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The Republican War On Women – ‘GOP Lawmaker Says Sick Leave, Equal Pay Bills Make Women ‘Look Like Whiners’

war on women today


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Is a woman strong when she accepts 20 cents an hour less then men?

Is a woman strong when she just accepts and doesn’t object to domestic and sexual violence?

Does it make a woman stronger to just accept she can’t have paid sick days or be unable to afford good child care?

Is that just women ‘whining’?

How does not raising the minimum wage make any of us stronger?

‘Minnesota House Majority Leader Erin Murphy (D) responded to Kieffer’s comments about women looking like “whiners” in an email to HuffPost’.

“In Minnesota, women earn 80 cents on the dollar to their male counterparts,” she said. “That is not whining. That is a reality that we should not accept”.

“Too often women are branded as ‘whiners’ when they challenge unfairness in our laws and society. I would bet a lot people said Susan B. Anthony was a whiner when she fought for the right to vote. The reality is that women in Minnesota and throughout our country face unique economic barriers and everyone deserves a fair chance at success.”

‘A package of bills in Minnesota that would enhance women’s economic security by raising the minimum wage, providing paid family and sick leave and addressing the gender pay gap makes women “look like whiners,” a state GOP lawmaker said last week.

“We heard several bills last week about women’s issues and I kept thinking to myself, these bills are putting us backwards in time,” State Rep. Andrea Kieffer (R) told colleagues at a Wednesday hearing on one of the measures. “We are losing the respect that we so dearly want in the workplace by bringing up all these special bills for women and almost making us look like whiners.”

‘The Minnesota Women’s Economic Security Act is an omnibus bill intended to address the barriers to economic progress that Minnesota women face’.

‘Among other measures aimed at helping working women, the legislation would raise the minimum wage to $9.50’

‘And protect women from discrimination in the workplace and unfair pay’.

‘Additionally, it would expand access to affordable childcare and paid sick and family leave’,

‘Enhance protections for victims of domestic and sexual violence’

‘And encourage women entrepreneur’s business development in traditionally male-dominated industries’.
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Turn Kentucky Blue – The Republican War On Women – ‘Wooing the Ladies: Mitch McConnell Fundraiser Thinks Wives Are Obligated to Have Sex’

turn kentucky blue2



‘Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has some pallin’-around-with-a-misogynistic-dinosaur problems, according to a report from Alexandra Jaffe at The Hill’.

‘Jaffe writes that the Republican Senator will be having a Wednesday fundraiser co-hosted by a conservative talk radio host Dennis Prager’.

‘Jaffe directs the reader to a few of Prager’s op-eds for conservative publications like and National Review’.

‘In the National Review, Prager argued against sexual “hookups”, fearing as he does that a “promiscuous” woman gives herself depression and destroys marital sex once she lands that All Important Man.

‘While arguing why careers shouldn’t matter to women, the Precious Mind of Prager tells us that women are like fish,:

“But most women are not programmed to prefer a great career to a great man and a family. They feel they were sold a bill of goods at college and by the media. And they were. It turns out that most women without a man do worse in life than fish without bicycles.”

Yes, Prager made that argument in a TownHall article entitled “When a Woman Isn’t In The Mood, Part II” :

‘He writes, “Why would a loving, wise woman allow mood to determine whether or not she will give her husband one of the most important expressions of love she can show him? What else in life, of such significance, do we allow to be governed by mood?”

‘At any rate, this clearly fearful, controlling person is co-hosting a fundraiser for the Senate Minority Leader’.

‘Team McConnell is foolishly not worried, and tried to hang their hat on McConnell’s record for caring about women’.

  • ‘I’m not sure if they meant his voting no on the Violence Against Women Act – calling it a “distraction”,
  • ‘Or his vote against Equal Pay — calling it a “special interest vote”,
  • ‘Or his votes against raising the minimum wage when over 250,000 Kentucky women would benefit from an increase in the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour’.

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A Republican World – The Religious Right’s War On Women – ‘Ralph Reed: Making divorce harder for women is a ‘better solution’ than food stamps’


ralph reed war on women


war on women3

The ‘Stay together for the sake of the children’ mantra.

Infidelity? Fall out of love? Abuse?

Too bad. Just stay married and then you won’t have to go on food stamps.

Poverty isn’t caused by divorce.

Poverty is caused by a lack of opportunity.

‘Faith and Freedom Coalition founder Ralph Reed on Tuesday said that it was becoming too easy for women with children to get a divorce from their husbands’.

‘Host Mika Brzezinski wondered why Reed had compared divorce to drug use, human trafficking and legalized gambling to prove the country was in decline’.

“I personally think the no-fault divorce revolution in the 60s and 70s has not been good for society,” Reed explained. “Certainly, I recognize that couples are not going to be able to stay together. That’s been true throughout society, but do we really want to make it easier for a man to discard the wife of his youth than it is for him to fire his secretary, for him to basically go in and say goodbye when 40 percent of all child support is never paid?”

“And when we know, 40 percent of the women and children that are thus cast aside end up in poverty,” he added. “A woman is far more likely to end up in poverty. A man’s income goes up. So, a lot of the poverty problem in America is a problem of women and children abandoned by the husbands and fathers.”

‘Reed, however, argued that making divorce more difficult was a “better solution” than food stamps’.

“Set aside the partisan politics, that if you have a society where children are born out of wedlock, end up in poverty, and end up as agents and wards of the state, that’s not a healthy society,” he opined’.
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A Republican World – ‘Bill Kristol Calls For Americans to be ‘Awakened and Rallied’ to War’

bill kristol

What exactly do the warmongers want us to do?

‘Bill Kristol is not shy about his fetish for war. His latest piece at the neoconservative Weekly Standard borders on self-parody in the way that it openly longs for a return to a time when Americans were eager to send the U.S. military off on unnecessary, imperialistic adventures’.

‘Kristol is frustrated by the “war-weariness” of the nation. He laments the reluctance on the part of the Republican Party to “challenge” “the idol of war-weariness.”

“A war-weary public can be awakened and rallied,” Kristol cheers. “Indeed, events are right now doing the awakening. All that’s needed is the rallying. And the turnaround can be fast.”
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