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“All it takes is one good guy with a gun…..” – ‘Mississippi Cop Shoots Roommate In The Head While Showing Off His New Gun’


gun nut3

Have you ever set a gun on a counter top and see it accidentally discharge?

‘On January 7, a 28-year-old police officer in Brandon, Mississippi shot his roommate in the head’.

‘Officials with the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department told the Clarion-Ledger that the off-duty cop, Zachary Jason Creel had just purchased a new revolver and was ‘showing it off.’ He told police ‘the weapon discharged’ as he was taking it out of his holster to show his now-hospitalized roommate’.

  • The weapon discharged?’

‘Isn’t saying that kind of like saying ‘The gun shot him’? I thought guns didn’t shoot people’.

‘Talking Points Memo, which describes the incident as an ‘accidental shooting,’ quotes the Rankin County Chief Investigator as saying the gun ‘accidentally discharged’.

‘Not surprisingly, no charges are expected to be brought against the Mississippi cop who shot his roommate in the head. What does it matter if this was a trained police officer playing with a loaded weapon’?

  • ‘As the Sheriff’s Department, the media and the cop himself tell it, it wasn’t Creel’s fault’.
  • ‘The gun did it’.

‘If that’s the case, then the gun should be arrested for attempted murder’.
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“All it takes is one good guy with a gun……” – ‘Bangers v bullets – A gun is now more likely to kill you than a car is’

gun nuts13

gun deaths vs car deaths

‘ACCORDING to data gathered by the Centres for Disease Control (CDC), deaths caused by cars in America are in long-term decline’.

‘Improved technology, tougher laws and less driving by young people have all led to safer streets and highways’.

‘Deaths by guns, thoughthe great majority suicides, accidents or domestic violencehave been trending slightly upwards. This year, if the trend continues, they will overtake deaths on the roads’.
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Dear Canada…

freezin canada freezin canada1
Dear Canada…

You are hereby given notice that should you fail to contain any further arctic blasts from spilling over your borders and into the United States we will have no choice but to seize your prized National Maple Syrup Reserves as compensation.


I.B. Freezin

Director, USA Center for Neighborly Relations
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Intimidation – How Republicans Will GOvern – ‘Bill Looks to Prevent Gay Marriage From Becoming Legal’

gay marriage in texas1

Texas Republicans

Texas Republicans

‘State or local government employees giving out same-sex marriage licenses would stop receiving their salaries under a bill filed Wednesday for the 84th legislative session’.

‘Titled the “Preservation of Sovereignty and Marriage Act,” House Bill 623 would prevent same-sex marriage from becoming legal in Texas’.

‘In 2005, voters backed a proposition defining marriage in the Texas Constitution as “solely the union of one man and one woman.”

‘A San Antonio federal judge last year found the state’s same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional but immediately issued a stay on his ruling’.

‘The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments in the case on Friday’.

‘State Rep. Cecil Bell, R-Magnolia, said he filed HB 623 to prevent any federal court or federal action from allowing gay marriage in Texas’.

“The federal government is trying to act to create moral standards, and that’s just not acceptable,” Bell said’.
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Liberals Lose – ‘Poor People Much Less Likely to Vote’

poor dont vote1

poor dont vote2

‘A new Pew Research analysis finds that financial security is strongly correlated with nearly every measure of political engagement…..

poor dont vote

“For example, in 2014, almost all of the most financially secure Americans (94%) said they were registered to vote…..’

While only about half (54%) of the least financially secure were registered’.

‘And although 2014 voting records are not yet available, pre-election estimates suggest that 63% of the most financially secure were ‘likely voters’ last year, compared with just 20% of the least financially secure.”
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