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A Republican World – The Republicans Tell The Unemployed ‘Screw You’ Edition -‘John Boehner Screws The Unemployed by Killing Unemployment Benefits Extension’

republicans to unemployed

  • Republicans. Like with health care, finding every reason NOT to extend long Term Unemployment rather then to find just one way TO extend it. 

‘Boehner used a letter from the National Association of State Workforce Agencies to come out against the bill’.

‘Rep. Boehner said, “The serious problems with the Senate legislation being noted by these state directors – the state employees charged with actually implementing the Senate unemployment insurance legislation if it were to become law – are cause for serious concern”.

” We have always said that we’re willing to look at extending emergency unemployment benefits again, if Washington Democrats can come up with a plan that is fiscally-responsible, and gets to the root of the problem by helping to create more private-sector jobs”.
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Debunking Republican Lies – ‘O-Care premiums to skyrocket’ – ‘“The Sky Is Falling,” Says Anonymous Chicken’

obamacare rates to increase


obamacare rates to increase1

Out takes from the article :

“said one senior insurance executive who requested anonymity”.

“The insurance official, who hails from a populous swing state”,

“But insurance officials are quick to emphasize” (no name given)

“We’re exasperated,” said the senior insurance official” (no name given)


‘I’m sure many of you saw a certain headline from The Hill today: “O-Care premiums to skyrocket.” At first I thought the source was The Drudge Report’.

‘If you actually read the accompanying article by Elise Viebeck, the rather alarming assertion is mostly a collection of blind quotes from “health industry officials.”

‘Yes, one former Cigna executive went on the record to say his “gut” tells him premiums could go up, which is of course very convincing’.

‘Otherwise the closest Viebeck gets to attribution is an “insurance official who hails from a populous swing state.”

‘In an updated version of the article, Viebeck does quote by name two experts—who deny the whole premise of her story’.
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The Hill article :

A Republican World – ‘Big News from Federal Court: Republican States May Soon Demand Proof of Citizenship for Voting in Federal Elections’

right to vote1


right to vote

The article is some what long and involves cases but this is why we need to get back States. Governorships and State Legislatures.

It will have less of an effect on Presidential elections as ‘Blue’ or Democratic states are dominant. But in Congressional districts and Senate races, THIS MATTERS!

Taking away the right to vote by making it harder to ‘prove’ you are a citizen, will make it so that Democrats will never regain the House and may will never have a majority in the Senate again.

Grover Norquist’s :

We will make it so that a Democrat cannot govern as a Democrat.


Vote because your way of life does depend on it.

‘Today a federal court decided Kobach v. United States Election Assistance Commission’.

‘The upshot of this opinion, if it stands on appeal, is that states with Republican legislatures and/or Republican chief election officials are likely to require documentary proof of citizenship for voting, making it harder for Democrats to pursue a relatively simple method of voter registration’.
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Turn Texas Blue – The ‘Republican Lies In The Republican War On Women – ‘Wendy Davis’ Opponent Gets Caught In Equal Pay Lie: His Office Pays Women Less Than Men’

gop lies turn texas blue2

greg abbott

‘Gubernatorial nominee and Texas AG Greg Abbott (R-TX) is in trouble. Abbott told Texans, “I fully expect women to be paid what men are paid.” His spokesman even assured the people of Texas that Abbott supported equal pay for women and that he would “continue to ensure it’s enforced.”

‘The only problem is it turns out equal pay is not even enforced in Abbott’s own Attorney General office’.

‘On March 8th, Abbott told WFAA, “As a father of a teenage daughter, as a husband of a wife who has been involved in the work force here in the state of Texas, I fully expect women to be paid what men are paid. There shouldn’t be any differential in payment because of sex.”

‘The problem for Abbott is that the San Antonio Express News (subscription link) went looking for actual facts, and they found out that in Abbott’s state AG office, women are not being paid the same as men for the same work’.

“Equal pay for women is in the spotlight of the Texas governor’s race, and figures from Attorney General Greg Abbott’s state agency show most female assistant attorneys general make less on average than do men in the same job classification”.

“Abbott’s office said the difference is explained by the amount of time that the men have been licensed as lawyers and have served at the agency”.

“But drilling down into different classifications of assistant attorney general, the figures provided by Abbott’s office show there isn’t always a direct correlation between such experience and pay”.


Had enough yet?
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Turn Texas Blue – The ‘Republican War On Women’ Edition – ‘Greg Abbott Falls into Wendy Davis’ Trap, Admits He Would Veto Equal Pay in Texas’


war on women2


turn texas blue2

‘After Greg Abbott (R-TX) was busted for claiming to support equal pay but paying the women in his office less than men for the same jobs, he finally admitted that he would veto equal pay in Texas’.

‘Shortly after the brush fire of pay inequity within his own AG office came to light, the Dallas News reported Wednesday, “Abbott’s campaign told the Associated Press that he would have vetoed the bill, also. His answer came two weeks after Abbott had declined to answer the veto question.”


“Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott says he would not sign a bill to make it easier for women to bring pay discrimination suits, hoping to get past an issue that has dogged his campaign for weeks”.


Had enough yet?
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Enough Is Enough – ‘Wisconsin Republican Legislator Tears Into His Own Party For Voter Suppression’



wisconson voter suppression

‘As his own party pushed through the Wisconsin Senate the latest in a series of measures to make it harder to vote in the state, Sen. Dale Schultz (R) blasted the efforts as “trying to suppress the vote” last week’.

‘Schultz, who is not seeking re-election and was the lone Republican to oppose a bill last week to limit the hours of early voting in every jurisdiction in the state, was a guest on The Devil’s Advocates radio program on Madison’s 92.1 FM last Wednesday’.

SCHULTZ: “It’s just, I think, sad when a political party — my political party — has so lost faith in its ideas that it’s pouring all of its energy into election mechanics”.

“And again, I’m a guy who understands and appreciates what we should be doing in order to make sure every vote counts, every vote is legitimate”.

“But that fact is, it ought to be abundantly clear to everybody in this state that there is no massive voter fraud”.

“The only thing that we do have in this state is we have long lines of people who want to vote”.

“And it seems to me that we should be doing everything we can to make it easier, to help these people get their votes counted”.

“And that we should be pitching as political parties our ideas for improving things in the future, rather than mucking around in the mechanics and making it more confrontational at the voting sites and trying to suppress the vote”.
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Stories From The Fringe – ‘Former Staffer Starts Inevitable ‘Draft Ted Cruz For President’ Group’

ted cruz

The great thing about having Crazy Cruz run is it will either force the rest of the clowns to go further right to prove they are ‘real Americans’ or have them come out and say ‘Cruz is Crazy’.

The only down side is when Ted stands next to Rand Paul, it makes Paul look normal.

‘A staffer for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is leaving the Texas senator’s office to form the Draft Ted Cruz for President group’.

‘The staffer, Raz Shafer, announced his departure from Cruz’s office where he had been regional director, in a blog post on titled “It’s Time to Draft Ted Cruz for President.”

“I’m convinced that if we want to win the White House in 2016, we must nominate a consistent, full-spectrum conservative. We need a candidate who stands for something and won’t back down when the liberals launch their attacks,” Shafer wrote’.
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