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Republicans 2016 – ‘Bush to Hunker Down with Family to Assess Bid’

jeb bush10


‘Jeb Bush “will attend a finance meeting this weekend in
Houston convened by former President George H. W. Bush and
attended by Bush’s brother, former President George W.
Bush,” CBS News has learned’.

“The session, designed to assess where Bush’s candidacy
stands in the face of large-scale staff cutbacks and
underwhelming poll numbers, will also be attended by Bush’s
mother, Barbara Bush. The governor’s campaign confirmed the
meeting will be held Sunday and Monday.”

I’m reminded of this :

‘Fischer: Romney’s Leadership in Doubt if he ‘Can Be Pushed
Around by a Yokel Like Me’

JEB! Don’t Call Me Bush is being pushed around by a
billionaire bully.

People (read some of the less dull witted Republicans) are
starting to get tired of the bully. Calling people names
does not tell us how he will actually solve problems.

JEB! started to question Trump on the how and was getting
results as Trump has not actual policy’s just rhetoric that
appeals to the low information Republican base.

So JEB has two choices.


Or come out and actually fight for the job. Keep asking how.
And not just of Trump but also Carson and Fiorina.

Hating Government isn’t a policy.
Wanting to use our military to bomb any Country that doesn’t
bow down to us isn’t a policy.

6 months ago I picked Hillary Clinton as the Democrat and
JEB! as the Republican with Rand Paul attempting a third
party run.

My reasoning was Rand could appeal to both COnservative
moderates and the tea bagging fringe of anti Government.

Trump sucked all the air out of the last option for Rand.

So will JEB! run?

Ask Trump….”Where’s the beef”?

Living In A Republican America – ‘Rand Paul: Put Stickers On School Windows Warning ‘You Will Be Shot’


rand paul1

Why don’t other Countries have this problem?

‘Gun homicides are considerably more common in the US than in peer countries.There were 29.7 gun homicides per million people in the US in 2012, compared to only 5.1 per million in Canada, and 1.4 per million in Australia, according to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime’.(1)


(1) :

Blog Running…By Digby – Republican Clown Car – ‘Rand on the run’

blogfirst word2

rand paul running

‘Rand Paul doesn’t know how to turn Mexican bashing and immigration into a states’ rights issue so he runs away from it. He’d rather not talk about it because libertarianism doesn’t have an answer and the GOP demands one’.

‘Rand Paul runs from immigration question about Donald Trump and Steve King’

Does this little event remind you of anything? It should. Here’s Sam Seder on an earlier incident that is remarkably similar. It even had Steve King involved’:

Rand Paul’s Hilarious Excuse: I Didn’t Run From An Immigrant, I Just Had Somewhere Else To Be!

‘Poor Rand always seems to be on the run whenever anyone asks him about immigration…’

‘Meanwhile, he did find the time time to speak privately to Cliven Bundy for 45 minutes yesterday. Seriously’.

From :

WTF Wednseday – How To Get The Republican Sovereign Citizen Vote – ‘ Rand Paul Privately Pow-Wows With Anti-Gov’t Rancher Cliven Bundy’

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Cliven Bundy ‘teaching’ us about what he knows about ‘the negro’.

‘Presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) apparently just can’t quit Nevada rancher and anti-government activist Cliven Bundy’.

‘The senator was among the big names in the GOP who distanced themselves from Bundy last year after the rancher openly wondered whether black people had been “better off slaves” than on government assistance. At the time, Paul called the comments “offensive” and said “I wholeheartedly disagree with him.”

‘But Politico reported on Tuesday that Bundy said he met privately with Paul to talk states’ rights on Monday after an event in Nevada’.

‘Bundy, whose militia-backed standoff with the federal government over grazing fees made headlines last year, told Politico he “educated” Paul on his land philosophy at the event, held at Eureka Casino in Mesquite, Nevada’.

“I don’t think he really understands how land rights really work in the western United States,” the rancher told Politico. “I was happy to be able to sort of teach him.”

From :

Feeding The Republican Base – Debunking The Republican Lies – ‘Rand Walks Back Saying Some In DC ‘Secretly Want’ A Terrorist Attack’


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rand paul22

Fear is what the Republicans want. If you are afraid, then words like ‘war’, ‘fight over there so we don’t have to fight over here’ are cold comfort.

‘Presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on Monday walked back a jab at his colleagues, after accusing some in Washington of secretly wishing for an attack on the U.S’.

“People here in town think I’m making a huge mistake,” he said during debate over renewing key provisions of the Patriot Act, which Paul attempted to block over the weekend’.

“Some of them, I think, secretly want there to be an attack on the United States so they can blame it on me.”


rand paul18

‘During a Monday morning interview on Fox News, anchor Bill Hemmer asked: “To whom were you referring?”

“I think sometimes, in the heat of battle, hyperbole can get the better of anyone. That may be the problem there,” Paul said. “The point I was trying to make is that I think people do use fear to try to get us to give up our liberty.”

