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The Big Bang Bucket List Of A Buddhist Blogger

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As it turns out…….white men CAN dance…..

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The Day in a Picture

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“All it takes is one good man with a gun….” – ‘California man arrested after Twitter threat to ‘shoot someone walking’

guns in us


guns 3

But let’s not expand back ground checks so that he can go out and get a real gun next time.

‘A 20-year-old Los Angeles man was arrested on Thursday for threatening to shoot someone if enough people signaled their approval online, KTLA-TV reported’.

‘Police arrested Dakkari Dijon McAnuff on suspicion of making criminal threats after being alerted to his Twitter post Tuesday morning stating, “100 RTs and I’ll shoot someone walking,” alongside a picture of a weapon resembling a rifle being pointed out of a high-rise toward the street below’.

‘The “RT” stands for “retweeting,” a popular method of passing a post along, and one commonly seen as a sign of endorsement’.

‘According to KTLA, McAnuff later allegedly posted a picture of “a bloodied man laying in the street in front a truck with flashing lights,” alongside a message stating, “Man down. mission accomplished.” The account reportedly belonging to McAnuff has been suspended’.

‘After determining his identity, police arrested McAnuff at his home Wednesday afternoon. An air rifle was recovered at the time of the arrest. He is being held on $50,000 bail’.
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“All it takes is one good man with a gun…..” – ‘Texas dad guns down teen boy after daughter invites him into her bedroom’


The father’s on medication.

The daughter lied.

And now a 17 year old boy is dead.


Guns keep us safe.

‘A Texas father shot and killed a teenage boy who he found in his daughter’s bedroom early Thursday morning’.

‘Harris County deputies said that the 16-year-old daughter snuck the 17-year-old boy into her bedroom. Her younger brother saw the boy, and notified the father’.

‘When the father asked about the boy, the girl reportedly claimed she did not know him. The man called 911, and then he got into an argument with the boy’.

‘The father said that he opened fire when the boy suddenly moved his hands’.

‘The 17-year-old boy died at the scene’.

‘According to The Houston Chronicle, the father complained that he was having panic attacks, and was taken to a nearby hospital. Deputies said that the man appeared to be on medication’.
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WTF? -“All it takes is one good man with a gun….” -‘Missouri Man Who Accidentally Shot Himself Sues Police For Taking His Guns’

gun nutsWTF2



‘In his lawsuit, Coleman claims that police did not have a right to take his weapons, and that the seizure was disruptive to his medical treatment, according to the Courier’.

‘In the lawsuit, Coleman also said that police officers aggravated his post traumatic stress disorder, for which he has been ordered to seek treatment’.

Insert WTF?????

‘A Kearney, Mo. man who accidentally shot himself in November decided to sue the town’s police department for seizing his firearms, the Kearney Courier reported Thursday’.

‘Terry Coleman accidentally discharged a rifle in a closet inside his home, according to the Courier. When police and medical personnel responded to the incident, they secured Coleman’s guns in the home while he was being treated. They then held his three firearms at the Kearney Police Station until he asked for them back’.

‘Coleman’s lawyer, Walter Simpson, told the Courier that he has not yet gotten his guns back’.

“I know that a friend of Mr. Coleman’s contacted the police department, and he would like to come by and pick up his guns. He was told that Mr. Coleman had to provide proof of ownership of the guns, which seems ridiculous to me,” Simpson said. “They know where they got them. They took them from his house.”

‘Kearney Mayor Bill Dane said that the police officers were simply following standard protocol’.

The police have always taken any weapon, because it is a crime,” he told the Courier. “That’s standard procedure, and it will always be standard procedure. So the police didn’t do anything wrong. All they did was follow policy and procedure.”

In the lawsuit, Coleman also said that police officers aggravated his post traumatic stress disorder, for which he has been ordered to seek treatment. Dane said he couldn’t comment on Coleman’s condition.

“I’m talking about anyone who suffers from mental illness, in my opinion, should not be in possession of firearms,” Dane told the Courier’.
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A Liberal Vision For America – The ‘Promote The General Welfare’ Edition – ‘Huge Victory for Democrats as Senate Republicans Cave on Unemployment Benefits’

This is bad news for House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), who probably doesn’t want to have to explain in an election year why his House is tossing 2 million to the curb’.

‘The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that extending the benefits for another year would save 200,000 jobs, so it’s not just the jobless who benefit. Unemployment benefits during a recession also help the economy’.

‘Late this afternoon, Democrats scored a huge victory on President Obama’s agenda by getting Senate Republicans to cave on unemployment benefits that are paid for in part by effectively raising taxes on corporations. But heck, they’re paid for and that’s what Republicans said they wanted’.

‘After the Senate reached a “bipartisan” deal to renew federal unemployment benefits to the more than two million Americans Thursday afternoon, Ways and Means Committee Ranking Member Sander Levin (D-MI) urged House Republicans to follow the bipartisan path and do the right thing. Republicans have already thrown 2 million off of unemployment benefits since December 28’.

‘While the push to reinstate long term emergency unemployment benefits came from Democrats, NBC News reported that Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine told reporters that the deal has enough Republican support, and she pointed out that the aid would be “paid for.”

‘This means that the measure has enough Republicans to overcome the 60 vote bar that conservative Republicans were hoping would stop it’.
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Turn Texas Blue – ‘Wendy Davis Slams Greg Abbott for His Donors Getting $42 Million in Taxpayer Money’

turn texas blue2

texas blue abbot

‘Abbott looked the other way as taxpayer dollars were given away to businesses whose grant requests received low review scores or were not reviewed at all.” They asked, “Why did Abbott fail to attend a single CPRIT oversight board meeting?”

