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Kevin Bacon Explains the ’80s to Millennials




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To Everyone Out There Struggling, Watch This Inspirational Message of Hope via the daily what

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The teabaggers of Spokane County – The Craigslist Rants & Raves Edition



welfare state

This is going to be a thread to introduce you to the
mainstream Republicanism in Eastern Washington and
specificly Spokane to include North Idaho.

The teabaggers.

Over the years I posted in CL’s R&R and as a Liberal, I
stood out. Eastern Washington is very, very red in a
Blue State.

Until they, the teabaggers, had enough of my ‘socialism’
and flagged me off.

‘Freedom of speech’ is only for teabaggers in Spokane and North Idaho.

These teabaggers proud to proclaim ‘taxed enough already’
of course depend on welfare from Western Washington –
Democratic Western Washington…but that doesn’t stop
them… on welfare….they are still ‘taxed
enough already’.

There are 3 main characters in the teabagger Spokane CL
R&R ‘family.

‘Backwoods’ – This guy is the scum of the Earth. Who do
you know that cuts and pastes the words of other people
but doesn’t give them credit….Besides Rand Paul and
Sarah Palin? Backwoods. Then when called out on it, he
went back and changed the posting he’d made putting in a
link. This is the second time (to my knowledge that he’s
done it but once is happenstance, twice is pattern)Oh and
as a teabagger, when legislation is passed, he wants it
enacted right now. Not tomorrow. RIGHT NOW!!!

Shepherd – You’ll come to know Shep as just being crazy
and and idiot and regardless if you disagree with him…you’re a ‘socialist’.

McGarr – Words alone can not describe McGarr. Well mine
don’t. So I’ll let her and the others speak for

The teabaggers of Spokane County…

A few days ago I posted here and in CL’s R&R on the
teabagger nuts in Arizona that said – ‘When the founders
spoke of religion, they meant the Christian religion’.(1)

This was McGarr’s response :

“So Kane, what bothers you more.. Tea Baggers or
Christians? Either way, there is still good in some. Yes,
they do go overboard.. But…. with this administration I
can see why”.(2)

To which I responded :

“It’s not ‘overboard’ to say that the Founding Fathers
meant only the Christian Religion…it’s stupidity”.
“Ever read the US Constitution McGarr”?
“Having read your response it’s doubtful”.(3)

To which she responded :

“I will admit that No I haven’t read it.( in detail) Its
like the Bible”.(4)

  • She hasn’t read the US Constitution.

Yet thinks the Arizona teabaggers ‘do go overboard’.

  • If you haven’t read the Constitution….how do you know if they went ‘overboard’?

If you haven’t read the Constitution….there may well be
a clause in it that states religion is only the Christian

The ‘Constitution is like the Bible’.


The Constitution is the laws on how we will govern

The Bible is about a religion. And don’t even go into the
Bible is law because less then 1 tenth of 1% of
Christians actually follow the ‘laws’ set forth in the

The US Constitution with Amdenments is less then 5000

The Bible is 1000+ pages of words.

The two have nothing in common.

But that’s McGarr and teabagger reasoning….Or lack of.

Welcome to the teabaggers of Spokane County.


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Blog Running – ‘A Conservative Meme On School Lunches: Work For It, Kids’!

school lunches for the poor

‘SAHIL KAPUR – MARCH 11, 2014, 6:00 AM EDT’

‘Before Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) fibbed and told a story at CPAC about free school lunches that turned out to be false, the meme had been long in the making as a conservative rallying cry about the evils of liberal ideology’.

It was adopted in the Senate primaries by Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA), who suggested in December that school kids “maybe sweep the floor of the cafeteria” if they want to avail of free lunches’.

‘Kingston, who is struggling in a three-way race with two ultraconservative opponents, was later found to have expensed nearly $4,200 in meals to his congressional office’.

‘Last April, a state lawmaker in West Virginia, Ray Canterbury (R), argued during a school lunch debate that it’d be a “good idea” to have “the kids work for their lunches.” He proposed that they take out the trash, sweep the hallways or mow the lawns in order to earn their food’.

‘Sometimes the sentiment materializes into action’.

‘In the Salt Lake City School District in January, lunch trays were swiped away from dozens of elementary school children before they could eat anything, as officials told those students it was because they had negative balances in their accounts. (Officials later apologized after an outcry from parents’.)

‘The National School Lunch Program, which provides federal assistance for public and private schools to offer lunch to children, has been around since 1946’.

