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Why America Is Failing – ‘Fox News Host: ‘The Terrorists Have Won’ …Because Beer Ad Omitted God From Its Commercial







fox 6




fox news



In their ‘banter’ over the non story, they claim that
Sam Adam’s is hiding behind ‘red tape’ and also that
this is part of the tea party being targeted.

And millions of people sit there and believe all that
FOX feeds them.

‘LEAKED: Governor Perry’s press release on his political future’


From the GREAT people over at Bay Area Houston :
And for those that this whizes over their heads……this
is not satire.

It’s GREAT satire!
‘Embargoed till Monday July 9, 2013 10:00 am
Office of the Governor Press Release July 9, 2013,
Austin Texas’

‘Governor Rick Perry’s statement on his political

‘Texas Governor Rick Perry, the longest serving Governor
in the history of the state, issued the following
statement concerning his political future’:


“It has been a pleasure serving the people of the great
State of Texas. As Governor for over 13 years I have
signed incredible, ground breaking legislation. I have
reduced frivolous lawsuits against our medical
community. I have cut the bloated education budget. I
have cut useless socialized programs. I have created a
state with little regulation and low taxes for
businesses to thrive in. I have accomplished much over
the last 13 years, but today, I must move on”.

“Now my leadership and orator skills are needed
elsewhere. After graduating from Texas A&M with a degree
in Animal Husbandry, I am inclined to enter the private
sector to use these skills to fuck up something else.
God has advised me not to run for President or Governor
for two very good reasons, Hillary Clinton and Wendy

“The very thought of debating Hillary Clinton sends
chills down my spineless spine. I have visions of
passing gas during the debate or fainting face first
into the podium. It would not be pretty. And Wendy Davis
is madder than a wet hen and is ready to put a Texas
sized boot so far up my ass that my breath will smell
like Desenex for the next decade”.

“So, as I tremble in fear of the women who will crawl
out of their kitchens I will join the ranks of the
private sector as soon as someone hires me. Until then,
Adios MoFos”!
‘Governor of Texas’
From :

Turn Texas Blue!! — ‘Rick Perry’s Sister Set To Personally Profit From Extreme Texas Abortion Bill If It Passes’

turn texas blue1



‘Women across the state of Texas are fighting a battle
to keep their reproductive rights’.

‘Republicans are trying to force an extreme
anti-abortion bill through the state legislature and
Rick Perry desperately wants to sign it into law’.

‘So desperate, that he has called two special sessions
of the legislature in an effort to pass it no matter how
much Democrats or the people of Texas oppose it’.

‘And now we may know why’.

‘According to the Houston Chronicle, Texas Governor Rick
Perry’s own sister and her company stand to profit if
the bill becomes law’.

“If the bill passes, only five Texas abortion clinics
would remain open — those that are already equipped as
ambulatory surgical centers, advocates say. But a
question remains: would the 420 other ambulatory
surgical centers that exist in Texas begin performing
the operation? Abortion rights advocates predict that
the demand for the procedure won’t disappear with
passage of the law”.

“One company that will be faced with that decision is
United Surgical Partners International, based in
Addison, TX. Their vice-president of government affairs
is Milla Perry Jones, Gov. Rick Perry’s sister. She is
also on the board of the Texas Ambulatory Surgical
Center Society”.

‘Simply put, Milla Perry Jones sits on the board of the
United Surgical Partners Corporation’.

‘They currently operate 420 surgical centers in the

‘Closing 37 of the 42 clinics in Texas significantly
eliminates competition and gives the company the ability
to offer and perform abortion procedures at a higher

‘This means low income women will have to pay more to
get an abortion and Rick Perry’s sister will profit from
From :



‘This White House Petition Will Anger The Christian Right, So Let’s All Sign It’

The petition is pretty much moot as the Supreme Court has ruled that you can’t teach Creationism in public schools but on the other hand there are millions of people who actually think that religious organizations AREN’T trying to use public funds to promote private religions.
Go here to sign petition :
‘In Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, Indiana, New Hampshire, Texas, Kansas, Mississippi, Montana, Arizona, Colorado, and several other states, Republicans have pushed bills that would force schools to teach creationism as an accepted science’.
‘Not just any form of creationism, the Christian version of creationism found in the Bible’.
‘In response to this effort, a petition has been started on the White House website calling for a federal ban on teaching creationism in school’.
‘The petition states that’:
“Since Darwin’s groundbreaking theory of Evolution by Natural Selection, scientists all around the world have found monumental amounts of evidence in favor of the theory, now treated as scientific fact by 99.9% of all scientists”.
“However, even after 150 years after the establishment of evolution, some schools across the US are “teaching the controversy,” including Creationism and Intelligent Design. Both of these so-called “theories” have no basis in scientific fact, and have absolutely zero evidence pointing towards these conjectures. These types of loopholes in our education are partially to blame for our dangerously low student performances in math and science”.
“Therefore, we petition the Obama Adminstration to ban the teachings of these conjectures that contradict Evolution.”
‘As noble an effort as this petition is, any federal law banning the teaching of creationism in public schools would have to go through Congress’.
‘However, the White House could cut federal funding from states that try to teach creationism in schools and could certainly call on Congress to pass such a ban’.
‘Fortunately, the Supreme Court has already ruled against the teaching of creationism in schools, as has other federal courts over the years’.From :

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