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A Republican World – ‘GOP-led House votes 51st time to unravel Obamacare’

repeal obamacare

Still not one single vote for an alternative.






This is ‘doing the people’s work’.

WASHINGTON (AP) — ‘The Republican-controlled House has voted for the 51st time in 26 months to neuter the nation’s health care law’.

‘The vote was 237-182 with nearly all Democrats opposed. Now the bill goes to the Senate, where it’s expected to die’.

‘The measure would overhaul the system for paying doctors and others who treat Medicare patients. At the same time, it delays the penalty for failing to purchase coverage under the law’.

‘The combination prompted opposition by the American Medical Association. That’s despite the group’s advocacy for changes in the Medicare payment system’.

‘The vote is the first attacking the president’s health care law since Republicans won an election for a House seat this week in a campaign that featured health care as an issue’.
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5 thoughts on “A Republican World – ‘GOP-led House votes 51st time to unravel Obamacare’

  1. Jueseppi B. on said:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.

  2. I believe Einstein had something to say about doing the same thing over and over…….

  3. And every single one of them has free or cheap health care, correct?

    • They are public employees that we pay their salary. So regardless of the cost of their health insurance, ultimately ‘we the people’ are the one’s paying for it.

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