  • “Heat of the battle”????????

You’re on FOX. What heat and what battle?

From :

Republican Clown Car – Feeding The Base – ‘Senator Graham Threatens Drone Strikes On Americans’

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graham on endless wars

Rand Filibuster Paul said the same thing after his ‘historic’ filibuster.

rand paul23

‘Why, here comes Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina declaring his intent to seek the Office of President of the United States of America’.

‘Speaking in Iowa on Sunday, Senator Graham declared that any U.S. Citizens he even suspected were terrorists would be executed by drone strike’.

“I’m not going to call a judge. I’m going to call a drone, and we will kill you”.

  • ‘No charges, no evidence, no jury, no trial, just straight up execution against Americans because he believed they were terrorists’.

From :

Living In A Republican World – ‘Rand Paul: Iraq War Architects Shouldn’t Get To Keep Going On Sunday Shows’

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. gestures as he speaks in Washington, Wednesday, June 12, 2013. Revelations of massive government collections of Americans' phone and email records have reinvigorated an odd-couple political alliance of the far left and right. Leading the libertarian charge is Paul, who has clashed with Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., on other issues, including the use of unmanned aircraft to kill terrorism suspects. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. gestures as he speaks in Washington, Wednesday, June 12, 2013. Revelations of massive government collections of Americans’ phone and email records have reinvigorated an odd-couple political alliance of the far left and right. Leading the libertarian charge is Paul, who has clashed with Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., on other issues, including the use of unmanned aircraft to kill terrorism suspects. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Rand Paul appears to want to stifle free speech.

Is that a Libertarian value?

“It’s also bothersome that the mainstream media continues to invite the architects of the Iraq invasion on to share their opinions on Sunday morning shows,” he adds. “History has already begun to harshly judge those who made this country’s decisions after 9/11.”(1)

Here’s a crazy thought.

chuck todd2

Instead of banning them, after one of those ‘architects of the Iraq invasion’ spouts his/her line, CHALLENGE THEM.

That’s what an actual journalist would do.

Unless you’re Chuck Todd……

Don’t control the conversation – open it to get answers to actual questions.

Unless it’s not your job to report the truth……..

(1) :

The Day in a Quote


Being Republican Poor In America – Republicans 2016 – ‘Rand Paul: Advocates for the Disabled Should Help Brainstorm Ways to Cut Social Security Spending’

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rand paul18

Social Security is going to run out of money so we need to make sure that if someone says they are disabled….they really are disabled.

Now we are going to spend millions – NOT to help anyone – but to make sure someone is really disabled………….And you wonder why Social Security is running out of money.

‘On Monday, after another event in New Hampshire, Paul expanded on his disability position by arguing that advocates for the disabled needed to collaborate on cost-cutting ideas’.

“I think the first thing to acknowledge is that there’s not money for all of these Social Security disability programs,” Paul told Bloomberg in an interview’.

“It runs out of money this year. [The program does not hit a shortfall until late 2016, according to the actuary’.]

The overall Social Security system pays out more than it takes in. So I think it’s really without question that all of these programs need to be reviewed to make them financially sound. There are people who are truly disabled, so the program should first of all prioritize those who are truly disabled.”

As the population increases, so do the number of people who will need it. Why not increase funding as the population increases?

“I think it’s important that all the advocates for disability realize that it’s in their best interest to make sure that people who are disabled are receiving money,” he said’.

“So there’s a lot of reforms that we’ve talked abouthaving more certainty in annual exams, having the exams done by doctors who have not seen the patient and can be objective in confirming the disability”.

“There’s a lot of reform we can do, and the key is getting the advocates involved.”

Yes. Let’s ‘advocate’ for doctors getting more money to do exams and not for people actually disabled. 
From :

The Clown Car – ‘Rand: I’ll Look Into Whether The Military Is Planning To Takeover The Southwest’

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rand paul18

And an actual US Senator actually thought it might be real……..


‘Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said in a recent interview that he’d “look at” a planned U.S. military training exercise that conspiracy theorists believe may be a cover for the implementation of martial law’.

‘Des Moines, Iowa radio host Jan Mickelson asked the Republican presidential candidate in an April 21 interview whether he was up to speed on the training exercise dubbed “Jade Helm” that’s scheduled to take place in several southwestern states’.

“You know I’ve gotten a few questions about it on the road and I really don’t—” Paul responded. “I’m not sure about exactly what is going on with that.”

“It’s making some people nervous, but it doesn’t take much to make people nervous nowadays,” Mickelson said. “If you get a chance to, I’d like to know what the rest of the story is on that.”

“We’ll look at that also,” Paul assured him’.

‘A spokesman for Paul did not immediately respond to a request for comment from TPM on Thursday’.

‘Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) on Tuesday asked the State Guard to monitor the exercise when it happens in order to ensure “that Texans know their safety, constitutional rights, private property rights and civil liberties will not be infringed.”
From :

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