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Stories From The Fringe – ‘Alabama Government Agency Prays Against Gay Marriage’

church and state

‘The Alabama Public Service Commission kicked off a meeting on power rates last week with a prayer against gay marriage and reproductive rights’.

‘John Delwin Jordan, who was at the meeting to testify on behalf of the Prattville Tea Party, opened up the meeting in prayer after receiving a laudatory introduction by Twinkle Cavanaugh, the head of the PSC’.

‘After asking attendees if they believed in the power of prayer, Jordan concluded his prayer by lamenting, “We’ve taken you out of our schools; we’ve taken you out of our prayers; we’ve murdered your children; we’ve said it’s OK to have same-sex marriage, God. We have sinned.”

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Blog Running – ‘Measuring GOP Extremism: What Carville And Greenberg’s Latest Polling Reveals’

sto be

This is going to be a series from Carville and Greenberg that will very clearly highlight the points to ‘hit’ Republicans on.

Values – Being ‘out of touch’ – ‘dividing our Country – Climate Change and gun control.

‘It is becoming increasingly plain that the most formidable obstacle to national progress and global security is the Republican Party – and specifically the extremist factions that currently dominate the GOP’.

‘Now Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg and political strategist James Carville have announced what they plan to do about that pressing problem: namely, “The Republican Party Project,” which will provide extensive survey research devoted to “exposing, monitoring, and confronting” the Republicans while helping Democrats and progressives to regain the political offensive’.

‘To begin advancing these ambitious goals, Carville and Greenberg released the first in a series of polls on Wednesday that showcased several of their target’s most divisive and dysfunctional features — and revealed some surprising weaknesses that could eventually prove disabling if not fatal’.

‘Only 13 percent believe that the GOP “shares their values” and only 9 percent believe that the GOP has “realistic solutions to the nation’s problems”.

‘The gap between the parties among upcoming Millennials is nearly 20 points, with only 21 percent identifying as Republican – a data point that Republican leaders may well find terrifying’.

‘It is also worth noting how alienated moderate Republicans are from their own party, with nearly half regarding it as “too extreme.”

‘Up to 40 percent of moderate Republicans regard their party as “out of touch,” a statement that resonates with 46 percent of Republican-leaning independent voters. Nearly 40 percent of moderate Republicans believe their party is “dividing the country.”

‘On climate change, for example, overwhelming percentages of Democrats (95), Democratic-leaning independents (87), Independents (76), and moderate Republicans (62) all agree that strong action must be taken to offset atmospheric warming caused by human activity’.

‘But only 23 percent of Tea Party adherents and 34 percent of evangelicals share that scientifically-based perspective’.

‘On gun control, 71 percent of Tea Party adherents feel strongly favorable toward the NRA, while only 34 percent of moderate Republicans and 34 percent of Independents harbor positive feelings toward the gun lobby’.

‘Perhaps most worrisome to Republicans looking toward 2016 with trepidation, the strongly unfavorable attitudes toward Hillary Clinton expressed by Tea Party (75 percent) and Evangelical (66 percent) groups within the GOP are not echoed by more mainstream voters’.

‘Only 22 percent of independents — and only 34 percent of moderate Republicans – share that negative view of the former Secretary of State, who is widely considered most likely to be the next Democratic presidential nominee’.
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Blog Running – ‘MORNING LOL: Where Have All The Republicans Gone’?

missing republican1

The problem with stories like this is that everybody relaxes a bit and just sits back and laughs at the Republicans.

I want and this Country needs a strong, vibrant, intelligent, rational Conservative Party.

We need balance in our Government.

Right now, the Republican party is being lead by irrational, ideological, absolutist, extremists.

So instead of sighing and laughing at all the troubles the Republicans seem to be having….it’s time to hit them even harder.

Hit the Republican Party until the rank and file members shake off their fear of the extremeists and take their Party back.

Then…..and only then will we be able to have intelligent, rational debates over policy and have compromise so that we can have a Government that can govern again.

‘New polling shows a lot of conflicting data with the president’s approval around a two-year low and congressional disapproval at or near an all-time high. But one thing is clear: There are fewer and fewer people identifying as Republicans in America’.

‘While identification with the Democratic Party is just 1 percent or so lower than it was when President Obama was re-elected, Republican Party ID has gone down from 29.1 percent of Americans polled to 23.3 percent’.

missing republicans

‘What could the GOP possibly be doing to alienate people’?

‘Could it be threatening a government shutdown’?

‘Making a hero out of George Zimmerman’?

‘Saying that 99 percent of undocumented young people are drug dealers’?

‘Running a Cheney’?

‘Defining success by all the repeals that they don’t pass’?

‘What do you do when everybody hates Washington, D.C.’?

‘Pretend you don’t work there’.

‘The GOP’s plan for the summer of 2013 is to bash what the nation’s capital represents to most voters, basically acting like they have no connection to it’.

‘Obamacare’s polling numbers have always been complicated by the fact that many Americans would prefer a much more liberal single-payer health care system’.

‘A new United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll finds that more funding for Obamacare is nearly as popular as repealing the law’:

“Given the choice to either repeal the law, wait and see how it takes effect, or add money to aid its implementation, only 36 percent of adults picked outright repeal. More than half chose to either wait and see (30 percent) or provide more money (27 percent).”