  • It feeds 17.5 million kids with free or reduced-cost lunches every school day’.
  • ‘The lunch is free if their household earns below 130 percent of the federal poverty line, and cheaper if it’s between 130 and 185 percent of poverty’.
  • ‘It aims to address a real problem: three out of five teachers report that kids in their classrooms regularly come to school hungry, and a majority says the problem is getting worse, according to a survey by the advocacy group No Kid Hungry’.

‘So, what’s really behind the antipathy toward government-subsidized school lunches’?

‘It stitches together a panoply of notions that are popular with conservatives’:

‘That the government spends too much money helping the poor’,

‘That free lunches are emblematic of wealth redistribution and’

‘That families (rather than the state) should look after children’.

‘It’s also a dog-whistle to the idea, which has grown popular on the right in the Obama era, that too many able-bodied people are lazy and mooching off the federal government’.

‘A corollary to this is the claim that liberals don’t value the dignity of work. Wound together, “no free school lunches” serves as a rallying cry that plays to the GOP base’s primal ideological convictions’.

‘The idea that kids should work was also test-driven by Newt Gingrich during the 2012 GOP presidential primaries: he suggested that schools fire their janitors and have kids clean’.

‘A parallel story that is aggravating conservative sentiments is First Lady Michelle Obama’s effort to make kids healthier by overhauling nutrition standards for school lunches’.

‘Not only has it prompted howls of outrage from radio host Rush Limbaugh, it has motivated three Republican congressmen to introduce legislation that requires the White House and U.S. Department of Agriculture to abide by the same nutrition standards’.

‘Conservative news outlets have tapped into the zeitgeist’.

‘Back in July 2012, Fox News aired a segment about the “controversy” of “taxpayers feeding every child, whether they’re needy or not.”

‘The segment was about the summer lunch program, which is there to assist kids who rely on assistance for lunches through the school year. An anchor said, “It’s a valuable resource for families who are struggling and, critics say, a nice freebie for those who are not.”

‘By the time Ryan — the House’s budget chairman and a rumored 2016 presidential hopeful — seized on the notion, it was well-worn in his movement’.

‘Last week he spoke to conservatives of a young, poor boy who didn’t want a free lunch and instead wanted one that his parents made for him. “The left is making a big mistake here. What they’re offering people is a full stomach and an empty soul,” he said. “The American people want more than that.”

‘It is a testament to the power of the idea among conservatives that Ryan’s tale was not only second-hand from a state official in Wisconsin but also fictitious’.

‘He ended up apologizing for “failing to verify the original source of the story.”
From :

A Republican World – The ‘Its All Obama’s Fault Even Though Bush Did It Too’ Edition – ‘Bill O’Reilly: Abraham Lincoln Would Never Have Appeared on Zach Galifianakis’ ‘Between Two Ferns’

bill oreily

“Using a comedic web site to enroll people is a little bit desperate, don’t you think?” O’Reilly scoffed’.
From :

Yeah……Instead lets make fun of no WMD’s and all the death and destruction THAT caused…..

A Republican World – The ‘Republicans Say The Long Term Unemployed Are Just ‘Takers’ And Don’t Need Help, They Just Need To Go Get A Job’ Edition – ‘Democrats Will Try Long-Shot Maneuver To Bring Back Unemployment Benefits’

unemployment benefits

This won’t happen but a good campaign issue for 2014 would be for Democrats to say long and loud how their Republican incumbant refused to sign the petition to even take a vote on extending unemployment benefits.

WASHINGTON — ‘Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives will try to restore long-term unemployment insurance to 2 million workers using a rare parliamentary maneuver on Wednesday’.

‘The procedural move, called a discharge petition, requires a majority of House members to sign on in support of discharging a bill from committee that has otherwise stalled’.

‘Democrats were unable to hit the threshold needed — 218 votes — for another recent discharge petition on minimum wage legislation, so it’s unlikely they’ll succeed with unemployment benefits’.

‘But Democrats hope merely raising the issue puts pressure on Republicans’.

“If my colleagues want to vote against the extension, I respect their right to disagree; but failing to even allow a vote goes against the very progress that families and our constituents demand,” said Rep. Brad Schneider (D-Ill.), who will file the petition’.

“Partisan politics must not be allowed to get in the way of doing the right thing for our middle class families. That’s why I’ll be filing a measure to end the gridlock and force a vote on extending unemployment insurance.”
From :

A Republican World – The ‘Lies As Facts’ Edition – ‘New Conservative Meme That Unions Outspend Koch Brothers On Elections Is Patently False’

koch spending

‘The fact is, that the CRP Kimberly Strassel of the Wall Street Journal used, only shows disclosed and direct campaign contributions made by organizations, companies and individuals’.

