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House Republicans to Long Term Unemployed – ‘The ‘Screw You Again’ Edition – ‘Boehner questions Senate jobless aid deal’

boehner on umemployed

Just like with Obamacare, marriage equality, immigration reform, tax reform (and on and on) House Republicans are finding ways NOT to do anything rather then actually do something for Americans.



THAT is the Republican record.

Make them defend it.

‘Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) voiced concern Friday over the Senate’s bipartisan deal to extend unemployment benefits’.

‘Boehner’s office wouldn’t comment on the bill for the record, but a House GOP leadership aide told The Hill the Speaker was concerned the retroactive pay would prove unworkable and that it does not contain a jobs provision, among other issues’.

‘In its initial push, Boehner said an extension must be offset with spending cuts and must include job creation provisions’.
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A Republican World – The ‘Wall Street Built That’ Edition – ‘Wall Street Bonuses Vs. The Minimum Wage’

raise th ewage



‘New figures show that the bonus bonanza of 2013 didn’t disappoint. According to the New York State Comptroller’s office, Wall Street firms handed out $26.7 billion in bonuses to their 165,200 employees last year, up 15 percent over the previous year’.

‘That’s their third-largest haul on record’.

‘The $26.7 billion Wall Streeters pocketed in bonuses would cover the cost of more than doubling the paychecks for all of the 1,085,000 Americans who work full-time at the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour’.

‘And boosting their pay in that way would give our economy much more bang for the buck’.

‘That’s because low-wage workers tend to spend nearly every dollar they make to meet their basic needs’.

‘The wealthy can afford to squirrel away a much greater share of their earnings’.

‘When low-wage workers spend their money at the grocery store or on utility bills, this cash ripples through the economy’.

  • ‘According to my new report, every extra dollar going into the pockets of low-wage workers adds about $1.21 to the national economy’.
  • ‘Every extra dollar a high-income American makes, by contrast, only adds about 39 cents to the gross domestic product (GDP)’.

‘Sarah Anderson directs the Global Economy Project at the Institute for Policy Studies and is the author of the new report Wall Street Bonuses and the Minimum Wage’.
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Hillary 2016 – ‘Clinton only Dem with edge on GOP’

hillary 2016

Yesterday I caught part of Ed Schultz telling us all how Biden had to get in the race now.

I think it will be great for the Democratic party and Liberals in general to see Hillary along with Biden, Warren, Duval, Brooker, Mallory hell even Jerry Brown on state debating.

Compare the public perception for THAT group of debaters to Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Huckabee, Scarbourgh, Cruz and even Christie.

‘PPP’s regular look at the 2016 Presidential race really shows how important it is for the party that Hillary Clinton run in 2016’.

‘She leads Mike Huckabee 49/42 in a hypothetical contest’.

  • ‘By contrast Joe Biden would trail Huckabee 46/41 in a hypothetical match, and Elizabeth Warren would trail 44/33. This is one of the most massive electability gaps we’ve ever seen’.

‘Clinton also leads the rest of the Republican field in potential contests, although some of the match ups are pretty close’.

‘Jeb Bush is the strongest GOP hopeful, trailing by only 3 points at 47/44’

‘And Chris Christie isn’t far behind with a 4 point deficit at 46/42’.

Clinton leads Rand Paul and Paul Ryan each by 5 points at 47/42 and 48/43 respectively’,

‘Marco Rubio by 8 points at 48/40’,

‘And Ted Cruz by 11 points at 51/40’.

‘There’s been a lot of Mitt Romney nostalgia of late but we find little evidence his image has improved since losing the 2012 contest to Barack Obama. Romney has a 38/48 favorability rating and trails Clinton 48/43 in a hypothetical contest, slightly worse than his margin of defeat against Obama’.

  • ‘Romney’s net favorability is worse than every potential 2016 GOP contender we looked at on this poll except for Ted Cruz’.

‘For the second time in a row Mike Huckabee leads the national Republican field for 2016.

‘Huckabee’s at 18% to 15% for Jeb Bush’,

‘14% each for Chris Christie and Rand Paul’,

‘11% for Ted Cruz’,

6% for Marco Rubio’,

5% for Paul Ryan and Scott Walker’,

‘And 4% for Bobby Jindal’.

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A Rand Paul World – ‘Five Minutes With Rand Paul’

PowerPoint Presentation

This is hilarious.

The teabaggers and the Religious Right will N E V E R give up on their ideology.


So dream on Rand.

Interviewer : “But it seems what they’re saying is that the Republican Party should stay out of issues like gay marriage”.