‘There’s lots of talk about how badly Democrats need Hillary Clinton. The same is as or more true for Republicans and Chris Christie’.
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Lies, Damn Lies and Republican Lies – ‘Refreshing Paul Ryan’s bad memory’


Paul Ryan is the perfect example of how the Republican Party has defined itself.

When someone or a political party creates it’s own reality….a reality that is not real….it’s impossible to have an intelligent debate.

‘Looking at the GOP plan, one starts to get the impression that Republicans hold some kind of personal grudge against struggling American families, as evidenced by plans to cut “education grants for poor students and slash Community Development Block Grants to a level below the funding during the Ford administration — and Ford created the block grants’.

‘This, however, was the talking point that rankled’.

“It’s about time we cut some spending around here,” said Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin, chairman of the House Budget Committee’.

paul ryan3

‘Ryan doesn’t remember that he used to refer to his own plan to end Medicare as “vouchers.”

‘Ryan doesn’t remember taking credit for the sequestration policy he later condemned’.

‘Ryan doesn’t remember learning about Democratic alternatives to the sequester’.

‘Ryan doesn’t remember what happened with the 2011 “super committee.”

‘Ryan doesn’t remember Bill Clinton’s tax increases’.

‘Ryan doesn’t remember the times he condemned social-insurance programs as “taker” programs’.

‘Ryan doesn’t remember all of the times he appealed to the Obama administration for stimulus funds for his congressional district’.

‘Ryan doesn’t remember his marathon times’.

‘Ryan doesn’t remember how much he was inspired by Ayn Rand’.

‘Ryan doesn’t remember his own speeches’.
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What Congress Does – ‘Tax writers promise 50 years of secrecy for senators’ suggestions’

congress keeps secrets

At least NSA so called ‘spying’ is done for the proposed reason of National Security.

This? This is just our elected officials hiding what they do from us.

‘The Senate’s top tax writers have promised their colleagues 50 years worth of secrecy in exchange for suggestions on what deductions and credits to preserve in tax reform’.

‘Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) and the panel’s top Republican, Sen. Orrin Hatch (Utah), assured lawmakers that any submission they receive will be kept under lock and key by the committee and the National Archives until the end of 2064’.

‘Deeming the submissions confidential, the Senate’s top tax writers have said only certain staff members — 10 in all — will get direct access to a senator’s written suggestions’.

‘Each submission will also be given its own ID number and be kept on password-protected servers, with printed versions kept in locked safes’.
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teabaggedr Alert!! – ‘Right-Wing Pennsylvania Police Chief Calls For Violence Against Democrats And The Government’

cheif kessler

You’d think the town would fire him…..Nope.

‘Yet another right-winger is threatening violence against Democrats and calling for an armed rebellion against the government. This time, the individual making the outrageous statements is a police chief in Pennsylvania’.

‘Mark Kessler is the chief of police in Gilberton, Pennsylvania. Like many police officers, Kessler loves guns. So much, in fact, that he videotapes himself firing various automatic weapons and posts the videos on Youtube. But Kessler doesn’t just shoot his guns on video — he also shoots off his mouth’.

‘Here’s an error-filled post on Kessler’s Facebook page from Tuesday in which he calls for the armed rebellion and refers to Democrats as “antiamerican thugs” and “nazis,” in true Tea Party form’:

“For all of you waiting for this day, waiting for the word! TODAY IS THAT DAY ,SPREAD THE WORD, Schuylkill county Pennsylvania, birth place on unconstitutional gun control nullification”!

“I will not stand idle while tyrants attack the constitution “.

“A massive rally will need to be assembled right here in the heart of Schuylkill county “!

“I stood for my father, my mother, my country, our constitution , I now ask you to stand with me , sholder to sholder, time to show these political hacks here in Schuylkill county they don’t tell we the people anything, it’s we the people who tell the government”.

“If they want to fire the first shot let it begin right here in Schuylkill county , I changed the course of history , one person pushed back against a tyrannical anti constitution government, it’s time we show these tyrants we will not stand for any more violations on our constitution or our freedoms “.

“Every militia , every csf member who can attend please do. P.s Pennsylvania is a open carry state n firearms will be present . So come with your flags n your firearms. MOLON LABE”.

“I’m calling on all true Americans , all militia members, all true oath keepers to assemble, be ready to march on a tyrannical county government right here in Schuylkill county Pennsylvania”.

“Democrats are the true enemy of our country, our freedoms, our constitution, along with liberal news agency’s , liberal news reporters, much like hitlers nazis , time we clean these antiamerican thugs from office. TIME TO CHOSE SIDES IS UPON US” [sic on…everything]”

‘So far, the mayor of Gilberton is standing by Kessler despite the fact that he has clearly shown that he is a danger to society. How can any law enforcement official be trusted by the community if they clearly have an unhealthy bias towards a large part of the citizenry’?

‘Those who have liberal beliefs clearly won’t be treated fairly by this officer. Therefore, he should either resign or be fired and replaced with someone who won’t scare members of the community into believing they may be the victims of a police shooting simply because they support Democrats’.

‘As further proof that Kessler is violent toward Democrats, here’s a video of him shooting a scary clown target he refers to as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’:

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