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Republican Religious Nut Jobs……. – ‘God Is Now The Owner Of A Town In Alabama And All Hell Is Breaking Loose’

winfield al

‘At the end of 2014, by a unanimous vote in a secret meeting of the City Council of tiny Winfield, Alabama, it was declared that “God is the owner of the City of Winfield.”


‘This change of ownership was revealed to the citizenry of Winfield through the gospel of The [Marion County] Journal, the local newspaper who gave its thanks for God’s assumption of the burden of being the City’s new landowner’.

winfield al1

‘In announcing this transfer of ownership, Mayor Randy Price said’:

“I feel like we need to stand up for what is right. Our forefathers said ‘One nation under God’ and we went so far away from that. There are not enough godly people involved in day-to-day decisions.”

‘This author hates to challenge Mayor Price but “One Nation Under God” as a part of our Pledge of Allegiance was signed into law on Flag Day by President Dwight Eisenhower on June 14, 1954—hardly ‘our forefathers.’

‘This change of ownership was set forth in the following resolution’:
“Whereas we acknowledge God is the owner of the City of Winfield and that it is a City under God. We acknowledge that at all times, He is in control.

“Whereas, we acknowledge that through His leadership, the Mayor and City Council will seek his wisdom and knowledge to be good stewards of the city.

“Whereas, we acknowledge that though prayer, with His guidance and presence, that we will be able to trust that no problem will be too large or too small to overcome.

“Whereas, we acknowledge that the City of Winfield is where it is today because of God’s grace and mercy.

“Whereas, we acknowledge that at all times and in all circumstances, His will shall be done.

“Whereas, we acknowledge that to God be the glory.”

‘The news of God’s ownership was not welcomed by every citizen of Winfield. One anonymous resident voiced his concern that this unique transfer of title might well violate the separation of church and state, and he would be sending on his formal complaint to the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF)’.

‘Undeterred by this dissent and the mass outpouring of ill will on Facebook by those ‘be damned’ atheists, Mayor Price stated’:

“I’m going to step on a lot of people’s toes but there’s not but one God and, that one God, to Him be the glory. There’s no other way; there’s no other God. There are a lot of religions out there but only one God.”

‘Now that Winfield is in God’s hands, some would like Mayor Price (click here for the Mayor’s contact info) to publish God’s email address so that God can be contacted directly by the town folks when the City Council won’t do the job they were elected to do and “when their cable don’t work?”

‘Okay, the cable request was just tossed in for a laugh. Like the rest of this article isn’t enough’?
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2 thoughts on “Republican Religious Nut Jobs……. – ‘God Is Now The Owner Of A Town In Alabama And All Hell Is Breaking Loose’

  1. I think the mayor and every city council member should resign. Now that God is running their city, what do we need them for?

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