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The Republican War On Women – How Republicans Will Govern – ‘Republican Committee Chair Ron Johnson Says That A Single Working Mother Should ‘Find Someone To Support Her’

war on women10

sen ron johnson1

I know all the single mothers I know are just wallowing in all that wealth…….

‘Senator Ron Johnson, the new chairman of the Senate’s Committee on Homeland Security.’

‘Here are his full comments, in all their sexist, stigmatizing glory’:

“One of the first people I met on the campaign trail was a state senator [Glenn Grothman – who is now a U.S. Rep in Congress]. His entire stump speech talked about a single mom – working hard, and we all have a great deal of sympathy for her, she makes fifteen thousand part time”.

“She doesn’t pay taxes(Actually she does) – she gets the earned income tax credit”.

“Then he totals up the dollar value for benefits (Benefits?)”.

“His figure came to about fifty-one thousand and I’ve kinda’ gone back, I’ve calculated about forty-three thousand”.

“I asked my audience ‘now if she wants to increase her take-home pay, what does she do?’ She has another child out of wedlock, right? Does she want to lose it all? She finds someone to support her. And she gets married.”
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The Republican Religious Right – How Republicnas Will Govern – ‘Conservative ‘Christian’ Demands Republican Governors Use National Guard To Stop Same-Sex Marriages’

anti gay randy thomosson

How much hate would you have to have in your mind and heart to abandon the teachings of Jesus Christ and promote violence against someone just because you don’t accept how and who they love?

To Conservatives, if you’re gay….you’re a ‘domestic enemy’.


‘A conservative “Christian” anti-gay activist is calling on Republican governors around the nation to use National Guard troops to stop same-sex marriage’.

Randy Thomasson sent a memo to so-called “pro-family leaders” last week urging GOP governors to call up National Guard troops to enforce same-sex marriage bans, even if federal courts have ruled such discriminatory laws unconstitutional’.

The memo states that governors must defend their state constitutions and suggests using militias and the National Guard to fight “enemies,” both foreign and domestic’:

  • “Each governor pledges themselves to “support and defend” the plain words of their state constitution, including, in morally conservative states, the definition of marriage as only for a man and a woman”.
  • “Each governor also has an administration that serves his/her pleasure that is in charge of the state’s marriage forms (licenses and applications) that county clerks use”.
  • “And each governor is authorized to call out his/her state’s militia or National Guard to enforce written laws and maintain public order against foreign and domestic enemies.”
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How Republicans Will Govern – ‘‘No Gays Allowed’ Law Set To Pass In Virginia’



‘The state of Virginia is set to pass a law which would allow anti-LGBT business owners to bar gay people, purely on the basis of their sexuality’.

  • ‘The Virginia Bill states that anyone seeking or holding a business license from the state of Virginia in the state can refuse service or entry to gay people, on the grounds it “would violate the religious or moral convictions of such person with respect to same-sex “marriage” or homosexual behavior.”

‘This would make it lawful for LGBT people to be barred from hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and any other premise where a good or service is exchanged by someone who dislikes their sexual orientation’:

“Want to buy a bed? Prove you’re not sharing it with a member of the same sex”.

“Want to buy diapers but show up with your same-sex partner? No diapers for you, and don’t darken the door of this store again”.

“We aren’t going to enroll your kid in our school district because she has two moms”.

‘All these scenarios would be entirely legal under the new law’.
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“All it takes is one good guy with a gun…..” – ‘Indiana Couple Charged After Telling Toddler to Put a Gun in Its Mouth and Say ‘BANG’

gun nuts2

gun nuts10

There are no words……….

‘Reuters is reporting that an Evansville, Indian couple have been charged with child neglect after a cell phone video showing the couple telling a one-year-old baby to put a gun in her mouth, instructing her to say “pow,” according to police’.

‘The police obtained the cell phone recording after they arrested Michael Barnes on Tuesday. Barnes was arrested on Thursday after he agreed to a sell a firearm to an undercover officer over social media’.

‘The video, which showed the one-year-old baby playing with the gun and putting the gun in their mouth while two adults encouraged them, was on Barnes’ phone’.
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Republicans Hadn’t Told Us We Need To Hate Obama This Week So…… – ‘Republican Congressman Compares Obama To Hitler For Not Attending Paris Unity Rally’

randy weber1

randy weber

‘Well, that didn’t take long. If you were wondering how long it would take for a Republican to invoke Adolf Hitler in the made-for-Beltway-media controversy surrounding the White House’s nonattendance at the Paris Unity Rally over the weekend, you got your answer Monday evening’.

‘Rep. Randy Weber (R-TX) sent a tweet out Monday night comparing President Obama to the Nazi leader, stating even Hitler made it to Paris’.

Randy Weber ? @TXRandy14
Even Adolph Hitler thought it more important than Obama to get to Paris. (For all the wrong reasons.) Obama couldn’t do it for right reasons
6:22 PM – 12 Jan 2015

  • You have to love the fact that Weber couldn’t even spell Hitler’s name right’.

‘As one would expect, this isn’t the first time Weber has said something wholly inappropriate about POTUS’.

‘Prior to last year’s State of the Union, Weber sent out the following tweet calling Obama the “Kommandant-in-Chief” (another misspelling) and a “Socialistic dictator.”
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