Rand Paul : “I think that the Republican Party, in order to get bigger, will have to agree to disagree on social issues”.
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A Republican World – ‘GOP-led House votes 51st time to unravel Obamacare’

repeal obamacare

Still not one single vote for an alternative.






This is ‘doing the people’s work’.

WASHINGTON (AP) — ‘The Republican-controlled House has voted for the 51st time in 26 months to neuter the nation’s health care law’.

‘The vote was 237-182 with nearly all Democrats opposed. Now the bill goes to the Senate, where it’s expected to die’.

‘The measure would overhaul the system for paying doctors and others who treat Medicare patients. At the same time, it delays the penalty for failing to purchase coverage under the law’.

‘The combination prompted opposition by the American Medical Association. That’s despite the group’s advocacy for changes in the Medicare payment system’.

‘The vote is the first attacking the president’s health care law since Republicans won an election for a House seat this week in a campaign that featured health care as an issue’.
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Boston’s Saint Patricks Day Parade – ‘Boston Beer Company, Sam Adams Cancel Participation in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade’

sam adams1


sam adams

But NOT for the reason you may be thinking.

It’s actually a great stand on ethics for the brewing company.

20 Gay Veterans wanted to march in the parade and were stopped by parade orgainzers.

‘Statement from the Boston Beer Company’:

“We have been participating in the South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade for nearly a decade and have also supported the St. Patrick’s Day breakfast year after year. We’ve done so because of the rich history of the event and to support veterans who have done so much for this country”.

“We were hopeful that both sides of this issue would be able to come to an agreement that would allow everyone, regardless of orientation, to participate in the parade. But given the current status of the negotiations, we realize this may not be possible”.

“We share these sentiments with Mayor Walsh, Congressman Lynch and others and therefore we will not participate in this year’s parade. We will continue to support Senator Linda Dorcena Forry and her St. Patrick’s Day breakfast. We wish her all the best in her historic stewardship of this tradition.”
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A Republican World – The “States Have Rights But The Voters In The States Were Wrong’ Edition – ‘WATCH: GOP Demands Obama ‘Enforce The Law’ In Pro-Weed States, Passes Bill’

states rights


states rights1


First they demand that States have rights.

Then when the voters in two States voted to approve pot sales, the House Republicans want to take away States Rights.

So it’s States Rights subject to approval by House Republicans.

And then there’s that pesky little thing called ‘Separation Of Power’ in the Constitution.

‘The Republican House just passed the “ENFORCE the Law Act” in an attempt to force President Obama to enforce federal laws, even where state laws directly contradict federal law’.

‘Representatives Trey Gowdy (R-SC), Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), Jim Gerlach (R-PA) and Darrell Issa (R-CA) introduced the bill, which passed almost strictly on party lines. Now it’ll go to the Senate, where Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said it would be dead on arrival’.

‘Goodlatte submitted a report on the bill, which says that the purpose of the bill is “To prevent executive overreach and to ensure that the President discharges his constitutional duty to ‘take care that the laws be faithfully executed…’” among other things’.

‘It also allows Congress to sue the president for failing to enforce the law’.
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UPDATE – A Republican World – The ‘It’s The Liberals Fault Because They Are Attacking Us Now’ Edition – ‘Catholic Leader: I Wasn’t Saying That I ‘Literally’ Wanted Liberal Professors Shot’

taken out and shot

‘While hosting the radio show earlier this week, Ruse reacted angrily to the news that Duke University freshman Miriam Weeks was performing as a porn star to pay her way through school’.

“That is the nonsense that they teach in women’s studies at Duke University, this is where she learned this. The toxic stew of the modern university is gender studies, it’s “Sex Week,” they all have “Sex Week” and teaching people how to be sex-positive and overcome the patriarchy. My daughters go to a little private religious school and we pay an arm and a leg for it precisely to keep them away from all of this kind of nonsense. I do hope that they go to a Christian college or university and to keep them so far away from the hard left, human-hating people that run modern universities, who should all be taken out and shot”.

In a statement provided to TPM, Austin Ruse, the head of the the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (or “C-FAM”), expressed regret for his inflammatory comments, which he said were “not intended to be taken literally.”


“I deeply regret and apologize for using the expression “taken out and shot” on the Sandy Rios Show this week. It was not intended to be taken literally. I have dedicated my life and career to ending violence. I regret that these poorly chosen words are being used to attack my friends at American Family Radio and American Family Association”.
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See also : ‘American Family Association Cuts Ties With Austin Ruse After He Called For Professors To Be Shot’
‘On its Facebook page today, AFR said that Ruse “is no longer on the air with us and will not be filling in on AFR in the future.”

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