‘Maybe this sounds like no biggie, but that’s until you get to the money involved’.

‘Abbott donors raked in over 42 million taxpayer dollars while he apparently “looked the other way.”

‘The Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas is Republican Governor Rick Perry’s baby and it was a signature accomplishment until several years ago when a criminal investigation into its operations was opened’.

‘The voters approved the creation of this agency in 2007, in order to distribute up to $3 billion for cancer research’.

‘The Republican Attorney General was serving on the oversight board as his donors received $42 million in taxpayer funds’.

  • ‘In fact, the Lone Star Report continued, “Since 2001, Greg Abbott has received nearly half a million dollars in campaign contributions from a handful of individuals who are connected to CPRIT. Companies connected to the Abbott contributors have in turn received $42,800,861 in grants from CPRIT.”

‘That doesn’t look so great’.

‘There are at least ten Abbott donors with ties to this cancer prevention board’.

‘As an example of how this works, there are two big Republican players who are also major donors of Abbott’s, James Leininger and Peter O’Donnell’.

  • ‘Together they gave Abbott over $400,000 since 2001, and together they received almost $25 million in taxpayer money for “grants” in spite of poor or no reviews’.

‘Several officials had to resign after awarding the unjustified grants, and one official was indicted over an $11 million grant’.

‘Wendy Davis’ communications director Zac Petkanas’ :

“Under his watch, Greg Abbott’s largest contributors received tens of millions of taxpayer dollars in contracts with almost no oversight or accountability’.

‘ However, instead of addressing his potentially unethical behavior while serving on the CPRIT board, Abbott has refused to come clean and discuss his involvement with the organization’s shady activities that led to several officials resigning and one criminal indictment. Texans are sick and tired of the same business as usual from Greg Abbott.”

‘This isn’t the only issue Abbott is silent on, he’s also avoiding discussing equal pay for women. Here’s a clue: When a Texas Republican won’t discuss their stance on women’s issues, it’s probably not good’.
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The Republican War On Voting – The Wisconsin Edition – ‘In narrow vote, Senate backs ending early voting on weekends’

republican voter purge1


wisconsin blocks voter

Is it ‘difficult’ for people in rural areas to see 63 supermarkets in Milwaukee but only 1 in their town?

Is it ‘difficult’ to see a fleet of snow plows in Green Bay but only 1 in their town?

Is it difficult to see three dozen fully staffed fire stations in Madison but only 1 volunteer station in rural areas?

That’s the reason the Republicans gave for cutting back on early voting.

“It’s difficult for rural people to see city people doing something they can’t”.

Early voting has nothing to do with that fact that cities have 10, 100, 1000 times the population so early voting helps reduce the long lines.


People in rural areas are made to feel bad when they see big city folk voting all hours and they can’t.


Madison — ‘After being blocked by Democrats a day earlier, Republican state senators narrowly approved bills Wednesday to end weekend voting before elections’,

‘Allow lobbyists to make political donations earlier in the political season’

‘And curb lawsuits by those exposed to asbestos’.

Under one bill, approved by a one-vote margin, early voting in clerks’ offices could occur only on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m’.

‘Clerks would not be able to hold early voting during all of that period, however, because they would be limited to allowing a total of 45 hours of early voting a week’.

Republicans did not speak on the merits of the bill during Wednesday’s debate, but Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) told reporters after the vote that the measure would level the playing field for urban and rural areas’.

“It’s difficult for people to turn on Channel 6 in Milwaukee … and there’s a shot of someone voting during a time when it’s not available to people in rural areas,” Fitzgerald said’.
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Stories From The Republican Fringe – ‘Rafael Cruz blames California drought on UN Agenda 21, ‘Mother Earth worship’

ted and raffell cruz


ted cruz

‘A little-known United Nations sustainable development plan is behind California’s worst drought in a century, according to conservative pastor Rafael Cruz’.

“There is more than one way to confiscate private property,” the father of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said last Saturday in Longview, Texas. “Have any of you heard of Agenda 21? Agenda 21 is all about confiscation of private property. It’s all about the worship of Mother Earth. You know, in California they are trying to tear down all the dams to let the rivers flow freely. They’ve created a drought in southern California to save a little fish, a little minnow.”

‘Agenda 21 is a non-binding action plan developed by the United Nations to promote “sustainable human settlement development.”
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A Republican World – The ‘OK You Caught Me Trying Out New Code Words For Saying I Think Black People Are Lazy So That The Republican Base Would Know I’m Really One Of Them’ Edition – ‘Paul Ryan Tries To Walk Back Racist Comments By Saying He Was ‘Inarticulate’

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paul ryan8

Hey Ryan….

Look at the higher rate of unemployment in rural areas.

Isn’t that where you and Sarah Half Term Governor Plain think that real Americans live?

Are they lazy too?

Or just black people living in the city?

“After reading the transcript of yesterday morning’s interview, it is clear that I was inarticulate about the point I was trying to make”.

“I was not implicating the culture of one community—but of society as a whole”.

“We have allowed our society to isolate or quarantine the poor rather than integrate people into our communities”.

“The predictable result has been multi-generational poverty and little opportunity. I also believe the government’s response has inadvertently created a poverty trap that builds barriers to work. A stable, good-paying job is the best bridge out of poverty”.

“The broader point I was trying to make is that we cannot settle for this status quo and that government and families have to do more and rethink our approach to fighting poverty. I have witnessed amazing people fighting against great odds with impressive success in poor communities. We can learn so much from them, and that is where this conversation should begin”.
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