state level?” […]

“I am not against school lunches, but I have a question of whether or not the federal government should be doing many things it is doing, and that would be one I would take a look at.”
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3 thoughts on “A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Missouri’s GOP Senate Candidate Says Federal Govt Should Stop Funding School Lunches’

  1. crazycrawfish on said:

    Our kids are too fat anyway. We should treat them more like those North Korean kids. We already have the same single-minded military complex. We can use our nukes to demand food aid from our soon to be more prosperous neighbor to the south.

    • Let’s not forget the Newt wants to fire janitors and put poor kids to work cleaning up the schools. The poor kids according to Newt, don’t have a work ethic so this would give it to them.
      With the new Republican party – this is the future.

  2. crazycrawfish on said:

    Newt is probably just trying to figure out a “newt” way to get another female intern in the form of a poor female janitor. I hear Callista only allows him male interns at his office.

    Were we really that close to having a president named after a tiny, harmless, ridiculous looking amphibian lizard thing? This country has really gone to the frogs.

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