‘On that level, the Kochs only show up as #59 overall for the past 25 years and contributed a total of $4.9 million in the previous election cycle’.

‘However, when you take into account all of the ‘dark’ money that the Kochs spent during the 2012 election, that figure balloons to a whopping $412 million’.

‘In comparison, the top ten labor unions combined spent a total of $153 million when counting all political contributions.

‘Recently, a new meme has been making its way around the conservative blogosphere and has been picked up by those in the mainstream media’.

‘Basically, conservatives are trying to push the story that the Koch brothers are not overly influential on the political process and that labor unions spend far more in campaign contribuions and donations to political organizations than the reclusive billionaires’.

‘Last week, Kimberly Strassel of the Wall Street Journal picked up on the meme and decided to push it out there for public consumption’.

‘She chastised Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) for attacking the Koch brothers for their spending and stated that he should go after the real enemy of democracy–the labor unions’.

  • ‘The fact is, that all political contributions from labor unions have to be disclosed, even if it goes towards indirect campaigning, like with political action committees (PACs’.)
  • ‘Meanwhile, the Kochs have been able to secretly contribute hundreds of millions of dollars by setting up their own SuperPACs, creating shell companies or providing money to other people to then give to a candidate or a PAC supporting that candidate’.

Republicans have ‘used data from the Center for Responsive Politics to make their case for them’.
From :

A Republican World & The Republican War On Women – ‘Colorado Is Considering A Bill To Send Doctors To Prison For Prescribing Emergency Contraception’

coloradowar on women

‘Colorado lawmakers are currently considering a bill that would ban all abortions and possibly emergency contraception, and slap doctors with a Class 3 felony if they provide their patients with either of these services’.

‘The measure, House Bill 14-1133, is the latest in a long line of failed attempts to pass a total abortion ban in the state’.

‘HB 14-1133 defines a fetus as an “unborn human being” upon the moment of fertilization, and forbids doctors from prescribing any medication or performing any procedure that could result in the “termination of the life of an unborn human being.”

‘The legislation specifies that it’s not intended to apply to birth control’.

‘But since abortion opponents tend to incorrectly assert that the morning after pill ends a pregnancy, reproductive rights groups in the state warn the measure could end up banning emergency contraception along with abortion, depending how it’s interpreted’.

‘Under HB 14-1133, doctors could face up to 12 years in prison and a $750,000 fine for violating the policy’.
From :

The Republican War On Women – ‘Rep. Kyle Tasker: ‘50,000 battered women and I still eat mine plain’

battered women1


battered women

To Republicans, a battered woman is just another joke…

‘Tasker laughed it off when his post was criticized as “grossly inappropiate.”

‘State House Rep. Kyle Tasker (R-Nottingham) is no stranger to controversy, but an image he posted today on a public Facebook page is exceptional even by his standards’.

‘Tasker posted the image while commenting on an incident last year in which Rep. Mark Warden (R-Goffstown) suggested “a lot of people like being in abusive relationships.” Warden made his controversial comments to a House panel hearing testimony on domestic violence legislation’.

‘Tasker first praised Warden, writing, “Warden is so principled it offends people.” He then added, “This one’s for you, Mark Warden,” and posted an image of a couple engaged in oral sex with the caption:

“50,000 battered women and I still eat mine plain.”

‘Tasker laughed it off when his post was criticized as “grossly inappropiate.”

“Nah,” Tasker replied. “I ran it by the [domestic violence] lobbyist she laughed. Now if we went around wearing the T-shirt that wouldn’t go over well.”
From :

And Jesus Wept……. – ‘Burglars Steal $600k From Joel Osteen’s Church (ONE weekend’s collection plate)’

joel osteens church

And this is all tax free…..I’m in the wrong business…..

‘Safe at the Houston megachurch was broken into meaning that cash, checks and credit card slips from masses on March 8 and 9 were stolen’.

‘Online donations and those left in collection boxes were not affected’.

‘Church has not released the official total saying that the money in the safe had not yet been counted but reports estimate it is around $600,000′.

‘Lakewood Church has their collections insured so they will get the money back’.

‘This includes cash, checks and envelopes containing written credit card information, and it is limited only to those funds contributed in the church services on Saturday, March 8 and Sunday, March 9, 2014.’
From :

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