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‘Dear George Zimmerman letter: you’ll live the life of a black man now’



I remember one of George Zimmerman’s attorney’s saying over and over that ‘It’s not against the law to follow someone’.


‘George Zimmerman has been found not guilty of the murder of Trayvon Martin despite admitting he shot and killed the kid, and while he now has his freedom, it’ll come at a price’.

‘According to Alex Fraser, a Facebook user who posted an open letter that’s gone viral, George Zimmerman has now been sentenced to live the life of a black man’.

“Dear George Zimmerman, for the rest of your life you are now going to feel what it’s like to be a black man in America. You will feel people stare at you. Judging you for what you think are unfair reasons. You will lose out on getting jobs for something you feel is outside your control. You will believe yourself to be an upstanding citizen and wonder why people choose not to see that”.

“People will cross the street when they see you coming. They will call you hurtful names. It will drive you so insane that you’ll want to scream at the top of your lungs. But you will have to wake up the next day put on firm look and push through life”.

“I bet you never thought that by shooting a black man you’d end up inheriting his struggles. Enjoy your “freedom.” Sincerely, a black male who could have been Trayvon Martin”.
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The Day in a Picture

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But it’s NOT Republican Obstructionism – ‘Paul threatens hold on FBI nominee over domestic drone policy’

rand paul7

rand paul6

I seem to recall a filibuster by a certain Senator over that very question…….

‘Now Rand Paul Thinks It’s OK To Kill U.S. Citizens With Drones On American Soil’?

‘During an interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business Network’ :
““I’ve never argued against any technology being used when you have an imminent threat, an active crime going on,” Paul said’. “If someone comes out of a liquor store with a weapon and fifty dollars in cash,” he said, “I don’t care if a drone kills him or a policeman kills him.”
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But of course it’s NOT obstruction to revisit the same issue over and over and over and over…..with no other purpose then to ‘get answers’….to the same questions that he’s already gotten the answers to.

“I’m placing a hold on it, not because I have the intention of ultimately defeating him, but I’m going to slow it down enough to see if the administration would respond to my questions,” Paul said Tuesday on Fox News.
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teabagger Alert!! – ‘Georgia tea party convention stiffs speakers but offers to hold ‘carnival’ to raise funds’

athens georgia tera party

‘According to the Athens Banner-Herald, convention planners expected more than 2,500 attendees for the Liberty Convention, which was held in June’.

‘Instead, a mere 92 people trickled through the doors’.

‘The Athens, Georgia Tea Party Patriots announced that they will be holding a series of fund-raising events in order to pay the $65,000 that the group owes to speakers who appeared at its first ever Liberty Convention’.

‘At a “press conference” on Saturday, which the newspaper described as “actually a lengthy conversation with an Athens Banner-Herald reporter,” Athens-Clarke County Tea Party Patriots chairman Keyantwon Stephens was unable to say specifically what type of fund-raising activities the group might resort to in order to pay its debts’.

‘He touched on the idea of a “community carnival” in passing, but declined to elaborate’.
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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘The McDonald’s Guide to Living On Its Wages’




‘That McDonald’s. It’s such a sweet New Gilded Age corporation, helping its employees learn how to live on its minimum wage salaries. Above is the sample budget journal’.

‘As Robyn Pennacchia notes, that $1105–that’s assuming a 40-hour workweek’.

‘So McDonald’s is telling you to work another job, adding up to a mere 62 hour workweek if they live in Illinois, that land of moochers and takers’.

’74 hours if they are on the national minimum wage’.

‘Very Gilded Age. And when you work those 62 or 74 hours, you know what you don’t get? Heat’.

‘Where the $20 a month health insurance comes from, unless we are talking Gilded Age solutions of buying a bottle of whiskey to kill pain, I don’t know’.

‘Monthly spending money includes food, gas, and any basic necessities of life. Including heat I guess’.
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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘John Bolton: Israel should have attacked Iran ‘yesterday’

john bolton

And what happens AFTER Iran is bombed?

Do they say – “Oh.OK. We didn’t know so we’ll stop.”

How about the rest of the Arab World’s response when Israel bombs an Arab Country – regardless of their like or dislike of that Country.

