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‘Bachmann Staffer Arrested In Connection With Capitol Hill Burglaries’


Just more weirdness from teabagger Michele Bachmann’s and her friends.

‘That’s Javier Sanchez back in June of this year with his then-boss, Michele Bachmann’.

‘They’re headed for a closed briefing on the NSA disclosures. Javier Sanchez was a high-level legislative director for Michele Bachmann, assisting her with issues such as immigration reform, the farm bill, and her oxymoronic assignment to the House Intelligence Committee’.
On July 11,

‘Mr. Sanchez was arrested on charges that he burglarized several offices belonging to other House members’.

“Other offices hit along with Gowdy’s—some of which handle information dealing with issues of national security, though nothing of a sensitive nature was reportedly taken—include those of Reps. Jerry Lewis, R-Calif., and Jon Runyan, R-N.J.; the Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee; and the Oversight and Government Reform Committee”.

“The USCP conducted an investigation and were able to identify a subject. The investigation resulted in the arrest of 37-year-old Javier Sanchez of Virginia. The arrest took place on 7/11/2013. Sanchez has been charged with Theft II.”

‘Theft II involves stealing less than $1,000 worth of goods. What was taken, and why’?

‘Rep. Lewis, for example, is disliked by the Tea Party and has been the target of an official 2010 request by Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton to remove him as chair of the House Appropriations Committee’.

‘Jon Runyan wasn’t shy about criticizing Bachmann’s run for president, calling her a Capitol Hill outsider and a divisive force.

‘Was Mr. Sanchez gathering intel on Michele Bachmann’s critics, or was Sanchez just a kleptomaniac who couldn’t resist a stray $20 bill’?
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