This is the ‘Conservative’ World.

Just do something and don’t think about the consequences…..

“Israel should have attacked Iran yesterday – every day that goes by puts Israel in greater danger, every day Iran makes more progress,” John Bolton, a former US ambassador to the UN, told The Jerusalem Post in an interview on Monday’.
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‘Bachmann Staffer Arrested In Connection With Capitol Hill Burglaries’


Just more weirdness from teabagger Michele Bachmann’s and her friends.

‘That’s Javier Sanchez back in June of this year with his then-boss, Michele Bachmann’.

‘They’re headed for a closed briefing on the NSA disclosures. Javier Sanchez was a high-level legislative director for Michele Bachmann, assisting her with issues such as immigration reform, the farm bill, and her oxymoronic assignment to the House Intelligence Committee’.
On July 11,

‘Mr. Sanchez was arrested on charges that he burglarized several offices belonging to other House members’.

“Other offices hit along with Gowdy’s—some of which handle information dealing with issues of national security, though nothing of a sensitive nature was reportedly taken—include those of Reps. Jerry Lewis, R-Calif., and Jon Runyan, R-N.J.; the Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee; and the Oversight and Government Reform Committee”.

“The USCP conducted an investigation and were able to identify a subject. The investigation resulted in the arrest of 37-year-old Javier Sanchez of Virginia. The arrest took place on 7/11/2013. Sanchez has been charged with Theft II.”

‘Theft II involves stealing less than $1,000 worth of goods. What was taken, and why’?

‘Rep. Lewis, for example, is disliked by the Tea Party and has been the target of an official 2010 request by Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton to remove him as chair of the House Appropriations Committee’.

‘Jon Runyan wasn’t shy about criticizing Bachmann’s run for president, calling her a Capitol Hill outsider and a divisive force.

‘Was Mr. Sanchez gathering intel on Michele Bachmann’s critics, or was Sanchez just a kleptomaniac who couldn’t resist a stray $20 bill’?
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Gun Nuts Out Of Control – ‘Gun Owners’ Pratt: Teach Kids That Guns Are ‘Just As Much Fun’ As Water Pistols’

larry pratt2

Being a gun nut is not knowing the difference between a ‘water pistol’ and a real pistol.

‘Gun Owners of America director Larry Pratt appeared once again on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ radio program last week to discuss his work to stop gun violence prevention legislation’.

‘Jones told Pratt that the gun lobby needs to “get on the offense culturally, because they’ve got the kids in their clutches right now.” Pratt agreed, saying, “I think we have to push back in whatever smart way we can do to make sure that kids see, yeah having a gun is just as much fun as you thought it was when you were shooting your buddy with a water pistol yesterday.”
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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – How to make a Third World Country Edition – ‘Utah legislator wants to end compulsory education’

utah gun nuts

Think about that.

Wanting to end compulsory education…..

Add to it doing away with the minimum wage….

Doing away with safety net programs such as unemployment insurance……welfare……food stamps…..medicare…..medicaid……social security…..

And what you have is a Third World Country…..

SALT LAKE CITY ‘The idea of forcing children to attend school is outdated and should be scrapped in favor of a system that encourages learning by choice, state Sen. Aaron Osmond said in calling for an end to compulsory education in Utah’.

“Some parents act as if the responsibility to educate, and even care for their child, is primarily the responsibility of the public school system,” the South Jordan Republican first wrote on a state Senate blog on Friday’.

“As a result, our teachers and schools have been forced to become surrogate parents, expected to do everything from behavioral counseling, to providing adequate nutrition, to teaching sex education, as well as ensuring full college and career readiness.”

“Let’s let them choose it, let’s not force them to do it,” he told the Desert News ( ) on Monday. “I think that’s when you start seeing the shift.”

‘State School Board member Leslie Castle said she agrees that schools have become burdened with nonacademic responsibilities, like daily nutrition, basic health screenings and behavioral counseling. But the reality of Utah’s increasingly diverse population is that many children require those services, she said’.

“We live in a society where some children require help beyond the ability of their parents,” Castle said. “Those students don’t deserve to be punished, they don’t deserve to be disqualified.”
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